Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fatherlessness Task Force Videos

from yesterday [found here]

The video "E2" (above) is the most compelling. An expert talks about the psychology of children, with and without fathers, about fathers in and out of prison, child support, and related issues.

The money that is being wasted to do harm to children and families, is evident in these three videos from a relatively short hearing. Taxpayers have to call, mail, and email their elected officials to get any sort of results.

Emails often go unread by the intended recipient in government. You need to find out who is their legislative aid, contact that person, and then follow up with a phone call asking if your email, letter, and or phone message has been forwarded to the legislator. You must get around the gatekeepers.

I believe the biggest problems causing children to be fatherless, is judicial abuse and misconduct.
[post] called "Ha Ha, I wrecked your life" sums it up.



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