Thursday, September 25, 2008

How are your Homeland Security Tax Dollars spent?

You are paying police, their drug dealer thugs, and prostitutes to do this. [video]

Peter Coukos left [this message] on my voicemail after attacking me as I went from my Stafford Springs, CT, backdoor to my van assaulting me from behind, telling me that he wanted my then 14 year old daughter to get on her knees and perform oral sex on him.

This was part of the retaliation re-ignited by Connecticut State Police Confidential Informant Barbara Sattel who told me that I would lose my property, not see my daughter, and go to prison if I didn't continue to date and have sex with her. [post]

Police Informants hired to terrorize, assault, and kill citizens. [Murzin saga]

Is, or was, a 6'5 Homeland Security thug terrorizing kids in Connecticut schools. Was a 13 year old girl accused of being a lesbian by this thug for passing a note to another girl in school? [video]

I saw Connecticut State Police Colonel Thomas "The Duck" Davoren laughing, walking like a duck, and talking with officials at the Hartford Capitol last Thursday morning. I was just feet from him, and I blame him as being a major player in a conspiracy committing felonies. [more]

The People in Power have usurped the power of the people. [Eminent Domain] became the law of the land when the US Supreme Court decided to remand the case back to Connecticut. Connecticut often is the leading precedent of law in what happens in the rest of the country.

Connecticut's Constitution is being discussed. The repercussions of voting "No" on this in Connecticut in November could be another dangerous precedent to the rest of the country. [information]

Are tax dollars being used to make children fatherless? [post]

Steven G. Erickson before Connecticut Judicial, Attorney, Prosecutorial, Police, and Legislator Misconduct. [here]

Steven G. Erickson on being homeless. [here]

Keywords: Homeland Security Judiciary Attorney Prosecutorial Connecticut State Police Misconduct Fascism Brutality

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Homeland Security Style Policing:

No Accountability, Doing as They Please, Covert Retaliation against Citizens who complain, and unlimited tax dollars are given to judges, prosecutors, attorneys, and police who will cavort and align themselves with drug dealers, prostitutes, and organized crime.

Cops like these are what also taint the courts. It also hurts the economy and degrades the public trust.

It took an hour to read police officer Durgin's charges. He was arrested 3 times and there seems to be overwhelming proof of laws being broken by a Connecticut police officer. This misconduct is unbelievable and is also widespread in Connecticut and probably many other states.

The fact that there was a debate on whether an officer who breaks laws and starts a violent street gang of thugs, says the problem is immense.

This sort of public corruption goes to top levels in Connecticut. [more]

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[click here] for:

HPD Officer Robert Lawlor, "The Teflon Badge"

The "Teflon Badge", Hartford Connecticut Police Officer, Robert Lawlor

White Connecticut Police Officer Scott Smith stood on a Black Suspects back firing near his boot while standing on him. That is an execution style murder. Smith's prosecution was purposely botched to allow Smith to skate as he got a year SUSPENDED sentence for murder.

Will Lawlor get the same for shooting 3 Blacks in the back in 2 incidents. Will Lawlor also get a slap on the wrist for murder? [previous post]


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