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Police on Police Misconduct, From Bad Cop News:

Disgraced And Fired Jaffrey New Hampshire Police Chief Martin “Marty” Dunn Demands Removal Of News From Bad Cop News

October 9th, 2007

PETERBOROUGH, NEW HAMPSHIRE - Disgraced former Jaffrey New Hampshire Police Chief Martin “Marty” Dunn ( from appears to have sent the below textual diarrhea to Bad Cop News.

Some Background

Asshat Martin “Marty” Dunn now claims his career “is tarnished by your website”. Asshat ditched his “outstanding 34 year career” in law enforcement with a whole string of bogus charges against individuals, none of which stood up in court.

Dunn’s Jaffrey police officers arrested a black teen at gunpoint on bullshit loitering charges and preformed a partial body cavity search. The bogus charges were immediately tossed when the case hit the courtroom.

After the NAACP became involved, Dunn filed a bullshit extortion charge against the NAACP’s legal chair. While the NAACP’s legal chair was indicted, there was no conviction - the case imploded minutes before a jury trial and the bogus charges were tossed by a judge HERE HERE and the jerk County Attorney backing Dunn quit HERE.

Dunn fired one of his officers HERE, based on Dunn filing bullshit reckless driving charges against the officer. The bogus charges were tossed by a judge HERE. Dunn had also filed bullshit witness tampering charges against the officer. The officer was found not guilty on the bogus witness tampering charge HERE.

Martin Dunn was suspended at least twice HERE. Other towns didn’t want to hire him HERE. Other cops called him a ’slimebag’. It was bad enough that local residents were holding meetings to figure out how to oust Dunn. There was even a Citizens Against Creepy Politics group targeting Dunn, which advertised in the local media HERE.

A resident emailed Bad Cop News - “Martin Dunn has done more to dishonor Jaffrey in a couple years than the combination of all of our previous residents in the past 233 years.” HERE.

Martin Dunn doesn’t always tell the truth HERE, after which Dunn’s lawyer threatened his victim HERE.

Jaffrey really wanted Dunn to hit the road HERE, and finally fired him HERE and HERE.

From Martin Dunn’s 10/08/07 eMail:

“It has come to my attention that a discraced, suspended lawyer I investigated and helped indict on Extortion charges has made numerous postings on your website. I demand they be removed immediately. I have had an outstanding 34 year career as a police officer and it is being tarnished by your website by allowing this evel man to use it to post his hateful attempts to gain revenge on me simply for doing my job. A grand jury of 23 of his peers indicted him. Even the NAACP fired him from his volunteer position with them.”

Bad Cop News Public Response To Martin Dunn:

Above please find your previous communication, virtually greased for ease of insertion into your rectum.

Are you insane?

Fuck You,

Bad Cop News

PS: An indictment on bogus charges is not a conviction, and the bogus charges were dismissed, remember? Indictment not equal to conviction. Not yours!


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