Sunday, July 20, 2008

Retro Viking

Blasting the Enfield Connecticut Police Department for misconduct and a complete lack of ethics. The Enfield PD are poster children for the need for Civilian Oversight of Police:

[click here] for past post on the Enfield PD to go with above photo

Enfield Police Officers were sent door to door in Enfield, Connecticut, to collect overdue library fines! Think, how ridiculous is that?

Would Enfield Police rather drive drunk, leave the scene of accidents, and sleep with 14 year old prostitutes than to do their jobs?:

Proof the Connecticut State Police are involved in misconduct and Domestic Spying, the Ken Krayeske incidents [click here]

The Steven G. Erickson beef with Official Connecticut in nutshell [click here]

Did you pay your tax dollars so Barbara D. Sattal could set me up for a false arrest and to be held as a political prisoner? [more]

This blogger's email:

[click here] for my report by email of public corruption in Connecticut to Connecticut State Representative Drew


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