Monday, September 29, 2008

"Conflict Law"

Alec Baldwin recently wrote a book with author Mark Tabb, “A Promise To Ourselves.” Baldwin talks about that in these videos [one and two] where there is quality of content although poorly shot with an inexpensive camera.

Parental alienation for profit, lawyers and judges are for this, for their economic and political reasons. A specific Private Attorney General bill passed in the House and Senate would put the power back in the hands of the people with a revitalized American right of an effective Grand Jury System.

I hope Francis C. P. Knize, Alec Baldwin, and others can work together on a documentary project exposing the bigger subject of across the board judicial abuse of the American public. Alec Baldwin is the perfect spokesman to get results.

I am currently following up on leads on the story of a woman in her 70's that was set up to be murdered so a judge, lawyers, and police could split her cash and assets in Oregon. A police operative was to make a false police complaint regarding her having a gun, she was to be lured to a specific location for the set up to work. She was to be shot by police and the plot unraveled as she was not in the appropriate place at the appropriate time.

[click here] for "Standing up to the Judencia, The Attorney Mafia"

[click here] for former Congressman Rob Simmons' Hartford Courant Topix forum thread on the Judencia, link below his picture.

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Mexican actress Kate del Castillo [pic found here] is starring in "Solitary Birds", not yet released starring Alec Baldwin as Harry Cainne, Ms Castillo as Paola, Grainger Hines as O'Reilly, Austin Hines as Brad, John Gilbert as Horran, and Alejandro Salomon as Jose Manuel.

About 2 years ago, I had read the final draft of Alec Baldwin's screenwriting friend's work and talked to him about it. I think with all the news of how the government is involved in drug running and more is coming out about their pretend "Drug War" this movie is timely.

I like Alec Baldwin's work and think he plays a better pretend President, acting presidentially, than George W. Bush does as a real US President.

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Cocaine Cowboys

Excerpt: "Explaining allot of what the American government will look away from, due to hefty drug money profits, does put a perspective on its true intentions, be it accepting drug money, ammunition money, or any type of blood money." [from here]

* * * *

I saw most of the documentary "Cocaine Cowboys" over the weekend. It says a lot of why police officers would load drugs in their cruisers to help deliver the product, protect drug dealers, and help go after pesky citizens that got in the way of the trade or were rival drug dealers.

I have a greater understanding now of why Stafford Springs Police and Connecticut State Police would want me to lose my house, marriage, daughter, job, and freedom for having been bitten by a drug dealer dialing "911". The drug dealer left the scene as he was "holding". His drug customers told police arriving that they did not know my attacker. My ear was bleeding down to my neck, chest, and stomach to my underwear.

I located Peter Panciera for police. Police re-interviewed the drug customers, they suddenly "remembered" their friend changing their statements to say I attacked their friend. He was arrested for biting me. I faced a year and a half in prison for being bitten and beaten by a drug dealer! [more]

If a citizen get vocal in newspapers and to elected officials about the cop syndicates drug and prostitution rackets that citizen will have his or her telephone tapped, computer and internet use and files monitored, and tax dollars will be used as a bounty to ruin, assault, or kill the complainer and to break up the family, make the person lose their jobs, get arrested, and even go to prison. [more]

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lied into Iraq

The US Economy is in shambles. How much can these Elitist brats get away with before we say, "Enough is enough"?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Legendary actor Paul Newman dies at age 83

WESTPORT, Conn. - Paul Newman, the Academy-Award winning superstar who personified cool as an activist, race car driver, popcorn impresario and the anti-hero of such films as "Hud," "Cool Hand Luke" and "The Color of Money," has died. He was 83. [more]

* * * *

A friend of mine was late for an appointment with Paul Newman and drove his vehicle with a flat and the rim made scratches in Newman's driveway, so Paul Newman yelled at him, rightly so ...

There are a lot of movie types, producers, and those interested in investing in or making an independent film. I'm looking to make a somewhat fictionalized account of [of this] using different names etc.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

How are your Homeland Security Tax Dollars spent?

You are paying police, their drug dealer thugs, and prostitutes to do this. [video]

Peter Coukos left [this message] on my voicemail after attacking me as I went from my Stafford Springs, CT, backdoor to my van assaulting me from behind, telling me that he wanted my then 14 year old daughter to get on her knees and perform oral sex on him.

This was part of the retaliation re-ignited by Connecticut State Police Confidential Informant Barbara Sattel who told me that I would lose my property, not see my daughter, and go to prison if I didn't continue to date and have sex with her. [post]

Police Informants hired to terrorize, assault, and kill citizens. [Murzin saga]

Is, or was, a 6'5 Homeland Security thug terrorizing kids in Connecticut schools. Was a 13 year old girl accused of being a lesbian by this thug for passing a note to another girl in school? [video]

I saw Connecticut State Police Colonel Thomas "The Duck" Davoren laughing, walking like a duck, and talking with officials at the Hartford Capitol last Thursday morning. I was just feet from him, and I blame him as being a major player in a conspiracy committing felonies. [more]

The People in Power have usurped the power of the people. [Eminent Domain] became the law of the land when the US Supreme Court decided to remand the case back to Connecticut. Connecticut often is the leading precedent of law in what happens in the rest of the country.

Connecticut's Constitution is being discussed. The repercussions of voting "No" on this in Connecticut in November could be another dangerous precedent to the rest of the country. [information]

Are tax dollars being used to make children fatherless? [post]

Steven G. Erickson before Connecticut Judicial, Attorney, Prosecutorial, Police, and Legislator Misconduct. [here]

Steven G. Erickson on being homeless. [here]

Keywords: Homeland Security Judiciary Attorney Prosecutorial Connecticut State Police Misconduct Fascism Brutality

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Homeland Security Style Policing:

No Accountability, Doing as They Please, Covert Retaliation against Citizens who complain, and unlimited tax dollars are given to judges, prosecutors, attorneys, and police who will cavort and align themselves with drug dealers, prostitutes, and organized crime.

Cops like these are what also taint the courts. It also hurts the economy and degrades the public trust.

It took an hour to read police officer Durgin's charges. He was arrested 3 times and there seems to be overwhelming proof of laws being broken by a Connecticut police officer. This misconduct is unbelievable and is also widespread in Connecticut and probably many other states.

The fact that there was a debate on whether an officer who breaks laws and starts a violent street gang of thugs, says the problem is immense.

This sort of public corruption goes to top levels in Connecticut. [more]

* * * *

[click here] for:

HPD Officer Robert Lawlor, "The Teflon Badge"

The "Teflon Badge", Hartford Connecticut Police Officer, Robert Lawlor

White Connecticut Police Officer Scott Smith stood on a Black Suspects back firing near his boot while standing on him. That is an execution style murder. Smith's prosecution was purposely botched to allow Smith to skate as he got a year SUSPENDED sentence for murder.

Will Lawlor get the same for shooting 3 Blacks in the back in 2 incidents. Will Lawlor also get a slap on the wrist for murder? [previous post]

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Are campaign contributors buying justice?


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Do we need another Operation Greylord?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The 65-mpg car Ford won't sell in US

By BusinessWeek

If ever there was a car made for the times, this would seem to be it: a sporty subcompact that seats five, offers a navigation system and gets a whopping 65 miles to the gallon. Oh, yes, and the car is made by Ford Motor (F, news, msgs), known widely for lumbering gas hogs.

Ford's 2009 Fiesta ECOnetic goes on sale in November. But here's the catch: Despite the car's potential to transform Ford's image and help it compete with Toyota Motor (TM, news, msgs) and Honda Motor (HMC, news, msgs) in its home market, the company will sell the little fuel sipper only in Europe.

"We know it's an awesome vehicle," says Ford America President Mark Fields. "But there are business reasons why we can't sell it in the U.S." The main one: The Fiesta ECOnetic runs on diesel. [more]

* * * *

If I had the cash, and they were to sell these here in the USA at a good price, I'd buy one.

So, I've stoked some old, major, import/export contacts for their "in" with Ford Motor Company. So, without putting my name on it, I wish to help promote the Fiesta ECOnetic and import it into the US. Aligning with the right people and putting together the right package might even mean a deal.

Other prospects are coming in for other types of deals and jobs. It is either feast or famine. Hopefully I choose well, as I made one big mistake investing in Connecticut rental properties and don't want to take another plunge similar to that ever again. If it means changing my name to have financial success, I'm willing to do that too.

My tasks are probably done with what is probably going to happen to improve the courts in states and the US with what I will be in DC at the Senate and US Congress for in January. So, I intend on putting all my efforts into documentary, film, and import/export ventures.

If I had stayed in the import/export business, I would not be writing this blog, probably would have been living out of the US, quite happily and comfortably. There is no "would have" or "could have", there is just right now and the future.

If I get this deal, sell one of my screenwriting projects in a major way, am casting and filming, or am involved in an equally attractive deal or occupation I intend on taking ALL of my blog posts down and probably will remove ALL of my uploaded videos off the internet.

-Steven G. Erickson

Friday, September 19, 2008

Standing up to the "Judencia", The Attorney Mafia

One of the alleged Connecticut Kingpins of the Judencia, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal

[click here] for post on the Private Attorney General bill bolstering our American right to access Grand Juries to present evidence of wrongdoing, public corruption, and laws being broken, so the perpetrators are actually privately investigated and prosecuted.

Attorney General Blumenthal and other co-conspirators are allegedly using your tax dollars to high jack the people's voice, spewing propaganda about how honest reforms in the Connecticut Constitution will some how harm the citizenry. I believe the Constitution has already been altered dissolving the Sheriff system, because it is a Patronage System, to be take over by the Judicial Branch which is even more of a Patronage System, operated illegally by taxpayer paid organized criminals with the "boss" allegedly being "Uncle Joe D." So, if the Connecticut Constitution has already been altered without proper procedures, why not have an honest way to amend it to fix the major holes in it that currently exist?

The Grand Jury System has been rendered useless to the people, but works well as a retaliation machine.

When Judge Arthur L. Spada became Connecticut State Police Commissioner he was also, allegedly, the one man Grand Jury system of Connecticut, the people's really only remaining check and balance.

So when Spada was allegedly committing fraud, possibly forgery, and felony theft by doing such things as putting in official logs that he was being chauffeured to golf outings by logging the theft of taxpayer funds on official logs, appointments with "Dr. Flog", "Golf" spelled backwards. If a Connecticut police officer can be felony arrested and hauled off in handcuffs for using taxpayer paid for gas to go a mile or two home for lunch, why hasn't Spada been charged with felony theft, arrested, and hauled off in handcuffs?

If you wanted to complain about Spada, you had to complain to Spada.

I proposed legislation to elected officials to clean up Connecticut Courts and Connecticut State Police. I believe I was then put on the secret State Police "Enemies List" as was Ken Krayeske.

I believe Spada conspired with Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan to railroad me to prison to shut me up, ruin me financially, break up my family, and make me unemployable, poor, and unable to get most housing.

I contacted your office about this issue, Mr. Blumethal, and got no response. Congressman Simmons' staffer told me that Simmons contacted you by phone, email, and by letter asking you to review my trial transcripts for crimes committed. You allegedly failed to respond, ignoring felonies, allegedly committed, reported to you officially. If you are to defend the state against lawsuits, that is a smart move. It also proves you are not the people's Attorney General, so we the people need to be our own Connecticut Private Attorney Generals when laws have been broken and there is no action through standard channels.

We need to be our own, Attorney General, when there is public corruption or laws broken by anyone where police and official investigators drop the ball. We should be able to walk into any courthouse, find a grand jury room, and give evidence of crimes being committed orally, by telephone, by letter, by email, and then if the independent from all 3 branches of government and the "Judencia", panel of Grand Jurors with the power to have citizens and officials arrested, hauled away in handcuffs, independently investigated, and prosecuted in legal proceedings, unlike a large number of case currently handled in Connecticut's rigged court system.

If Judges "pay to play", as former Judicial Marshal Jim Parks claims, these Judges should be investigated for their crimes, removed if found to be guilty, and prosecuted to the full extent of the law possibly doing hard jail time.

I wish to meet with you, Mr. Blumenthal, and wish to ask you questions regarding the Connecticut Constitution, live on television, and will ask you, under oath, have you ever awarded former law partners, friends, or family, millions or any amount, in no bid contracts? If so, would you be in charge of investigating and prosecuting yourself?

Thank you,
Steven G. Erickson

A link to this post emailed to Richard Blumenthal.

* * * *

The Connecticut Judge policy of "Ha-ha, I wrecked your life." [here]

My complaint to Blumenthal about Attorney Michael H. Agranoff [here]

Voters in Connecticut need to voice their opinions in the upcoming Connecticut Constitution Campaign [information]

* * * *

The reasons there needs to be Civilian Oversight of Homeland Security, the Police, DCF, the Courts, and anyone who is being paid with tax dollars:

Susan Johnston interviewed by Steven G. Erickson on how in downtown areas prostitutes, heroin and crack cocaine dealers, vandals, and other criminals can be protected and paid by police with tax dollars and taxpaying, home owning, working citizens can be targets:

Homeland Security routing out 13 y/o "Lesbians" in schools?

Victim on Secret Police Enemies List

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Where did Dick Blumenthal get the nickname, "No-bid Contractboy"? [click here]
scroll down in post

* * * *

Alec Baldwin on "Conflict Law"

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An "Incident"

When a police officer beats his wife or girlfriend, drags her with a car, or nearly violently kills her, it is not called "domestic assault", it is called an "incident".

Other officers help to cover up "incidents", so do members of the judiciary. Elected officials don't seem to be much help either. [more]

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fatherlessness Task Force Videos

from yesterday [found here]

The video "E2" (above) is the most compelling. An expert talks about the psychology of children, with and without fathers, about fathers in and out of prison, child support, and related issues.

The money that is being wasted to do harm to children and families, is evident in these three videos from a relatively short hearing. Taxpayers have to call, mail, and email their elected officials to get any sort of results.

Emails often go unread by the intended recipient in government. You need to find out who is their legislative aid, contact that person, and then follow up with a phone call asking if your email, letter, and or phone message has been forwarded to the legislator. You must get around the gatekeepers.

I believe the biggest problems causing children to be fatherless, is judicial abuse and misconduct.
[post] called "Ha Ha, I wrecked your life" sums it up.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Something to believe in

"Something to believe in", is, I believe, a title to, or lyrics to, a Poison song. Everybody has to have something to believe in.

Today there is a task force meeting in Hartford, Connecticut, starting at 3 PM on the subject of Fatherlessness.

Ritt Goldstein back in Dec. 1996 was the chief organizer, having international experts and victims of Connecticut police misconduct testify at a special Judiciary Legislative Committee Hearing on the subject, and need for, Civilian Oversight of Police. Ritt soon fled the US seeking political asylum after making [this video] of those hearings.

I have a friend from somewhere out in the middle of the US who has drafted legislation that will bolster the Grand Jury system, if passed. He fears for his life and liberty just for drafting this bill. It will hold all officials accountable to "We the People" when there is wrongdoing, when there is the breaking of laws, gross lapses in ethics, and when those who are paid with our tax dollars abuse our US Constitutional rights.

Everyone from the US President down to an unqualified, lying Connecticut DCF (Department of Children and Families) worker, shouldn't have some sort of immunity from prosecution and being sued. Presidents who have blanket and/or sovereign immunity can be no more than just glorified drug lords. [videos]

Lawyers make up about 2/3 of the Connecticut Judiciary Legislative Committee. My thoughts on lawyers [here]. Lawyers make more money if cases are drawn out in years, if the system is an unfair bureaucracy, and if there are splitting up of families for more divorce case work, fighting over the custody of children, and if parents lose their rights to even see their own children.

So, why do we elect those who will profit from harming us, lawyers?

Why would lawyers want to legislate immunity for themselves in cases where children are involved? Is even a lawyer molesting a child not prosecutable if the lawyer is somehow involved in a legal case with that child?

Why should there be unlimited domestic spying on citizens? DCF and Homeland Security can tap our phones at will, fish around inside our computers, enter our homes, and even covertly ruin our lives, just because we are outspoken about governmental abuses and public corruption.

My "Something" to believe in:

Cases involving children and divorce can be "sealed". So, whatever dastardly acts that are perpetrated on families and children by lawyers, prosecutors, judges, DCF, police, mental health, and other authorities is kept secret from the public.

Connecticut Chief Justice William J. Sullivan was involved in a scandal where he was legislating from the bench trying to bypass the legislators to get his own choice in to succeed him as Chief Justice. Instead of having the judge equivalent of being disbarred and having his pension revoked, he got a lame 2 week suspension. The Connecticut Judicial Branch seems to be run like an organized crime syndicate ripe with case rigging, bid rigging, obstruction of justice, racketeering, and the retaliation against internal whistle blowers and citizens deemed to have "Big Mouths".

The Connecticut State Police want [this] covered up. DCF is the torture tool of choice when police officers want to retaliate against other officers when they face discipline for police misconduct, and when good police officers have evidence against the bad ones.

My friend's Grand Jury proposed legislation will help prevent all the above mentioned problems with the system and much more from occurring so often in the future.

I, also, fear being falsely arrested again, and ending up as a political prisoner again in Connecticut, just for trying to redress grievances to elected officials, something that is supposedly protected under the US Constitution, the First Amendment.

-Steven G. Erickson

* * * *

[click here] for:
Connecticut Constitution Convention Campaign
there needs to be work done on the Connecticut Constitution [website]

* * * *

The Grand Jury System explained, and the reasons we need one with teeth:

Did this blogger, Steven G. Erickson, and Elena Sassower, take down NY Gov Spitzer with [this video] shot this past January, causing his financial life to be under investigation?

Elena Sassower's website:

Will [these] Connecticut Judicial Branch whistle blowers cause the branch to be investigated for case rigging, court cleaning service bid rigging, destroying, manufacturing, and altering evidence, breaking rules, nepotism, racketeering, obstruction of justice, and running an organized crime organization with Judicial Managers and Judges acting as Mafia Dons?

Scroll down in [this link] for link at bottom for the text I sent to former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland meant to be the first letter laid on his federal prison bunk for him to read. Warning: I wasn't very nice to him in that letter.

I enjoyed [this spoof], called, "Senator Lou 'Godfather' DeLuca" revealing the real problem of Connecticut legislators and their Mob ties running the show and bilking taxpayers.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

From Rick Green's CT Confidential blog:

Gov. Rell Should Stand up for Julie Amero

| | Comments (2)

If Gov. Rell is so willing to jump into the the business of our superior courts, why can't she speak out on a case that really matters? I'm talking about Julie Amero, the Norwich teacher who was falsely charged and convicted after she was unable to stop pornographic images from appearing on her classroom computer.

Instead of speaking out on a real injustice, Gov. Rell last week was busy demanding that the court send a convicted rapist back to court for violating his probation. The problem was, David Pollitt had not violated his probation.

We know that Julie Amero was convicted based on erroneous, and quite possibly false, testimony. Why isn't the governor saying anything? Maybe she doesn't want to admit that the schools, police and courts were all wrong.


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I agree Rick.

But, if Rell does something for one person admitting the courts and the whole "process" is majorly flawed, Pandora's Box would be opened.

All those that have been wrongly accused, falsely arrested, and wronged in Connecticut meat grinder turnstile courts would also want their cases reviewed and fixed.

The problem is just too great to be fixed internally. Judicial whistle blowers have their complaints and accusations hidden from the public and then they are retaliated against.

The Judiciary Committee Legislators are supposed to be the gate keepers. If about 2/3 are lawyers whose side are they really on?:

The problem is that in Julie Amero's case, the entire process was flawed. Somebody has to speak up.

* * * *
* * * *

[click here] for Steven G. Erickson's past post on Julie Amero

What about Julie?

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Buzz

The Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin Saturday Night Live video:

This SNL comedy sketch seems to be the buzz right now. I think Tina Fey has Palin down. Amy Poehler gets the true essence of what is Hillary Clinton.

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"Froth and Scum"

Rage on the Radio 1

[click here] for part 2

Michael Savage says that Autistic children are just brats with no father figure to tell these children not to act like a@#holes. I'm sure those that live with Autism would like to talk with Mr. Savage "privately".

The idea and elements of this post stolen from:

* * * *

The above picture [found here] with explanation

Up from humbug -- Froth & Scum: Truth, Beauty, Goodness, and the ax murder in America's First Mass Medium by Andie Tucher

On April 9, 1836, a prostitute named Helen Jewett was axed to death in a stylish New York City brothel; the police arrested a dry-goods clerk who had visited her that night to celebrate his nineteenth birthday. Five years later, in September 1841, a printer named Samuel Adams was bludgeoned to death and stuffed into a crate to be shipped out of town; the police arrested the brother of Samuel Colt, the inventor of the revolver These two crimes are plenty interesting in and of themselves, but for Andie Tucher, a producer at ABC News, they are even more interesting for how they were covered by the city's new penny newspapers, and for what that coverage says about American mass journalism at its very inception. For as she shows, the birth of mass media in America was the birth of all the problems and conflicts and discontents with mass media that trouble us today.

The first inexpensive, independent newspaper aimed at a large readership, the New York Sun, was founded in 1833 by Benjamin Day. Within two years Day had two prominent competitors, the New York Transcript and James Gordon Bennett's Herald. When the Jewett case broke, the three papers jumped on the story. The Sun reported that the victim was "intelligent, beautiful, and accomplished"; the Transcript, that she was "very genteel and pretty." Bennett claimed that he got in to see the body and pronounced it "as white, as full, as polished as the purest Parisian marble. The perfect figure...surpassed in every respect the Venus de Medicis." [more]


International Fraud, Phishing, and Authorities too busy dealing drugs and scamming taxpayers

to do anything. If you report any sort of crime, you are probably reporting to it to criminals that have some sort of official title, like "police officer", "politician", "judge", etc.

Below the phishing email text are the google results of a word search done on "Empire Loan Firm".

If we had an honest government actually earning the tax dollars they so eagerly collect, we the people would not get bombarded everyday with emails like this:


I am MR FROST PETERSON of Empire Loan Firm Incorporated.we offer loans to Individual that are in need of
financial assistance for business purposes.
Fill below if you are interested in our offer;
(1) Full Names............(2) Contact/Mailing Address.............(3) State/Country............(4) Occupation..............(5) Age.................................(6) Tell no...................(7) Amount needed for loan.$................
Contact our loan officer MR FROST PETERSON for inquiries

  1. 419 BAITER - Scam e-mails index

    Empire Loan Firm - Fake Loan Scam · FAMFA OIL NIG LTD, GENESIS AGENCY - Fake Job Scam · MOTHER MARY ORPHANAGE HOME - Fake Charity Scam ... - 380k - Cached - Similar pages
  2. HyperCommune Project

    Hello, I am MRS TRACY HUDSON of Empire Loan Firm Inc.. Ref : UK/776090X2/23 Batch:013/05/8394369 Dear Winne.. Email Promo Winner The MICROSOFT EMAIL PROMO ... - 40k - Cached - Similar pages
  3. HyperCommune Project

    Hello, I am MRS TRACY HUDSON of Empire Loan Firm Inc.. Attn: Googler, GOOGLE ANNIVERSARY GIVE-AWAY WINNING .. Attn.This is to direct an urgent business ... - 42k - Cached - Similar pages
  4. fpmhd_unud : Messages : 1-13 of 13

    Hello, I am MRS TRACY HUDSON of Empire Loan Firm Incorporated in canada,we offer loans to Individual that are in need of financial assistance for business. ... - 29k - Cached - Similar pages

* * * *

Elected officials might be too busy racketeering, obstructing justice, and smuggling drugs to do anything or even care about the above. [This documentary] is a good guage of how low the US has sunk morally and legally. I watched much of it last night on the History Channel. I suggest that it get more widely viewed.

If George W. Bush on down to the cop on the beat have some sort of immunity, or a wink and a nod that they won't be prosecuted. So if they aren't worried about being prosecuted, they continue to do as they please, when they please.

If you go to an elected official in any state, most won't return calls, emails, and written letters. If they do, you get [this].

If you name names and continue to try and clean up their mess, you can get a trip straight to jail, financial ruin, and having little ability to get a job or function upon your release as did I. If more people were not excepting of this mass scam perpetrated on us by our government, less of us would be barbecued for seeing what is going on and then trying to tell the rest of you about it.

Silence signifies acceptance.

-Steven G. Erickson

Connecticut Judges violate Federal ADA and other Laws

David Cummings tells about violations occurring at the Rockville Superior Court. Dave is good person to be called at a witness to highlight the culture of corruption that is the courts in Connecticut. Countless other witness should come forward with their information on alleged judicial misconduct in regards to those on, and not on the list below.

There are massive allegations, probably with plenty of smoking gun paperwork in regards to Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan, Kenneth L. Shluger, Patricia A. Swords, Kevin Tierney, Edward C. Graziani, Howard Scheinblum, Lawrence C. Klaczak, Arthur L. Spada, and others involved in Connecticut court judicial misconduct.

Was Connecticut Chief Justice William J. "Taco" Sullivan made aware of felonies committed in Connecticut courts by judicial managers and judges and did nothing and/or allegedly acted to cover it up? [more]

Chris Kennedy on the subject of Connecticut Judicial Misconduct

A judge can retaliate against you for lodging complaints by having your guns confiscated, taking away your kids, and engaging in malicious prosecutions to either terrorizing you into silence and/or railroading you to prison.

Post on the "DCF Specialist" Stafford Springs and Ellington area Connecticut Attorney Michael H. Agranoff allegedly charges as much as he can while doing as little as possible. He allegedly owed Judge Jonathan Kaplan a favor for not being disbarred for allegedly having an improper relationship with a young client. [more]

Video on the Subject of Lying Liars, Lawyers, Legislating, and Telling Lies

Is Official Connecticut looking for lying lawyers to fill top taxpayer paid positions? [more]

My email:

Why did the Connecticut Judicial Branch seal public comment [like this] from the public? Was a [survey rigged] and maybe considered defrauding taxpayers?

Does this [cheer leading session] of the Connecticut Judicial Branch look like a scam?

Is this a conspiracy involving all 3 branches of Connecticut government?:

Is Connecticut "Fatherlessness USA"? [more]


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Appollo Alliance

The below [found here]

Phil Angelides Joins Apollo as Board Chairman Robert Redford and other prominent Americans also join Apollo Board

Phil Angelides Joins Apollo as Board ChairmanFormer California Treasurer Phil Angelides recently took the helm as Chairman of the Apollo Alliance Board of Directors. Commenting on his new role at the Apollo Alliance, Angelides said, “I believe deeply that we can curb global warming and create a new wave of economic opportunity for our people. We can spark a clean energy revolution that will reduce our dependence on oil and create millions of good jobs for American families.” Angelides recently addressed mayors from across America at the Sundance Summit.

As California’s Treasurer, Phil launched the ground breaking Green Wave initiative under which California’s two largest public pension funds, CalPERS and CalSTRS, committed to invest $1.5 billion in clean energy and cutting edge technologies, as well as in environmentally responsible companies. Prior to joining the Board, Phil served on Apollo’s National Advisory Committee for a number of years.

A number of other prominent Americans are also lending their energies to Apollo as new members of our incoming Board. They include: actor/director Robert Redford; former Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality Kathleen McGinty (now head of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection); Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope; Silicon Valley pioneer Regis McKenna; United Steelworkers International President Leo Gerard; and Natural Resources Defense Council President Frances Beinecke.

For a full list of the current members of the Apollo Board, click here.

Documentary connects the dots on the DEA, CIA, FBI, and US Gov lies

[IMDb link]

* photos * board * trailer * details

The War on Drugs has become the longest and most costly war in American history, the question has become, how much more can the country endure? Inspired by the death of four family members from "legal drugs" Texas filmmaker Kevin Booth sets out to discover why the Drug War has become such a big failure. Three and a half years in the making the film follows gang members, former DEA agents, CIA officers, narcotics officers, judges, politicians, prisoners and celebrities. Most notably the film befriends Freeway Ricky Ross; the man many accuse for starting the Crack epidemic, who after being arrested discovered that his cocaine source had been working for the CIA. AMERICAN DRUG WAR shows how money, power and greed have corrupted not just dope fiends but an entire government. More importantly, it shows what can be done about it. This is not some 'pro-drug' stoner film, but a collection of expert testimonials from the ground troops on the front lines of the drug war, the ones who are fighting it and the ones who are living it. Written by Kevin Booth

Plot Synopsis:
See plot summary. more (warning! contains spoilers)

Corrupt Politicians

The above video is not mine.

I found it interesting and decided to share. That v-blogger found [here]

The "Decider" decides?

The below text, video, and links from rodneykingman

You Think NAFTA, CAFTA & the Economy is Bad Now? Wait...

Please Watch Video Responses For More Information.
The last several links are maps are maps and descriptions of the SPP/NAU corridor.
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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Congressman Duncan: War on Terror is a Major Profit Center

The above video blogger, jaralero , posted this with video:

May 20th, 2008, U.S. House of Representatives. John Duncan [R-TN] quotes Michael Chertoff, Secretary of Homeland Security, in saying: "We are spending too much on security and should not let an over-exaggerated threat of terrorism drive us crazy, into bankruptcy."

Congressman Duncan also made a reference to James Madison, who once lamented that endless war would be the end of freedom:

"Of all the enemies to public liberty, war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded, because it comprises and develops the germ of every other (enemy)... No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare."
James Madison, 4th U.S. President, April 20, 1795

That is what Madison said in 1795, because he had the Bush-alike habit of saying something and then doing something else in power. James Madison waged "Madison's War" against Great Britain in 1812. John Lowell Jr. a.k.a. The Boston Rebel, responded writing a book titled "Perpetual War, Mr. Madison's Policy."

Great family.

Great, great, great, great granddaughter, Carey Lowell.

Back to Madison. As most of you know, he spent the best part of his life fighting the creation of a Central Bank as an unconstitutional monstrosity, only to do the opposite some years down the road, supporting the second National Bank in 1815, a bigger military, and a high tariff to protect the new factories opened during the war.

Wishy-washy and a big spender who led the way to the Military Industrial Complex, it's no wonder that Madison's "bipolar disorder" turned into schizophrenia in his late years, inking out original passages of his correspondence with Thomas Jefferson, and even imitating Jefferson's handwriting. A neocon before neocons.

---------------------------------------- -----------------------


Madam Speaker, Ian Lustick, a professor of the University of Pennsylvania and research fellow at the Independent Institute in California, wrote an article in The Hill newspaper a few days ago which made a great deal of sense. He wrote this:

``Nearly 7 years after September 11, 2001, what accounts for the vast discrepancy between the terrorist threat facing America and the scale of our response? Why, absent any evidence of a serious domestic terror threat, is the war on terror so enormous, so all-encompassing, and still expanding? The fundamental answer is that al Qaeda's most important accomplishment was not to hijack our planes but to hijack our political system. For a multitude of politicians, interest groups, professional associations, corporations, media organizations, universities, local and State governments, and Federal agency officials, the war on terror is now a major profit center, a funding bonanza, and a set of slogans and sound bites to be inserted into budget, project, grant, and contract proposals.

``For the country as a whole, however, it has become a maelstrom of waste and worry that distracts us from more serious problems.''

Michael Chertoff, Secretary of Homeland Security, testified before the Senate a few months ago in a way no other Cabinet member probably ever has. He essentially said we are spending too much on security and should not let an over-exaggerated threat of terrorism ``drive us crazy,'' into bankruptcy, trying to defend against every conceivable threat. He went on to say: ``We do have limits and we do have choices to make. We don't want to break the very systems we're trying to protect. We don't want to destroy our way of life trying to save it. We don't want to undercut our economy trying to protect our economy, and we don't want to destroy our civil liberties and our freedoms in order to make ourselves safer.''

Secretary Chertoff was exactly right. I believe that most Members of Congress will vote for almost anything if the word ``security'' is attached to it so that they will not be blamed if something bad happens later. We should do some things to protect against terrorism, but we should not go overboard if we still believe in things like freedom and liberty.


[ ]

Thursday, September 11, 2008

An African American Muslim Congressman makes sense

I attended the June 6 - 8 Free Press NCMR Event at the Minneapolis Convention Center. I just reviewed a tape shot with camera 3 and was really impressed with what Congressman Keith Ellison had to say:

The above is reel 2 of the raw footage. [Reel 1] tells how government works and what is the most important role of all types of media.

[Reel 3] deals with civil liberties, private abuse of the media, corporate censorship, media consolidation, internet freedom, Federal Communications Commissioner Michael J. Copps spills the beans [pdf] on what needs to be done and what is wrong. The 2008 Corporate Hall of Shame piece is hilarious at about 25 minutes into video.

Tim Wu, chair of Free Press leads comment on Reel 3. North Dakota Byron L. Dorgan is one of the true voices of the people AND a FREE and ACCESSIBLE media from about 39 minutes in. Dorgan talks about the largest chemical spill in Minot, North Dakota, and 6 radio stations that could have warned residents were run way out of state playing corporate approved playlists.

Other videos: Catherine Crier, President Common Cause Bob Edgar, Bill Moyers, Amy Goodman, video on the Grand Jury System and the need for it, Phil Donahue w/ Steven G. Erickson, The Uptake independent media outlet, reclaiming elections with Liberty Tree, Francis C. P. Knize and Steven G. Erickson take a plane and train into Minneapolis, Dan Rather

Keywords: AT&T FCC net neutrality media conglomeration Comcast cable viacom domestic spying price gouging golden parachute retirement new world order US President George W. Bush Richard Dick Cheney NPR National Public Radio Dixie Chicks Minot ND largest chemical spill

My personal thanks to Francis C. P. Knize, Documentary Producer, who has taken time to show me some of the basic high definition filming techniques, basic film editing, how to get professional sound, miking, XLR connections, and what equipment and contacts I'll need in the future to help work on his projects and some of my own.

This blogger's email: stevengerickson
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Taking Back American Freedom and Rights

The Private Attorney General Bill, if passed, will be a start to take back what was so dastardly taken from us, September 11, 2001, by national traitors currently in charge.

click on image to make full size

Congressman Keith Ellison is helping sponsor the bill.

Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison speaks out at the Free Press, National Conference for Media Reform NCMR June 6 - 8 Event at the Minneapolis Convention Center:

* * * *

US Judicial Branch and Judiciary's Public Corruption "Deep Throat"

* * * *

I believe I would never had reason to make the below video if there was Private Attorney General legislation passed and used. Our US Grand Jury System needs to be what our forefathers intended. It will be, if you average citizens out there seeing this post contact your Congresspersons and US Senators. Why don't you find out what Congressman Keith Ellison is bring to other Congresspersons and to US Senators?

* * * *

Grand Jury System explained

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

CIA, FBI, NSA, DEA, smuggling Cocaine and Heroin into the USA?

Interesting videos:
note the date of video release, and you can find more in video uploader's videos around the same date if there are follow up videos.

"Air America" - The Opium Wars: 1800s - 2007

loaded Feb. 7, 2007, more from [this uploader]

U.S. Government Drug Importing-Beau Abbott Interview pt 1/8
video uploaded June 9, 2007, more from [this uploader]
Note: this video will sometimes load slow. If this happens. Hit pause, allow video to download partially while you do something else, let some minutes pass, and then hit play again.

CIA guns drugs fraud Golden triangle (#30)

added Nov. 12, 2006. More from [this uploader]

(excerpts from 60 Minutes CBS)

Sept. 25, 2007, more from [this uploader]

"The DEA has to approve drug shipments brought into the US by CIA and law enforcement"

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Google God Cometh?

If Google and Yahoo merge, what good ... or evil, is possible?

I blog on Google, load videos on various versions of google owned video uploaders, and often wondered if google decided to pull the plug on me for what I say, what someone else says, or blacklists any individual, media outlet, or business, what could be done when Google is God?

Can you say, "Worldwide business, media, and idea control"?

[the story]

Are US Detainee CIA Torture Transports used also for smuggling drugs?

Does [this] make it look apparently so? Should the CIA be funding covert warring, political assassinations, and worldwide covert torture and execution camps by smuggling cocaine and heroin into the US?

Will politicians such as Congressman Chris Shays and Senator Patrick Leahy do anything about this?

* * * *
* * * *

Spying up, but terror cases drop

As more Americans are watched, fewer cases are made. The trend concerns civil liberties groups as well as some lawmakers and legal experts.

The number of Americans being secretly wiretapped or having their financial and other records reviewed by the government has continued to increase as officials aggressively use powers approved after the Sept. 11 attacks. But the number of terrorism prosecutions ending up in court – one measure of the effectiveness of such sleuthing – has continued to decline, in some cases precipitously.

The trends, visible in new government data and a private analysis of Justice Department records, are worrisome to civil liberties groups and some legal scholars. They say it is further evidence that the government has compromised the privacy rights of ordinary citizens without much to show for it.

The emphasis on spy programs also is starting to give pause to some members of Congress who fear the government is investing too much in anti-terrorism programs at the expense of traditional crime-fighting. Other lawmakers are raising questions about how well the FBI is performing its counter-terrorism mission. [more from source]

Bag Jobs

We know what Winston Churchill thought of Nazism and Communism, but what would he think of the current state of affairs in America?

Whether you're the former Governor of Alabama crucified for being a Democrat by Bush Republicans, any citizen, or non-US citizen, you aren't safe. No matter who you are, if you disagree with the Bush style of government, or if you are just Joe Average out working for living, political bag jobs have the same dynamics of the Siegelman bag job and will happen more and more, if you are silent. [more]

We the people have to get behind politicians who want accountability regarding police, the FBI, CIA, NSA, the courts, and with anyone or any body working or contracting for public funds and tax dollars. What is Patrick Leahy, Senator from Vermont doing? [Answer]

I've read that the court system has an average of an 8 or 9 percent approval rating in divorce cases. Bush has a higher approval rating than that.

The easiest way to prove bag jobs and case rigging widely exist and are too often practiced, is to review divorce and child custody cases in court. Because there are minors involved or just because the case is a divorce case, what is done is often perpetrated in courts is sealed from the public. The Judicial Branch conspiracy wants this non-accountability across the board. Let's bring back justice to the justice system, and the only way to do that is to shine a light on it.

Whatever Connecticut seems to get away with, the nation soon follows, example, Eminent Domain. So I think if those mostly abused in divorce cases each had their 3 minutes in a video posted on the internet, as sort of a petition, maybe what is being done to freedom in America can be exposed and then curbed. Feel free to leave your ideas in the comment section, your contact information, or your proposed event to be filmed.

* * * *

Drunk Driving Georgia Judge Carlton Vines Indicted On Voter Fraud

A confidential source tells me that judges in Connecticut get to be judges by "buying in". Someone with friends in high places will make a campaign contribution to a Congressman, another candidate, or even owe future favors to become a judge. If there aren't ethics, or if lawyers run the show you [have this].

The US CIA drug smuggling service?

Plane used for CIA renditions also smuggled drugs

Nearly a year after it went down in the Yucatan jungle, a Mexican newspaper has obtained documentation that a US-owned plane previously used by the CIA for renditions and trips to and from Guantanamo Bay was also used to smuggle cocaine. Reports Agency France Press:
MEXICO CITY (AFP) - A private jet that crash-landed almost one year ago in eastern Mexico carrying 3.3 tons of cocaine had previously been used for CIA "rendition" flights, a newspaper report said here Thursday, citing documents from the United States and the European Parliament.

The plane was carrying Colombian drugs for the fugitive leader of Mexico's Sinaloa cartel, Joaquin "Chapo" Guzman, when it crash-landed in the Yucatan peninsula on September 24, El Universal reported.

The daily said it had obtained documents from the United States and the European Parliament which "show that that plane flew several times to Guantanamo, Cuba, presumably to transfer terrorism suspects."

It said the European Parliament was investigating the private Grumman Gulfstream II, registered by the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation, for suspected use in CIA "rendition" flights in which prisoners are covertly transferred to a third country or US-run detention centers.

It also said the US Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) logbook registered that the plane had traveled between US territory and the US military base in Guantanamo.

[more from source]

Monday, September 08, 2008

Admit you're a liar

"Admit you're a liar", is the subject of an email I sent to Michael Lawlor. It is the subject of [this post]. Should lawyers who are paid with tax dollars be able to lie, commit perjury, commit fraud, manufacture evidence, forge documents, act as racketeers, obstruct justice, and act in retaliation schemes? Should these lawyers not get fired, not get arrested, not get punished, and continue to abuse taxpayers at our expense?

The above photo of Connecticut Representative Michael Lawlor was stolen from [this] New Haven Advocate piece

Email sent to:

Subject: admit you're a liar

Mr. Lawlor,
There is a post [here] where the subject is "Admit you're a liar" about the scandal of a DCF attorney on an ethics panel being able to forge documents to get another fired alleged that he had a lapse in ethics. Should this illegal behavior be tolerated, and shouldn't lawyers be held to a standard, not no standards at all?

A police informant, Barbara Sattel, told me I could get some sort of civic award and my name in the paper if I had sexual relations with her. If I refused, she told me that I would lose my daughter, lose my rental properties in Stafford Springs, CT, that I fixed up from a boarded up condition, and end up in prison. I had no record, and I refused her advances and DID END UP RAILROADED TO PRISON. Shouldn't that raise red flags with you, Mr. Lawlor? Shouldn't I be critical of police and the judiciary in Connecticut if I continue to suffer from the gross police, judicial, attorney, official, prosecutorial, and legislative misconduct?

Two Connecticut State Troopers, Amaral and Langlois, committed perjury at the rigged trial, Judge Jonathan Kaplan presiding, where Attorney Michael H. Agranoff conspired with Kaplan to see to it that I got put in prison for resisting being mugged on my own property. Felon Brian Caldwell was not even arrested for threatening my life, stalking, attacking me, and admitting under oath that he threatened my life while demanding money from me.

If none of the above has been investigated, because no officials will investigate, shouldn't the Connecticut Judiciary Committee hold a hearing on this matter and on the lack of ethics in Connecticut's courts, that there is no vetting out of bad lawyers, and there is no remedy in the courts and official crimes often aren't investigated? Should we live in a STATE of FEAR? Should others likewise abused continue to suffer? Should lawyers profit from the misery of others, the official kidnapping of children, wrecking families, and converting taxpayers into out of work wrecks?

Shouldn't citizens be able to redress grievances to you, elected officials, if they can't get remedy anywhere else? Aren't you the body that is SUPPOSED to hear CLAIMS AGAINST THE STATE?

-Steven G. Erickson
[address snipped]

P.S. I am posting the text of this email to you [here]

* * * *

I contacted Congressman Chris Shays, and if you scroll down in [this post], it looks like Rep. Lawlor wishes to give false information out about me to avoid the possible scrutiny by Congress.

* * * *

Should former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland continue to be paid at taxpayer expense after lying, betraying the public trust, and being a poster child for public corruption? Does crime pay for officials? I ask Rowland [here]

* * * *

Contacting the Connecticut State Police Resident Trooper, Sgt. Duncan

Resident State Trooper Office (860) 684-3777

subject: Connecticut State Police Misconduct

Text of email sent to Ducan:
To whom it may concern:

If there were untrue things I was saying about officers Desso, Prochaska, Trooper Amaral, Trooper Langlois, former Resident State Trooper Mulcahey, Sgt. Izzarelli, Captain Fox, Colonel Thomas "The Duck" Davoren, Sgt. Sticca (for lying saying "I confessed"), Colonel Barry, and former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada I could be criminally charged for making a false statement to police, I lodged police misconduct complaints regarding what I am posting on the internet [here].

So, if you believe anything I have posted in any of the 10,000 or so posts on the internet, please contact me if you think I should be under arrest for anything.

By the way, do you still allegedly reward alcoholic, crack cocaine smoking, prostitute cavorting, prescription abusing, and admittedly bi-polar individuals such as Peter Coukos with help in obtaining pistol permits when they terrorize citizens for police, assault citizens for police, and leave messages on voice mails [like this]?

Are citizens still being told they are "kicked out of Connecticut" if they lodge police misconduct complaints, propose laws to elected officials police don't like, and/or write stuff printed in letters to the editor that police officers don't like?

Please make the above individuals aware of what I am saying about them and feel free to contact me for my address if anyone wishes to sue me.

Thank you,

-Steven G. Erickson

My complaint to the Washington, DC, FBI [click here]

What happens when you google "Connecticut State Police Misconduct" not in quotes?

Why would police and the government WANT to make sure cocaine and heroin continues to be delivered to US downtown areas going after honest, taxpaying citizens in the way? [answer]

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