Monday, September 15, 2008

Connecticut Judges violate Federal ADA and other Laws

David Cummings tells about violations occurring at the Rockville Superior Court. Dave is good person to be called at a witness to highlight the culture of corruption that is the courts in Connecticut. Countless other witness should come forward with their information on alleged judicial misconduct in regards to those on, and not on the list below.

There are massive allegations, probably with plenty of smoking gun paperwork in regards to Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan, Kenneth L. Shluger, Patricia A. Swords, Kevin Tierney, Edward C. Graziani, Howard Scheinblum, Lawrence C. Klaczak, Arthur L. Spada, and others involved in Connecticut court judicial misconduct.

Was Connecticut Chief Justice William J. "Taco" Sullivan made aware of felonies committed in Connecticut courts by judicial managers and judges and did nothing and/or allegedly acted to cover it up? [more]

Chris Kennedy on the subject of Connecticut Judicial Misconduct

A judge can retaliate against you for lodging complaints by having your guns confiscated, taking away your kids, and engaging in malicious prosecutions to either terrorizing you into silence and/or railroading you to prison.

Post on the "DCF Specialist" Stafford Springs and Ellington area Connecticut Attorney Michael H. Agranoff allegedly charges as much as he can while doing as little as possible. He allegedly owed Judge Jonathan Kaplan a favor for not being disbarred for allegedly having an improper relationship with a young client. [more]

Video on the Subject of Lying Liars, Lawyers, Legislating, and Telling Lies

Is Official Connecticut looking for lying lawyers to fill top taxpayer paid positions? [more]

My email:

Why did the Connecticut Judicial Branch seal public comment [like this] from the public? Was a [survey rigged] and maybe considered defrauding taxpayers?

Does this [cheer leading session] of the Connecticut Judicial Branch look like a scam?

Is this a conspiracy involving all 3 branches of Connecticut government?:

Is Connecticut "Fatherlessness USA"? [more]



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