Tuesday, September 16, 2008

From Rick Green's CT Confidential blog:

Gov. Rell Should Stand up for Julie Amero

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If Gov. Rell is so willing to jump into the the business of our superior courts, why can't she speak out on a case that really matters? I'm talking about Julie Amero, the Norwich teacher who was falsely charged and convicted after she was unable to stop pornographic images from appearing on her classroom computer.

Instead of speaking out on a real injustice, Gov. Rell last week was busy demanding that the court send a convicted rapist back to court for violating his probation. The problem was, David Pollitt had not violated his probation.

We know that Julie Amero was convicted based on erroneous, and quite possibly false, testimony. Why isn't the governor saying anything? Maybe she doesn't want to admit that the schools, police and courts were all wrong.


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I agree Rick.

But, if Rell does something for one person admitting the courts and the whole "process" is majorly flawed, Pandora's Box would be opened.

All those that have been wrongly accused, falsely arrested, and wronged in Connecticut meat grinder turnstile courts would also want their cases reviewed and fixed.

The problem is just too great to be fixed internally. Judicial whistle blowers have their complaints and accusations hidden from the public and then they are retaliated against.

The Judiciary Committee Legislators are supposed to be the gate keepers. If about 2/3 are lawyers whose side are they really on?:

The problem is that in Julie Amero's case, the entire process was flawed. Somebody has to speak up.

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[click here] for Steven G. Erickson's past post on Julie Amero

What about Julie?



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