Monday, August 04, 2008

Police Censored Google Videos?

The embed html code to put videos in blog posts doesn't seem to work anymore for the most embarrasing videos to the Connecticut State Police. [This video] about how police pay police informants to beat police officers for police officers, and terrorize and even kill citizens that lodge police misconduct complaints in the state of Connecticut.

Joseph Perry talks about Connecticut State Police not investigating themselves for rapes, robberies, assaults, and even murders in [this video].

Google owns youtube. The only thing that I see with certain youtube videos that expose judicial, prosecutorial, police, and attorney misconduct don't show the true number of hits. For a test, watch a non-controversial video, the counter advances, on some, it does not.

The Former Norwalk, Connecticut, Mayor Bill Collins talks about police officers abducting citizens while wearing ski masks to beat citizens at waterfront warehouses. Collins talks about officers putting police union stickers on his house, committing vandalism, and throwing their beer bottles up on his porch:

[click here] for " Taxpayer funded Police Crime Wave?"

I went to elected official in Connecticut and proposed legislation regarding police and court policies. Instead of legislators getting back to me, police officers did, telling me what I could and couldn't propose, what!!!??? I persisted so police in Connecticut encouraged police informants to stalk and try to attack me on my property. When one caught me on my property coming home from work, police were there to arrest only me and I got prison.

It broke up my family and ruined me financially. Having a criminal record for being attacked on my own property is beyond upsetting. Police officers in America should not be involved in domestic spying and terrorism. [more]

Bad Cop News, the website, ran from August 2001 to August 2008, catalogued police misconduct by state and location and strung them together. A viewer could just see really how bad and prevalent police misconduct is. Good Connecticut officers are too quiet about the bad ones. Good officers become targets for a fall, just like "Big Mouthed" citizens.


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