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Subject: "Gay Bashing"

Connecticut Judiciary Committee, Co-chairs, Andrew J. McDonald and Michael P. Lawlor

The below text sent to:,,,,

My email to them, subject: "Gay Bashing"

Will the two of you meet with me to discuss remedies for "Gay Bashing" and other infractions and lapses perpetrated out of the Connecticut policing and court systems? Will you hold a hearing for victims of police, judicial, attorney, prosecutorial, and official misconduct to address the overwhelming problem of Public Corruption in Connecticut, for an offering of remedies?

I am posting this open email to you [here].

The Connecticut State Police were identified as having a problem with “Gay Bashing” within their ranks. [post] If officers can target individuals in their own ranks and Internal Affairs has proven itself ineffective, are any of us safe?

I have done contracting work for two Connecticut prosecutors that I know of, both chose to live in Massachusetts for interesting reasons. One, a Longmeadow, MA, resident wanted to keep his homosexual, live in partner, a secret. He mentioned that the spying and abuse of the Connecticut State Police carried into the courts and wanted his life unmolested and private. A very attractive female, married, prosecutor living on Gillette Ave, Springfield, MA, told me that a Connecticut State Police Officer pulled her over just because he told her that she was attractive and wanted a date. What!!!???

In Stafford Springs, CT, I have known Connecticut State Police Officers to enforce a “no dating policy” on targets on their “Enemies List”. Organized Crime, and townie connected businesses, can be bolstered [post] if police put their competition out of business. Police in Connecticut pay informants to beat people up [video], even police officers, and to commit crimes. Should taxpayers pay to fund police fueled crime waves?

The officer that piloted the “Trooper 1” helicopter made death threats and made a terrorist threat that he would crash the craft into other aircraft. The New York State Police painted the Connecticut State Police as a criminal gang of thugs in their official report. The Judicial Branch has been involved in defrauding taxpayers [post], rigging cases, and cover-ups. Sealing public comment [video], from the public, at their public service and trust hearings says it all, and then giving themselves straight A’s in a taxpayer funded, rigged survey and hearing [video].

Ritt Goldstein helped organize testimony at an official Judiciary Committee hearing [video] on Civilian Oversight of Police, and AFTER, was so terrorized by police he fled to Sweden to seek political asylum! We need Civilian Oversight of Police.

Citizens currently don’t have any checks and balances, if Connecticut’s Grand Jury System has only one member. Is this to protect the guilty and connected, and to retaliate against those that break ranks? If you scroll down in [this post], down to the mention of James Meehan, Jr., you’ll see that former judge and Connecticut State Police Commissioner, Arthur L. Spada, was the ONLY member of a one man grand jury.

What if a citizen unknowingly complained to Spada, about him, to him? As ridiculous as that sounds, I complained about Spada, and didn’t know it was to Spada, and then found out he rigged a trial [docket #] to put me in prison. Should citizens who go to elected officials, report public corruption in the courts and police, offer legislative solutions, end up railroaded to prison, AFTER?

Spada demoted the highest ranking police woman in Connecticut, Marjorie Kolpa, because she is a woman, submitted fraudulent police logs to cover up his police chauffeured jaunts to golf courses while he was supposed to be working, speaking out for his Chief of staff’s thievery and fraud saying it was always done, so what is the big deal, played a cop, and had no police powers, pulling motorists over, retaliated against officers that didn’t stroke his “God Complex”, and is maybe one of the most irresponsible judges and Connecticut State Police Commissioners, ever.

Should a man like Spada, be the sole guardian of justice, the only checks and balances, when he has so much to hide and so many co-conspirators to protect? If there were actually honest investigations and punishment, wouldn’t Spada have been arrested for at least one of the felonies he seems to obviously have committed?

A [video] on what an effective Grand Jury is, and reasons why we need one.

If a 6’5 Homeland Security Officer and Plain Clothes, armed, police officers, installed in Connecticut schools, can pull 13 year old girl and do a military style interrogation of her without parents present, accusing her of being a lesbian [video] for passing notes to another girl, hasn’t the “justice” system in Connecticut become “Beyond Ridiculous”?

If a US Marine coming home who gets stabbed 13 times is arrested [post] in the hospital when he wakes up alive for having caused a disturbance, and the perpetrator, a felon on probation doesn’t get violated on probation for almost killing 3 people by a Connecticut Judge and Prosecutor, isn’t it obvious that the courts are rigged?

Will you propose to have a special Judiciary Hearing to hear the testimony of victims of the system, offering remedies? Shouldn’t a system that would allow “Gay Bashing” within the ranks of a police force be fixed with some real, positive policies and tools for a semblance of public service?

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson

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[click here] for:

Probes into the Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs

The Connecticut State Police and Connecticut Police have long been out of hand. Sure there are good officers, but the good ones say little, no matter what the bad ones do. That hopefully will change.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lawlor has come out for gay marriage, do you think Lawlor and McDonald are carrying on a gay affair?

Friday, August 08, 2008 6:41:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They make a cute couple!

Friday, August 08, 2008 9:33:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is a former prosecutor head of the people's forum on the courts, the judiciary committee? Doesn't anyone see that the abusers run the show?

Saturday, August 09, 2008 3:27:00 PM  

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