Monday, September 29, 2008

Cocaine Cowboys

Excerpt: "Explaining allot of what the American government will look away from, due to hefty drug money profits, does put a perspective on its true intentions, be it accepting drug money, ammunition money, or any type of blood money." [from here]

* * * *

I saw most of the documentary "Cocaine Cowboys" over the weekend. It says a lot of why police officers would load drugs in their cruisers to help deliver the product, protect drug dealers, and help go after pesky citizens that got in the way of the trade or were rival drug dealers.

I have a greater understanding now of why Stafford Springs Police and Connecticut State Police would want me to lose my house, marriage, daughter, job, and freedom for having been bitten by a drug dealer dialing "911". The drug dealer left the scene as he was "holding". His drug customers told police arriving that they did not know my attacker. My ear was bleeding down to my neck, chest, and stomach to my underwear.

I located Peter Panciera for police. Police re-interviewed the drug customers, they suddenly "remembered" their friend changing their statements to say I attacked their friend. He was arrested for biting me. I faced a year and a half in prison for being bitten and beaten by a drug dealer! [more]

If a citizen get vocal in newspapers and to elected officials about the cop syndicates drug and prostitution rackets that citizen will have his or her telephone tapped, computer and internet use and files monitored, and tax dollars will be used as a bounty to ruin, assault, or kill the complainer and to break up the family, make the person lose their jobs, get arrested, and even go to prison. [more]


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