Wednesday, September 10, 2008

CIA, FBI, NSA, DEA, smuggling Cocaine and Heroin into the USA?

Interesting videos:
note the date of video release, and you can find more in video uploader's videos around the same date if there are follow up videos.

"Air America" - The Opium Wars: 1800s - 2007

loaded Feb. 7, 2007, more from [this uploader]

U.S. Government Drug Importing-Beau Abbott Interview pt 1/8
video uploaded June 9, 2007, more from [this uploader]
Note: this video will sometimes load slow. If this happens. Hit pause, allow video to download partially while you do something else, let some minutes pass, and then hit play again.

CIA guns drugs fraud Golden triangle (#30)

added Nov. 12, 2006. More from [this uploader]

(excerpts from 60 Minutes CBS)

Sept. 25, 2007, more from [this uploader]

"The DEA has to approve drug shipments brought into the US by CIA and law enforcement"


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