Saturday, August 30, 2008


This post is in response to those that keep asking, "Why?"

Why would police officers, prosecutors, lawyers, legislators, and elected officials act against the best interest of the public, abuse taxpayers, act in conjunction to retaliate, obstruct justice, and involve themselves in racketeering as if they were one single crime syndicate acting as a Mafia?

The simple answer is, "What is basic human nature?"

If you were paid highly, had no real boss, and could do as you pleased, when you pleased, what would you do?

If an underage girl in a Connecticut downtown is raped, and you complain to a State Police Officer, he's most likely White, and may have some questionable conduct in his own past, before being an officer and maybe, during.

If the girls does not live in the suburbs, the officer might not want to even bother doing any work. Accusing the girl of lying and threatening to arrest her and her family for making a false statement, would get him off the hook for having to work.

There is no real accountability. Cops know this. They also know that their job is to "Protect the Integrity" of the system, not to protect and serve those who pay them, taxpayers. So, if they serve you, not their brothers, they face the same system of retaliation that ordinary citizens do when they complain- DCF, other police officers, prosecutors, attorneys, judges, parole and probation officers, and Department of Correction officials all play on the same team, for each other, with each other, against you, if you get in THEIR way.

So, if you are quiet, even if you are not yet a victim, silence signifies acceptance.
-Steven G. Erickson

* * * *

Can Connecticut State Police commit misconduct and rape at will with no repercussions?:

The above is from the December 1996 Ritt Goldstein special Judiciary Committee Legislative hearing on Civilian Oversight of Police held at the Hartford Capitol in Connecticut.

Are Police Informants paid to terrorize you, set you up for false imprisonment, and even kill you?:

Todd Vashon testifies at a deposition, under oath, about his "duties" as a taxpayer paid Connecticut State Police Registered Confidential Informant. [more]


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