Thursday, September 11, 2008

Taking Back American Freedom and Rights

The Private Attorney General Bill, if passed, will be a start to take back what was so dastardly taken from us, September 11, 2001, by national traitors currently in charge.

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Congressman Keith Ellison is helping sponsor the bill.

Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison speaks out at the Free Press, National Conference for Media Reform NCMR June 6 - 8 Event at the Minneapolis Convention Center:

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US Judicial Branch and Judiciary's Public Corruption "Deep Throat"

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I believe I would never had reason to make the below video if there was Private Attorney General legislation passed and used. Our US Grand Jury System needs to be what our forefathers intended. It will be, if you average citizens out there seeing this post contact your Congresspersons and US Senators. Why don't you find out what Congressman Keith Ellison is bring to other Congresspersons and to US Senators?

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Grand Jury System explained


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I commend Congressman Keith Ellison on his energies to eliminate judicial corruption in Minnesota by sponsoring this Bill- a Private Attorney General Bill may be the only way this writer and so may other victims of the courts in this country may have their cases heard.

Thursday, September 11, 2008 1:44:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Text of Video sent to US Judiciary Committee Legislators:

---------------------VIDEO TRANSCRIPT FOLLOWS-------------------------------------------

The following is a video transcript which omits the name of the CONFIDENTIAL VICTIM because his life has been threatened on numerous occasions by offending judges [31 of them in four judicial districts] - CONFIDENTIAL VICTIM has filed with the House and Senate Judiciary Committees a Private Attorney General Bill which will hopefully cure 28 years of judicial corruption and return hundreds of millions of dollars embezzled from CONFIDENTIAL VICTIM by such offending judges.

“Good afternoon:

My name is CONFIDENTIAL VICTIM and I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The purpose of this video is to expand upon matters of judicial corruption recently reported to Congressman Keith Ellison, and why such matters of corruption have continued to victimize tens of thousands of citizens of our country. This video is not for public dissemination. It is for the eyes and ears of members of the US House and Senate Judiciary Committees and others I deem appropriate. This is Sunday, June 8, 2008 and I am being televised this day from the Minneapolis Convention Center at which I attended a 3 day Nat’l Conference for Media Reform. During this conference, I had the pleasure of meeting with various influential members of the media as well as with Fifth District US Congressman Keith Ellison- in my meeting with the Congressman, my comments to him and all those who attended this panel conference hosted by the congressman were as follows:

Judicial corruption continues to flood our national media and such corruption is particularly rampant here in the State of Minnesota- as a citizen of this state, I find this morally repugnant, as I hope you do.

I have two questions:

1. What is the House Judiciary Committee on which you serve and Chairman Conyers in particular doing to address and achieve remedies to such continued and thus far tolerated judicial corruption?, and

2. Is there an effective way of communicating such corruption to you, for as you perhaps are aware, it is difficult at best getting through congressional staffers/gatekeepers?

Keith appeared surprised yet concerned with this report responding to me by saying that in his experience, there have been few if any matters of judicial corruption brought to his attention and to the House Judiciary Committee on which he serves, whereupon and in rebuttal to his comments, I advised him that there were several reasons for this non-publicity:

-first, getting the ear of legislators such as himself was difficult if not impossible because congressional staffers/gatekeepers etc with few exceptions if any fail or refuse to carry stories of judicial corruption to their superiors; that is, the congressmen, senators who can do something about it, and

-secondly, numerous victims of the courts were often reluctant to “blow the whistle” on such corruption for fear of their lives or liberty.

Keith responded to this by assuring me that such messages of corruption would not remain unheard and told me to send evidence of such corruption to him by and through his District Director Brian Elliott and just yesterday, Saturday, June 7, I sent Brian and his colleague Lara Cole the following email which I am hopeful Keith and his staff will promptly act upon- that email reads as follows:

“Lara, Brian- enclosed herewith are a number of emails and links to documents which speak to matters of judicial corruption which I brought to the attention of Rep Ellison yesterday- kindly print out all relevant documents and forward on to Keith for me- I appreciate the courtesies of the Congressman and his staff- the objective is to schedule a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee for administrative relief. I am also in the process of drafting a Private Attorney General Bill which I would ask Keith to sponsor. So Keith is additionally apprised, in a April, 2006 visit to Washington, I furnished Rep Henry Hyde with over 200 pages of documents on said judicial corruption which Hyde forwarded on to Reps Sensenbrenner and Smith which led ostensibly to HR 5219 which passed by a 20-6 party line vote, but was never enacted because the legislative session had gone to closure --it was subsequently reintroduced by Sensenbrenner as HR 785 and right now, said Bill as I understand is before the House Subcommittee on the Courts [status unknown]. In short, said Bills never resolved anything which is why I'd like Keith to take the ball and run with it. Thank you”.

Those who today are convened to view this video are advised that there have been hundreds of letters written by myself and government officials to produce remedies but that the overall net result has been a 14 year protracted failure or refusal of Minnesota State Governors [Carlson, Ventura, Pawlenty], their Attorneys General, numerous state representatives like Minnesota Congressman Dan Severson, multi-state US Attorneys, plus many US Congressional members to remedy. Over the years of living through this “kafkaesque”, hundreds of thousands have been similarly victimized by the courts where there has been no judicial relief available because those we elect into office are content to accept judicial corruption as a way of life. There is a preponderance of “bad judges” out there as I was advised at my meeting with the Minneapolis FBI in December of 2001, all arranged by US Senator Mark Dayton. At that meeting, two Special Agents of the Minneapolis FBI advised us that there are many “bad judges” in the Minnesota District and I drew virtually all of them where after they advised us that they [the FBI] don’t prosecute “bad judges”. Instead, the FBI suggested that I sue in Minnesota US District Court all of the parties and judges involved in this multi-state embezzlement scheme orchestrated by the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office and its counterpart in Larimer County, Colorado, all driven by perjured probable cause affidavits by my ex-wife [ex-wife unnamed], the Hennepin County, Minnesota and Larimer County, Colorado District Attorneys and various state and federal bankruptcy judges, and after 6 months of badgering the Minnesota US District Court’s Chief Judge, I finally got such cases docketed and once docketed, 4 of the 5 were summarily dismissed by another judge without even looking at the evidence earlier reviewed and validated as a swindle by the Minneapolis FBI, Senator Wellstone, Senator Dayton, and Congressman Lamar Smith. The fifth case was left open so that the defendants and the judges who were part of this swindle could embezzle millions of dollars from me and my deceased brother, and then continue prosecuting me as a Plaintiff to keep me from a jury- they even sent armed federal agents to my home to “strongly suggest” that I drop this case- this was so stressful that I suffered a massive hemorrhagic stroke in May of 2005 which nearly killed me. Even after I tried to drop the case to spare my life as the US Marshals had suggested, the presiding judge wouldn’t allow it so the court could continue terrorizing me which it did. In May of 2007, the presiding judge sent fully armed one US Marshal, one FBI, and two Secret Service to our home who nearly broke our front door in. We had no choice but to let them in as my wife was convinced that they had been sent there to kill us. We live in constant daily fear for our lives. The three (3) federal bankruptcy judges and the presiding Minnesota US District Court judge were all aware that a bankruptcy debtor had fraudulently declared my property and money on her bankruptcy schedules and, notwithstanding that knowledge, allowed such property and money to be discharged via the bankruptcy courts to her creditors, even after the bankruptcy debtor confessed to declaring my property as her own. Whether or not related to my case, petitioner understands that two of the three bankruptcy judges who embezzled my property and money, are being criminally investigated by the Department of Justice at the time of this writing.

In a February 21, 2008 letter to Lamar Smith, House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member, I recounted for the congressman much of what he already knew involving various actions brought by me against numerous private and public parties including the United States of America under the Federal Tort Claims Act [2] and claims subsequently invoiced and forwarded to Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson who ignored same, and finally, a more recent request of Smith to sponsor a Private Attorney General Bill to be heard by the House Judiciary Committee, pursuant to 28 U.S.C. §§ 1492 and 2509, to the chief judge of the United States Court of Federal Claims.

[2] The Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA), 28 U.S.C. §§ 1346(b), 2671-2680, as you know, is the statute by which the United States petitionerizes tort suits to be brought against itself. As a result of the common law doctrine of sovereign immunity, "the United States cannot be sued without its consent." Congress alone has the power to waive or qualify that immunity." In 1946, by enacting the FTCA, Congress waived sovereign immunity for some tort suits, which does include suits brought against federal employees including judges known to have breached the canons to which they are required to lawfully abide.

Lamar is personally keenly aware of the circumstances reported to he and much earlier to Senator Wellstone beginning in 2000 and later to US Senator Mark Dayton [D-Minnesota] in re a decade+ effort on my part to restore money and property owned by me and my deceased brother and unlawfully taken from me by and through various state and federal trial and appellate courts. I originally brought this matter to Congressman Smith’s attention at the recommendation of Senator Dayton [Wellstone before him] to seek congressional redress where after, as then chair of the House Subcommittee on the Courts, he [Lamar] referred my case to various criminal investigatory agencies for remedy, where each and every demand of his to investigate fell on the deaf ear of each and every criminal investigatory agency he referred it to. He referred such matters to the Executive Office for US Trustees, the Criminal Division of the Civil Rights Division at Department of Justice, the Inspector General's office after he became aware of a meeting held at the behest of Dayton with the Minneapolis FBI in December of 2001, at which time we were apprised by two FBI Special Agents that the FBI doesn't investigate corrupt judges, yet the FBI counseled me to sue all parties including the judges who of course have continued to enjoy immunity granted unto them by the Judicial Act of 1980. Later reports showed that this problem had spread to Colorado, New York and Columbia districts, and one Denver US Magistrate [assigned to petitioner’s case in the Denver US District court] has already advised several other victims of his that they [pro se plaintiffs] simply cannot win in the Colorado District and that included the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, even if the courts were inclined to allow a hearing or a trial on the merits. Chief Judge Edith Jones of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has already gone on the record for having indicted those within her circuit stating that the "American Judicial System is Corrupt beyond Recognition". Attorney General Ashcroft earlier reported that our courts are "part of a national crime ring". Both articles were furnished Lamar and more recently this past weekend Keith Ellison, and other congressional members in an attempt to promote one or more congressional hearings to offer administrative relief in lieu of judicial relief by and through an already recognized "broken branch of government". Such unchecked and tolerated corruption embezzled millions in money and property from me and my deceased brother [I am his California court-appointed death estate administrator], it sent me to multiple emergency rooms to treat a massive hemorrhagic stroke caused by all of this stress. it sent me to jail for a crime I didn't commit in both Colorado and Minnesota, and then falsely found me in contempt so they could send me to jail for asking to have my property and money returned and as an impediment to advance the lawsuit I brought before the offending parties and judges at the suggestion of the Minneapolis FBI. Such led to the near taking of my life especially after my home was visited on May 4, 2007 by US Marshals, the FBI, and the 2 Secret Service, all armed. My wife and I were horrified and were convinced that they had been sent to our home to kill us while I was resting in bed in the aftermath of my stroke. I was subsequently advised by a colleague that one of the judges who presided over my case has patterned behavior of using such force to "scare off" litigants by using the US Marshals Service, the FBI and the Secret Service as its personal "gestapo". This led to a complicated recovery after having suffered a massive hemorrhagic stroke in May of 2005 which nearly took my life, and, at the time of this writing, I am under existing orders by the Minnesota US District Court [no trial or evidentiary hearing was ever allowed in one of five (5) separate actions brought to the court at the recommendation of the Minneapolis FBI] not to discuss this matter with any criminal investigator, and many have come to me with questions which I simply cannot answer because I fear the wrath of this judge and I certainly don’t want to be “gunned down” by a federal agent for asking to have my property and money returned.

All of this including a preponderance of the evidence was furnished Keith Ausbrook in January of 2007 as it was Rep Henry Hyde and his staff [Stratman, Mooney et al] during my visit to Washington in April of 2006 which he [Hyde] subsequently turned over to Reps Smith and Sensenbrenner which gave birth to HR 5219 and thereafter HR 785 and a companion Senate Bill S461. It was on this January, 2007 visit, that a colleague and I met with Lamar to remind him of the problems inherent in the Minnesota district which were exhaustively documented by Keith Ausbrook quite some time ago, intimately known to Rep Lamar Smith and Rep Bobby Scott, now the chair of the House Subcommittee on Crime.

So you are additionally apprised, many of your congressional colleagues and their respective staffs have been recently contacted in re this national crisis [Rep Conyers and his staff member Burt Wides, Rep Chris Cannon of Utah, Rep Bobby Scott of Virginia and his chief counsel Bobby Vassar, Florida US Senator Nelson, Iowa US Senator Grassley, Vermont US Senator Leahy] which unfortunately cannot be fixed by installing an IG specifically for the judiciary. So we are clear, this is not a request to accelerate passage of either HR 785 or S461, since neither Bill would in our view fix this national crisis, according to numerous informed sources including my recent and informative discussions with legal scholars Ron Rotunda, Art Hellman, and Charles Geyh.

Thank you for taking your time to review this video and please do get back to me with a plan of action to effectuate remedies. I am prepared and eminently qualified to appear before the House or Senate Judiciary Committees or any other appropriate subcommittees as House and Senate Judiciary Committee chairs may deem appropriate.

Keith Ellison and his staff have all appropriate contact information. Thank you for your time this day”.

--------------------- END OF VIDEO TRANSCRIPT -------------------------------------------

Sunday, September 14, 2008 12:59:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

S. ______ 110th CONGRESS
Second Session
To amend title 28, United States Code, to provide a Special Grand Jury for the judicial branch, and for other purposes.

August 14, 2008
Mr. Grassley introduced the following bill, which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary________________________________________


To amend title 28, United States Code, to provide a Special Grand Jury for the judicial branch, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


This Act may be cited as the “Judicial Relief Act of 2008”.


(a) Creation and Duties- Part III of title 28, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end the following:

1021. Establishment.
1022. Appointment, term, and removal of Special Grand Jury.
1023. Duties.
1024. Powers.
1025. Reports.
1026. Whistleblower protection.

Thursday, October 09, 2008 1:39:00 PM  
Blogger nootkabear said...

The corruption within the judicial system has run rampant. We live in DeKalb County Georgia, part of Stone Mountain Judicial System.
It is a nightmare. Even the most simple, cut and dry lawsuit turn into a fiasco.
So, what do we do? We decided that US District Court would be a better route. Of course, we got stuck in front of the same federal judge we always get stuck with, Judge William S. Duffey, Jr. We should have withdrawn the case.

What has happened to The United States? Has the judicial system always been so corrupt?

Yes, I have been looking at the Private Attorney General and it does need strengthening.

One case we had before Judge Duffey, we Petitioned the Court to go before the Federal Grand Jury with our evidence. Of course he denied us. But damn it, when the criminals are police, judges, etc. how do you get law enforcement to do anything?

There has to be something we can do. I will be posting "our story" here. It is very long, and part way through, caused the death of our beloved elderly incompetent aunt who had been taken through fraud in front of DeKalb County Probate Court Clerk Jeryl Rosh.
Yes, the same Jeryl Rosh that has an article about. Rosh, two years after our ordeal began, was elected Judge of Probate Court.

Sunday, November 02, 2008 9:55:00 PM  
Blogger nootkabear said...

I have been seeing a lot of information about private attorney generals of late.

How does one go about becoming a private attorney general?

Monday, November 03, 2008 1:43:00 AM  

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