Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Something to believe in

"Something to believe in", is, I believe, a title to, or lyrics to, a Poison song. Everybody has to have something to believe in.

Today there is a task force meeting in Hartford, Connecticut, starting at 3 PM on the subject of Fatherlessness.

Ritt Goldstein back in Dec. 1996 was the chief organizer, having international experts and victims of Connecticut police misconduct testify at a special Judiciary Legislative Committee Hearing on the subject, and need for, Civilian Oversight of Police. Ritt soon fled the US seeking political asylum after making [this video] of those hearings.

I have a friend from somewhere out in the middle of the US who has drafted legislation that will bolster the Grand Jury system, if passed. He fears for his life and liberty just for drafting this bill. It will hold all officials accountable to "We the People" when there is wrongdoing, when there is the breaking of laws, gross lapses in ethics, and when those who are paid with our tax dollars abuse our US Constitutional rights.

Everyone from the US President down to an unqualified, lying Connecticut DCF (Department of Children and Families) worker, shouldn't have some sort of immunity from prosecution and being sued. Presidents who have blanket and/or sovereign immunity can be no more than just glorified drug lords. [videos]

Lawyers make up about 2/3 of the Connecticut Judiciary Legislative Committee. My thoughts on lawyers [here]. Lawyers make more money if cases are drawn out in years, if the system is an unfair bureaucracy, and if there are splitting up of families for more divorce case work, fighting over the custody of children, and if parents lose their rights to even see their own children.

So, why do we elect those who will profit from harming us, lawyers?

Why would lawyers want to legislate immunity for themselves in cases where children are involved? Is even a lawyer molesting a child not prosecutable if the lawyer is somehow involved in a legal case with that child?

Why should there be unlimited domestic spying on citizens? DCF and Homeland Security can tap our phones at will, fish around inside our computers, enter our homes, and even covertly ruin our lives, just because we are outspoken about governmental abuses and public corruption.

My "Something" to believe in:

Cases involving children and divorce can be "sealed". So, whatever dastardly acts that are perpetrated on families and children by lawyers, prosecutors, judges, DCF, police, mental health, and other authorities is kept secret from the public.

Connecticut Chief Justice William J. Sullivan was involved in a scandal where he was legislating from the bench trying to bypass the legislators to get his own choice in to succeed him as Chief Justice. Instead of having the judge equivalent of being disbarred and having his pension revoked, he got a lame 2 week suspension. The Connecticut Judicial Branch seems to be run like an organized crime syndicate ripe with case rigging, bid rigging, obstruction of justice, racketeering, and the retaliation against internal whistle blowers and citizens deemed to have "Big Mouths".

The Connecticut State Police want [this] covered up. DCF is the torture tool of choice when police officers want to retaliate against other officers when they face discipline for police misconduct, and when good police officers have evidence against the bad ones.

My friend's Grand Jury proposed legislation will help prevent all the above mentioned problems with the system and much more from occurring so often in the future.

I, also, fear being falsely arrested again, and ending up as a political prisoner again in Connecticut, just for trying to redress grievances to elected officials, something that is supposedly protected under the US Constitution, the First Amendment.

-Steven G. Erickson

* * * *

[click here] for:
Connecticut Constitution Convention Campaign
there needs to be work done on the Connecticut Constitution [website]

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The Grand Jury System explained, and the reasons we need one with teeth:

Did this blogger, Steven G. Erickson, and Elena Sassower, take down NY Gov Spitzer with [this video] shot this past January, causing his financial life to be under investigation?

Elena Sassower's website:

Will [these] Connecticut Judicial Branch whistle blowers cause the branch to be investigated for case rigging, court cleaning service bid rigging, destroying, manufacturing, and altering evidence, breaking rules, nepotism, racketeering, obstruction of justice, and running an organized crime organization with Judicial Managers and Judges acting as Mafia Dons?

Scroll down in [this link] for link at bottom for the text I sent to former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland meant to be the first letter laid on his federal prison bunk for him to read. Warning: I wasn't very nice to him in that letter.

I enjoyed [this spoof], called, "Senator Lou 'Godfather' DeLuca" revealing the real problem of Connecticut legislators and their Mob ties running the show and bilking taxpayers.

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