Sunday, September 07, 2008

Liars needed for top positions in Connecticut

"F" the taxpayers, lie, cheat, steal, commit forgery and perjury, get others fired, and even railroad anyone on a whim to prison.

Anything goes if you're an official, police officer, judge, prosecutor, organized crime figure with friends in the right places, AND especially if you are a lawyer in Connecticut who doesn't break ranks with the "Legal Mafia" made up of lawyers, prosecutors, judges, and legislating lawyers who we the people are fool enough to elect into positions overseeing other lawyers and Connecticut's Kangaroo Courts.

Lie and get caught, and if you're a lawyer heading an ethics committee in Connecticut, you won't lose your job, nothing will happen, and you keep collecting outrageous pay all at taxpayers' expense. Attorney Maureen Duggan, DCF staff attorney and "Big Fat Liar"[story]

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Attorney Michael H. Agranoff

The biggest, lying, incompetent, weasel lawyer ever?

Michael H. Agranoff of the Stafford Springs and Ellington Connecticut area might fit the bill. He claims to be the "DCF Specialist", claiming to actually help families and children against DCF. He lies like he IS DCF. Others claim he promises the world, just pretends to work, racks up hours, pisses everyone off, and then lies and weasel around to cover up his incompetence and dishonesty.

My Complaint [more] about Michael H. Agranoff sent to the Attorney General Blumenthal. Link contains my docket #. Was Judge Jonathan Kaplan of Rockville Superior Court complicit in helping shield police from being sued for civil rights violations and being suspended for police misconduct?

Feel free to ask Agranoff about this post, his email:


The Connecticut State Police "No Dating Service", if you refuse to date an officer, one of their family or friends, they can threaten you with the "No dating" policy. Your dates will be pulled over, threatened out of dating you, maybe even sexually assaulted by officers, and if you continue not to agree to have sex or have a relationship with an officer or one of their friends or family, you can lose your kids, your home, your job, and be whisked off to prison, railroaded on Connecticut State Trooper perjury. I was, [story]

Barbara S. Sattel, a police confidential informant told me she could see to it that I could get a good citizenship award and have my name printed in the paper, or if I didn't date her, I would have my daughter taken away, lose my house, and be put in prison. She acted out on her threat. [her picture and story]. My picture and of my former European lingerie model wife BEFORE the Connecticut retaliation. [here]

Connecticut State Troopers will protect prostitutes no matter how drug ridden or ugly. They're good in a "pinch" and will help with their false police reports.

If you propose Civilian Oversight of Police to elected officials, or write stuff in newspapers Connecticut State Police don't like, maybe they can have a crack cocaine smoking, prostitute loving, bi-polar alcoholic threaten to kill your daughter and assault you for helping allegedly him get a pistol permit. Peter Coukos leaves a message on my voicemail about killing my then 14 year old who he told me that he wanted her to get on her knees and blow him. A typical Peter Coukos message left on my answering machine:

Don Christmas, Enfield, CT, Landlord tells about the cops love for prostitutes and going after home and business owners that get in the way of prostitution, drug dealing, breaking and entering, vandalism etc [video]

Taxpayers pay Connecticut State Registered Police Confidential Informants to break laws, deal drugs, do drive by shootings, kill people, set people up, terrorize, and beat people. [audio interview].

Ex-wife of a Connecticut Police Officer talks about police officers being too drunk and high to return to HQ with the cruisers, handing out baggies of marijuana while getting drunk in bars with female DCF workers. [audio interview]

A law class on why you shouldn't talk to police and plead the 5th, almost always, almost under any circumstances, [these videos] should educate you.

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