Thursday, September 11, 2008

An African American Muslim Congressman makes sense

I attended the June 6 - 8 Free Press NCMR Event at the Minneapolis Convention Center. I just reviewed a tape shot with camera 3 and was really impressed with what Congressman Keith Ellison had to say:

The above is reel 2 of the raw footage. [Reel 1] tells how government works and what is the most important role of all types of media.

[Reel 3] deals with civil liberties, private abuse of the media, corporate censorship, media consolidation, internet freedom, Federal Communications Commissioner Michael J. Copps spills the beans [pdf] on what needs to be done and what is wrong. The 2008 Corporate Hall of Shame piece is hilarious at about 25 minutes into video.

Tim Wu, chair of Free Press leads comment on Reel 3. North Dakota Byron L. Dorgan is one of the true voices of the people AND a FREE and ACCESSIBLE media from about 39 minutes in. Dorgan talks about the largest chemical spill in Minot, North Dakota, and 6 radio stations that could have warned residents were run way out of state playing corporate approved playlists.

Other videos: Catherine Crier, President Common Cause Bob Edgar, Bill Moyers, Amy Goodman, video on the Grand Jury System and the need for it, Phil Donahue w/ Steven G. Erickson, The Uptake independent media outlet, reclaiming elections with Liberty Tree, Francis C. P. Knize and Steven G. Erickson take a plane and train into Minneapolis, Dan Rather

Keywords: AT&T FCC net neutrality media conglomeration Comcast cable viacom domestic spying price gouging golden parachute retirement new world order US President George W. Bush Richard Dick Cheney NPR National Public Radio Dixie Chicks Minot ND largest chemical spill

My personal thanks to Francis C. P. Knize, Documentary Producer, who has taken time to show me some of the basic high definition filming techniques, basic film editing, how to get professional sound, miking, XLR connections, and what equipment and contacts I'll need in the future to help work on his projects and some of my own.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ironic? A story of a muslim out to protect our American freedoms and then post it on 9-11

Thursday, September 11, 2008 1:45:00 PM  

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