Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bush's impending prosecution?

If US President George W. Bush doesn't declare Martial Law to stay in power to avoid prosecution, would he flee to the 100,000 acres his daughter covertly bought in Paraguay? Paraguay has no extradition treaty with the US. [more on this theme].

If the Private Attorney General bill [info] was law, could the people act to prosecute Bush themselves?

[click here] for "Campaigning to Prosecute Bush for Murder"

* * * *

Paraguay embassy and consulate [information here]

Email sent to paraguay@bellsouth.net

To whom it may concern at the Paraguay Consulate and/or Embassy,

If George W. Bush is at any time in Paraguay would you allow him to be extradited to a world court to be prosecuted for War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity, etc?

Just curious, please get back to me?
Thank you,
Steven G. Erickson

* * * *

International Court of Justice
, The Hague

Telephone: (+31) (0)70 302 23 23
Telefax: (+31) (0)70 364 99 28

E-mail : Click here.

Text of email that I sent:

To whom it may concern,
If George W. Bush is at any time, vacationing, visiting, or living in Paraguay, South America, would Bush be under the jurisdiction of the World Court to prosecute George W. Bush and his co-conspirators for War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity, etc?

Please get back to me with an answer,
-Steven G. Erickson

* * * *


Those that got "mouthy" about the real powers in government or were internal whistleblowers about police, court, official, and attorney corruption could be just led to the nearest tree and lynched. In modern times we have "scragging", and the pain and suffering lasts longer and you never know who or why, you just know you've been scragged. [more]


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