Tuesday, October 28, 2008

1st Amendment Illegal in NYC?

I had never heard of "Reverend Billy" before. I am not one to give almost any preachers, preaching, any of my time.

But, I found this below video, pretty funny, and pretty scary, at the same time. I looked up "Reverend Billy" after seeing him in Brattleboro, Vermont, 10-25-08, at a protest and jubilee, protesting War and Nuclear Power. Something, as someone who would have run as selectman as a Republican, in a town in Connecticut, where I used to own rental properties, would never even consider considering.

Reverend Billy 2007 NYC

Reverend Billy gets arrested after reciting the First Amendment, there are rules against public assembly and having a contrary opinion in New York City. Believing that the US Constitution protects you and your rights is "contrary".

Reverend Billy, more than welcome, in Brattleboro, Vermont 10-25-08

Above video shot by Steven G. Erickson

[click here] for more happenings in Brattleboro, Vermont, 10-25-2008

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I loved being down in New Orleans and Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina working as an insurance adjuster. At least one resident of Louisiana doesn't like my current activities posting this in a forum:

Candidate for Central...send "the wagon" for pickup
[found here]

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I used to get 5000 to 10,000 hits a day on my posts and thought nothing of it. I used to have somewhat of a semi-celebrity status just for blogging back early in this decade. I have a re-post of a letter that most of the government of Connecticut and probably handlers in the White House have read. [re-posted here]

Where in the US is it possible to get actual justice?

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You would have never seen me blogging and having become a political activist, had I not been convicted of "overreacting to being mugged" by using pepper spray. The jury in my case was rigged, as [this VHS tape] instructed them how to find me guilty, with nothing explained about reasonable double or innocence. The mugger, a violent felon, convicted burglar, was given immunity for attacking me on my property during a robbery attempt, because I was vocal in newspapers about police misconduct, had proposed laws to make police more small business and homeowner friendly in downtown areas, and to make the courts more accessible to all citizens.

Without a record, I was sentenced to a year in a prison for resisting being beaten up and mugged in my own driveway, coming home to a dark driveway after working about 16 hours. The mugger had been leaving deaths threats on my voicemail, telling my tenants he'd kill me when I got home, and he was looking to cause trouble. I got prison, the felon wasn't punished!


[video explaining my plight]


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