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Are Federal Judges above the law?

Should a Federal Judge and relative to George W. Bush be able to kill a cop and get off scott free? Should the cop that was run down by the judge be blamed for being killed because he was not "reflective enough"? There was no big funeral or any big deal made about the fallen cop. Does this seem strange? The below found [here]

Bush-Cousin Judge Won't Be Investigated for Car Crash That Killed New Haven Cop

3/15/07 at 6:15 PM


A federal judge who is George W. Bush's cousin killed a New Haven, Connecticut, police officer in a traffic accident in October, and this afternoon New Haven police decided not to pursue criminal charges. Judge John Mercer Walker Jr., a senior judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, is first cousin to former President George H.W. Bush — they share a grandfather, George Herbert Walker — and first cousin once removed to the current president. On October 17, in what a New Haven police spokeswoman termed "difficult weather conditions," the 66-year-old Walker was driving an SUV that struck 38-year-old Officer Daniel Picagli, a seventeen-year veteran of the New Haven police department.

Picagli was working extra duty, directing traffic at a road construction site in the Wooster Square section of the city, and died October 21 from injuries sustained in the accident. Picagli was wearing a black rain coat and a reflective vest when the accident happened, the Associated Press reported. Visibility was poor where the accident happened, the New Haven Register said. Walker was not tested for drugs or alcohol at the scene. Today, state's attorney Michael Dearington sent his report on Officer Picagli's death to police chief Francisco Ortiz. He had no idea what the outcome would be, he said: "It will be one of two things — to seek an arrest, or not seek an arrest." At 4:30 he told us the police had decided not to press charges. —Robert Davey

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Do Federal Judges feel they can sexually assault, rape, and ruin lives at will? The below found [here]

Judge Samuel Kent's Evolving Defense

Federal judge Samuel B. Kent has been indicted for sexual assault. After being charged, he issued a statement through his lawyer, Dick DeGuerin. His lawyer said, "[Judge Kent] did have a relationship with this woman, worked for him for six years never complained about their relationship, which was completely consensual."

It now seems that Judge Kent has backed away from that defense: "DeGuerin said on the sidewalk outside the courthouse that Kent and McBroom did not have a sexual relationship but 'they did have a flirty, close relationship' and there are many witnesses to show that."

Things are not looking good for Judge Kent. I'm sure some spin doctor might say that "flirty, close relationship" is still technically a "consensual" relationship. But in sexual assault cases, "consensual" is a term of art. It generally means that the person consented to sex.

Incidentally, Judge's "flirty" acts, according to the Indictment, include the following: "[Judge Kent] did engage in the intentional touching, both directly and through the clothing, of the groin, breast, inner thigh, and buttocks of [the complaining witness] with an intent to abuse, humiliate, harass, [and] degrade []." He also allegedly attempted to put the woman's mouth on his penis.

Is that what counts as flirting these days?

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Elena Sassower is the head of and she was interviewed by Steven G. Erickson in January. Did the below video lead to Eliot Spitzer being investigated and found to have been frequenting prostitutes forcing him to resign as New York's Governor? Should Spitzer get the same punishments as those he saw to it that they were severely prosecuted for what he had done?


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Check it out:

"For God's Sake, Don't Breathalyze the Judge!"

"What Should be Done With the Judge?"

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