Monday, October 13, 2008

Connecticut Court Rules in Favor of Gay Marriage

Chion Wolf photo
Plaintiffs Elizabeth Kerrigan and Joanne Mock pictured

The Court’s 4-3 decision was issued Friday morning. The decision overturned a lower- court ruling in the case brought by the eight couples, including lead plaintiffs Beth Kerrigan and Jody Mock (pictured).

Couples will probably be able to go their town halls and be legally married by some time in early to mid November, predicted Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. The way the process works: Friday’s Supreme Court decision now goes back to Superior Court on Oct. 28, the ruling’s effective date. At that point the Superior Court must issue a judgment implementing the decision. It can happen immediately, or it can take a week or so.

The majority in the case, titled Kerrigan v. Connecticut Department of Public Health, made the link to one-time ban on interracial marriage. They also said that civil unions, the current legal option for gay couples in Connecticut, are not an equal substitute for marriage. Click here and here for previous stories on why couples advocating for marriage rights found civil unions inadequate. [more from CT News Junkie]

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Real Reasons to Amend the Connecticut Constitution [found here]

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The United States AND Connecticut need to pass a Federal, and State version of the Private Attorney General bill into law, giving us back our rights and our people power by bolstering the Grand Jury System. [more information].

There would not be so much Connecticut State Police misconduct, judicial abuse, and US Public Corruption with a Private Attorney General law in place. An independent Grand Jury could accept tips in any form, vote to have a private investigation, indictment, and trial, where there is actual punishments for White Collar Crimes, Public Corruption, and Crimes against Humanity. Officials from George W. Bush on down should respect the law and FEAR prosecution for wrongdoing.

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[my thoughts on the Connecticut Judicial Branch and Judiciary Committee Legislators]

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[click here] for:

DCF and Connecticut's Official Whore House


Kristine D. Ragaglia

Ragaglia Admits Taking Gifts Connecticut Official Who Admitted Taking Lavish Gifts Now Holds State Job Investigating Government Fraud
8:50 AM EDT, May 1, 2006 Associated Press Exclusive

NEW HAVEN, Conn. -- A state official who helped send former Gov. John G. Rowland to prison in a corruption case told a federal grand jury that she received many of the same expensive hotel getaways, lavish dinners and limousine rides that were used to bribe the governor's office. [more]

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This is how all 3 of Connecticut Branches of Government STILL work:

As part of his guilty plea, Rowland admitted taking $91,494 in benefits from Key Air for free travel between April 1999 and November 2000. In 2002, at the urging of Rowland's office, state legislators approved a retroactive tax-exemption for Key Air, according to the plea bargain agreement Rowland signed in December. A legislative analysis said the tax break was worth $800,000 immediately and $200,000 a year thereafter.

DeRosa and other witnesses also confirmed for investigators reports that Rowland received money from his gambling pals, sources said. Wealthy friends of Rowland routinely left thousands of dollars in cash for him at the conclusion of card games, some at the governor's mansion in Hartford.

The Courant reported in April that some of Rowland's poker buddies had been subpoenaed by the federal grand jury looking into corruption in state government; according to sources, the players left "significant" sums of money on the card table after play had ended.

[the above found here]

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Popular the last month:

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Top of Stark Raving Viking blog page [here]

The Grand Jury System, and why we need one [explained in this video]

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Eminent Domain became national precedent because a case was decided in Connecticut Courts, it went to the US Supreme Court and they sent it back to Connecticut courts to decide. Look to Connecticut for trends that sweep the US, like Eminent Domain:

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Judges should follow rules and laws, Judges shouldn't be Judging Judges legislating from the bench, abusing us all:

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US Marine Stephen Murzin was stabbed 13 times, wakes up in the hospital alive, and police, prosecutors, the attorney Mafia, and judges in Connecticut believe Murzin should be arrested and spend 6 months in prison for the offense of causing a disturbance while being stabbed. The same crew of miscreant judges, prosecutors, police, and their attorney Mafia felt that the felon on probation, David J. Taylor, should not be violated on probation for having stabbed and nearly killed 3 people! [videos and more]

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Ritt Goldstein assembled international experts on Civilian Oversight of Police and victims of Police Misconduct in the State of Connecticut. The Connecticut Judiciary Committee Legislators at the LOB Hartford Capitol had official hearing. Ritt Goldstein was then so terrorized by Connecticut Police he fled to Sweden seeking political asylum after making [this video].


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Share this post with your legislators asking them to check out the links. There should be a Private Attorney law passed.

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