Friday, July 25, 2008

Storm Troopers of the Dark Side

I am in pain and unable to sleep.

I had a little “accident” and still piecing the events back together, and trying to understand the chain of events that lead me to an unwanted ambulance ride to the hospital. I don’t know if I blacked out from a blow I took to the back of my head, other injuries, or all of why an ambulance was called for me, when I was found lying on the ground, shaking, not able to immediately describe what had happened to me. I don’t suspect any foul play in this incident.

Lying in the hospital waiting to be x-rayed gave me time to think.

One mission, a feeling, I absolutely don’t want to die until accomplish a number of things. One is to do something about the evildoers in a domestic spy, covert-ops, drug running organization, the Connecticut State Police, [the infamous jackbooted thug video]. When town and city officers get involved in competition for dollars and power, partially fueled by the drug trade, the State Police see to it, they go after the competition. [post]

Believe it or not, I have friends in law enforcement that want some of the same things accomplished that I do. Some officers are Americans first, police officers, second.

A friend of mine was following criminals into the projects, doing some private investigation work, indirectly being funded by the state of Connecticut. A Connecticut State Police Officer pulled him over and immediately identified him as a retired police officer wanting to arrest him. Just how much information is available to an officer just trolling by that runs your license plate? Is there a system where a cruiser can just drive by cars and a camera on board the cruiser can relay information on any “flagged” names?

Ken Krayeske [post] was flagged by the Connecticut State Police and was arrested on sight by police in Connecticut. Ken ended up on the Connecticut State Police “Secret Enemies List” and was the former Green Party Campaign Manager for Connecticut Governor and a journalist. If you report the actual news in Connecticut you can be considered a subversive by authorities in Connecticut.

Private Investigators were once on the trail of former DCF head, Kristine Regaglia. Regaglia is alleged to have taken some of the same bribes and freebies in a conspiracy with organized crime to nationally franchise “Kiddie Max Prisons” for children. Former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland [post] and others would receive kickbacks, and organized crime figures would receive federal and state tax dollars to build facilities, run, and supply them. I talk a little about this subject in [this video].

The Connecticut State Police corned the private investigators compiling evidence and the Connecticut State Police illegally seized the evidence and told the Private Investigator victims of their crimes that if they didn’t like it, they could be shipped off to Gitmo and police now have unlimited power after the signing of the Patriot Act. Yes, police in Connecticut can be that arrogant, especially the State Police.

I am going to redouble my efforts to get Connecticut legislators to review and have a special hearing regarding the abuse and spying on of the public by the Connecticut State Police. They should not be able to cover up crimes and go after citizens that blow the whistle on the rampant public corruption. When citizens end up in jail for trying to fix the problem and get the word out, they are being held as POLITICAL PRISONERS.

Ritt Goldstein [video] tried to educate the legislators on the Judiciary Committee at a special hearing held in Hartford where victims of police misconduct in the state of Connecticut and international experts on Civilian Oversight of Police met. Ritt was so terrorized by police in Connecticut that he fled the US to seek political asylum in Sweden after making [this video].

I will continue what Ritt Goldstein and others are doing, even at risk of life and personal injury. I will accomplish my goals before I die. Where Connecticut goes, the nation follows, just look at the precedent of Eminent Domain [video]. Stand up and act as an American or it might be too late for all of us.

-Steven G. Erickson
former Political Prisoner in Connecticut and self-described, American Patriot

[my mission]

* * * *
* * * *

Text of email I sent to Connecticut State Rep. Ken Green:

Subject: Retraction and Apology

I have seen you speak, and you seem to have an understanding of the "rubber stamp" people in the Judiciary Committee.

When judges are abusing citizens and breaking laws, you seem to stand almost alone.

I thank you for your stance and morality.

I would like to ask you to arrange a special session where witnesses can come forward about felonies, case rigging, and the defrauding of taxpayers going on inside the Judicial Branch. I believe there is also bid rigging, nepotism, retaliation, and Judges and Judicial managers can hire unqualified people, pay them for work not done or expenses not incurred.

I believe Deborah Blanchard and Senator Lawlor have slandered me and knowingly put out false information regarding me. Please review [this webpost] and forward it to Lawlor and Blanchard. If I don't receive a written apology and retraction of the statements in the letter that is part of the webpost, I will consider bringing civil and criminal action against all members of the judiciary committee and Deborah Blanchard.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
[address snipped]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For slander or libel, you need to prove what was said or written is false. Your own blogs demonstrate what they articulate in the letter as true. 1. You are critical of stateof connecticut police and judiciary. 2. You are familiar to them 3. you have launched investigations and complaints. That letter is about as actionable as a letter saying Mick Jagger is a rock star.

Get a life

Sunday, July 27, 2008 9:19:00 PM  

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