Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bag Jobs

We know what Winston Churchill thought of Nazism and Communism, but what would he think of the current state of affairs in America?

Whether you're the former Governor of Alabama crucified for being a Democrat by Bush Republicans, any citizen, or non-US citizen, you aren't safe. No matter who you are, if you disagree with the Bush style of government, or if you are just Joe Average out working for living, political bag jobs have the same dynamics of the Siegelman bag job and will happen more and more, if you are silent. [more]

We the people have to get behind politicians who want accountability regarding police, the FBI, CIA, NSA, the courts, and with anyone or any body working or contracting for public funds and tax dollars. What is Patrick Leahy, Senator from Vermont doing? [Answer]

I've read that the court system has an average of an 8 or 9 percent approval rating in divorce cases. Bush has a higher approval rating than that.

The easiest way to prove bag jobs and case rigging widely exist and are too often practiced, is to review divorce and child custody cases in court. Because there are minors involved or just because the case is a divorce case, what is done is often perpetrated in courts is sealed from the public. The Judicial Branch conspiracy wants this non-accountability across the board. Let's bring back justice to the justice system, and the only way to do that is to shine a light on it.

Whatever Connecticut seems to get away with, the nation soon follows, example, Eminent Domain. So I think if those mostly abused in divorce cases each had their 3 minutes in a video posted on the internet, as sort of a petition, maybe what is being done to freedom in America can be exposed and then curbed. Feel free to leave your ideas in the comment section, your contact information, or your proposed event to be filmed.

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Drunk Driving Georgia Judge Carlton Vines Indicted On Voter Fraud

A confidential source tells me that judges in Connecticut get to be judges by "buying in". Someone with friends in high places will make a campaign contribution to a Congressman, another candidate, or even owe future favors to become a judge. If there aren't ethics, or if lawyers run the show you [have this].


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