Monday, September 15, 2008

"Froth and Scum"

Rage on the Radio 1

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Michael Savage says that Autistic children are just brats with no father figure to tell these children not to act like a@#holes. I'm sure those that live with Autism would like to talk with Mr. Savage "privately".

The idea and elements of this post stolen from:

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The above picture [found here] with explanation

Up from humbug -- Froth & Scum: Truth, Beauty, Goodness, and the ax murder in America's First Mass Medium by Andie Tucher

On April 9, 1836, a prostitute named Helen Jewett was axed to death in a stylish New York City brothel; the police arrested a dry-goods clerk who had visited her that night to celebrate his nineteenth birthday. Five years later, in September 1841, a printer named Samuel Adams was bludgeoned to death and stuffed into a crate to be shipped out of town; the police arrested the brother of Samuel Colt, the inventor of the revolver These two crimes are plenty interesting in and of themselves, but for Andie Tucher, a producer at ABC News, they are even more interesting for how they were covered by the city's new penny newspapers, and for what that coverage says about American mass journalism at its very inception. For as she shows, the birth of mass media in America was the birth of all the problems and conflicts and discontents with mass media that trouble us today.

The first inexpensive, independent newspaper aimed at a large readership, the New York Sun, was founded in 1833 by Benjamin Day. Within two years Day had two prominent competitors, the New York Transcript and James Gordon Bennett's Herald. When the Jewett case broke, the three papers jumped on the story. The Sun reported that the victim was "intelligent, beautiful, and accomplished"; the Transcript, that she was "very genteel and pretty." Bennett claimed that he got in to see the body and pronounced it "as white, as full, as polished as the purest Parisian marble. The perfect figure...surpassed in every respect the Venus de Medicis." [more]



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