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The Connecticut State Trooper Gene Pool?

[click here] for the New York State Police Internal Affairs 168 page official report on Connecticut State Police misconduct

[Connecticut State Police official webpage]

Their email:

Connecticut State Police, Troop C, Ellington, Stafford, Somers, Tolland phone number:
(860) 896-3222

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Is there still "Gay Bashing" going on within the ranks of the Connecticut State Police?
[post on that subject]

Will Connecticut Representative Michael P. Lawlor and State Senator Michael J. McDonald get together on the subject of "Gay Bashing"? [more]

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Was the "Domestic Spying" and "Computer hacking" department of the Connecticut State Police instrumental in International Espionage seeing that a citizen of London in the UK, had her computer hacked into by operatives in Connecticut, so that she would be stormed by troopers, have her kids taken away, and hauled off to a mental hospital for having exposed Lyme Disease fraud in testing and treatment by Yale University and US Big Pharma? [post]

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My reasons for posting the above:

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

168 page report on CT State Police

I lost this:
[click here] for post that goes with the Vette

Dear Legislators,

there was a 168 page report on absolute police misconduct and a code of illegal behavior of the Connecticut State Police.

The "100 Club" was a game of false arrests for DUI to rack up the numbers.

Col. Lynch fixed cases. Former Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada was a virtual Hitler/Mafia Don.

There have not been arrests of police officers and citizens that have been abused by police haven't been addressed. The courts and police in Connecticut are creating a State of Fear. Members of the Judiciary and police fear that doing the right thing and breaking ranks will end their lives as they once knew it.

There is blanket retaliation.

If you legislators don't act, a bad situation will only get worse.

Are you willing to address helping the people recover from Connecticut's official abuse of citizens and act to prevent scores of future victims?

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson

* * * *

MERIDEN (Connecticut) -- The list of witnesses former state police Maj. Greg Senick plans to call in his defense includes dignitaries one might expect to see at a high-powered political event, not a criminal trial for larceny.

Gov. M. Jodi Rell and her chief of staff, M. Lisa Moody, made the list. So did Chief State's Attorney Christopher Morano; Public Works Commissioner James Fleming; Fleming's attorney, Anna Faceto; and H. Ross Garber, counsel to former Gov. John Rowland.

Several former top state police officials, including former Commissioner Arthur Spada and former Col. Timothy Barry, also may be called. Testimony in the trial is set to begin today in Superior Court in Meriden.

Senick, 49, is accused of defrauding the state and conspiring to bill the state $10,321 for work on a house at the former Altobello property where, under the terms of a state lease, he lived for $150 a month.

So why would Senick's attorney, James Wade, call the governor and other top state officials for his defense? According to documents filed in the case, Wade may be trying to show that Senick was not a greedy state employee, as prosecutors will try to prove, but that he was used as a political football by Rell in the days after she became governor, and by Morano. [more]

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Drunk, Wrong Way Driving Connecticut State Police Sergeant

A state police sergeant who crashed his department vehicle into a tour bus on the Massachusetts Turnpike this month has had his police powers suspended after he was charged in the incident by state police in Westfield, Mass.

Sgt. Daniel Herman, 46, of East Hartland, was given a summons by Massachusetts State Police for operating to endanger, wrong way driving, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, police said. He is scheduled to appear in Superior Court in Westfield today for a hearing to determine whether he will be tried on those charges, police said.

Police are still investigating how the crash occurred, including whether it was done intentionally.


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It is rumored, yet another White Connecticut Police Officer, will get his case fixed, to either not get prosecuted, or have his court case botched, so he'll skate on appeal for executing Blacks, shooting them in the back.

[click here] for:

HPD Officer Robert Lawlor, "The Teflon Badge"

The "Teflon Badge", Hartford Connecticut Police Officer, Robert Lawlor

[click here] for:

Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell with a Buzz On?

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Madison officials have fired a second police officer who was caught up in an internal affairs investigation into misconduct, including allegations of encounters with prostitutes.

Police commissioners voted 5-0 Friday to fire Officer Bernard Durgin, 39, who is one of four town officers accused of consorting with prostitutes dozens of times over the course of a year while on duty.

"This commission is absolutely committed to zero tolerance of any nefarious behavior," said Emile Geisenheimer, head of the police commission. "No one is exempt."

Durgin was the subject of four separate internal investigations, yielding over 50 administrative charges against him, Geisenheimer said, including conduct unbecoming an officer and violating his oath of office. He was also accused of meeting with convicted felons and helping establish a motorcycle gang.

A message asking for comment was left at Durgin's home Friday night.

Durgin has been arrested in recent months on various criminal charges, including workers' compensation fraud and using police computers to track down information on his ex-wife and other women while he was working a private duty job.

He also was charged with witness tampering and intimidation after police say he tried to stop witnesses from cooperating with an internal investigation against him.

They were looking into an August confrontation Durgin had with New Haven police outside a Temple Street bar on a night he had called in sick.

[click here for more]

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What happens to a Connecticut Police Officer, if he is White, Male, and decides to go on the rampage?:


Biehn, apparently drunk and enraged about a dispute with his wife's ex-husband, was accused of going to the Marina Village housing complex in the early hours of Aug. 23, 2004, with a loaded gun, intending to take out his anger on minority residents there.

The decorated police officer and Army veteran began at the home of Paula Valle, whose son Biehn had previously arrested.

On May 18, a Superior Court jury found Biehn, 31, not guilty of three counts of attempted murder, three counts of attempted first-degree assault, two counts of first-degree reckless endangerment and two counts of second-degree reckless endangerment.

The jury found him guilty of one count of first-degree reckless endangerment — for leaving a gun where children could find it. He was sentenced to a suspended one-year prison sentence with three years probation.

[click here for more]

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Ex-wife of a Connecticut police officer lets loose about her husband hanging out drunk in bars with female DCF workers handing out baggies of marijuana, being to drunk to return the cruiser for the next shift, etc:

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Still a police officer, it is ok for a police officer in Connecticut to get drunk, smash into a car, leave the scene, and then allegedly to hide an underage prostitute in his car.

Excerpt: WINDSOR -- An Enfield police officer was charged with evading responsibility after he drove into a parked car here and left the scene of the accident, police said Wednesday.

Patrol officer Timothy Vergean, a member of the Enfield Police Department since 1998, faces up to a year in prison and up to a $600 fine if convicted on the charge, Capt. Thomas LePore said. [click here for past Stark Raving Viking post]
note: links no longer work in post

Donny Christmas talks about Officer Vergean, still on the force, and his 14 year old prostitute girlfriend:

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[click here] for:

”Lick it, or Ticket!”

Diclaimer: Most police officers do their jobs and are honorable. The bad ones put a stain on all. Too many good cops are silent when the bad ones do as they please. Obviously almost all women won't be coerced into sex to get out of a ticket, drug possession or a DUI arrest might be another story.

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

A Lawyer who pisses off cops and judges has a short shelf life

Lawyers who actually defend their clients or know to much can lose their law license, freedom, families, and maybe even their lives, especially in Connecticut.

Disbarred Lawyer Involved In Crash Brewer Charged With Infractions


* * * *

The last time more than two dozen Hartford police officers stood in Superior Court in Hartford to support a fellow officer accused of committing a crime, Robert Murtha was accused of shooting at a suspect.

On Wednesday, Murtha and a throng of other officers dressed mostly in plainclothes stood along the same brick wall, in support of Det. Nathaniel Ortiz who stands accused of tampering with evidence in an undercover drug case.

Through his lawyer Michael Georgetti, Ortiz, 31, of New Britain, stated his innocence. The charge, of tampering with or fabricating evidence, stems from allegations lodged by Hartford Police Department internal affairs investigators that Ortiz and Sgt. Franco Sanzo did not have probable cause when they applied for a search warrant to raid the home of Raynette Woodard on Sept. 2.

Ortiz has been on the police force for nine years and has served in the narcotics division for three years.

The search warrant application and a subsequent prosecutor's report, signed and sworn to by Ortiz, court documents show, contained a series of "untruths" about the necessity for a search of Woodard's home and her arrest on felony gun charges. The court document released Wednesday said Ortiz swore to prosecutors and a Superior Court judge in Hartford that during an undercover operation on Aug. 27, a confidential informant bought crack cocaine and marijuana from Woodard's son, Michael, who was standing outside the family's home at 37 Green St. in Hartford.

But Michael Woodard, 22, was in prison at the time and could not have sold the drugs to the informant, the document said. [more]

* * * *

How do I know that OJ Simpson was guilty of killing 2 people? Well, an innocent person doesn't hide under a blanket and hold a gun to their head contemplating suicide. links in any of my posts no longer work, but [this post] on the subject of former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada is full of rage.

Imagine if you have kids and you are told that they have been killed in a cruel way, have lost your family, and everything in your life has been stolen, and you live this everyday like the movie "Groundhog Day" starring Bill Murray. I mourn the death of family members who are still alive. My beautiful daughter is alive, and as far as I know, doing well. The pain doesn't go away because I have not gotten justice. There is no amount of money that will replace what has been stolen. Any employer or potential date may see 11 pages of a criminal record, parole, probation, and bad credit. I had A credit and $500,000 in real estate before being set up. I also had a pefect record, no criminal rap sheet detailing time in prison.

Should anyone pay the price of losing absolutely everything for refusing to continue a sexual relationship? Barbara Sattel told me she was offered $10,000 by the head of Troop C, which was LT Thomas "The Duck" Davoren at the time, to have drinks with me, and make sure that I drove after drinking, so that drugs could be planted on me, and so Connecticut State Troopers could beat me, then arrest me for DUI, in possession of drugs, and assault on a police officer. A deal was to be offered where I could avoid 15 to 20 years in prison to do 2 to 5 in a deal. I did nothing wrong.

For some reason, I refused to drive Sattel's vehicle after drinking. She asked me, "Who tipped you off?"

Sattel did want to have a relationship with me. She confessed being a Police Informant, confessed she was married, and said that I could become a police informant too, saying she would leave her husband. She did, but it was too much to deal with. The lying and deceit was just too much.

I could have been like her, not needing an inspected vehicle, not worrying about having valid plates, car insurance, or even a driver's license, suckered into being a police informant/operative. She lacked some of these legal aspects of driving and owning a vehicle, but police informants can be in possession of, sell drugs, and even drive drunk. That extends to most White Male Connecticut Police Officers, most laws don't apply. I think anyone is crazy to even try drugs. I won't drive drunk.

Who is allowing Sattel and other police informants to compromise police morals and wreck society and the economy? The answer is we the people are responsible by not being outraged and making demands of our own government to give us value for what we pay in taxes.

* * * *

To know the true personality of official Connecticut scroll down in [this link] for "Hell USA"
It isn't even safe for elderly people to drive through Connecticut. They are targets of judges and lawyers for their cash and assets. Judges will appoint lawyers in their "best interest", the lawyers then have the elderly person committed to a mental hospital, drugged, and kept from contacting their adult children, the eventual rightful heirs to estates and cash stolen by the Connecticut lawyer mafia.

* * * *

[click here] for Connecticut's "Wall of Shame" with pictures.

[click here] for:

Fucking and Sucking out of not being prosecuted?

[click here] for:

3 Eggs, Toast, Homefries $2.50

[click here] for my letter to the Washington, D.C., FBI

[click here] for my October 2, 2003, letter to Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland
( links in post no longer go to posts intended)

[click here] for my open letter to Rowland for his first day of Federal Prison, serving time for corruption and bribes. [more on this theme]

[click here] for Faces from a Police State, Connecticut. Police Misconduct is a Connecticut art form.

[click here] Is there still "Gay Bashing" going on in the ranks of the Connecticut State Police?

[click here] for my open letter to Connecticut State Police Commissioner John A. Danaher III

* * * *

Connecticut State Police Murder/Suicide incidents

Is there not enough oversight of police in Connecticut, and is murder/suicide, spousal beatings, and police misconduct out of control telling all that police can't police themselves?

Michael Bochicchio, a retired Major in the Connecticut State Police, kills himself, kills his wife

* * * *

Victor Diaz

Ciara McDermott

[click here for more on the above]

* * * *

[click here] for:

Courts are a popularity contest

Whoever has the most political connections wins no matter the evidence or the type of case, over and over and over.

Donna Bochicchio in a 1980 picture, slain wife of Connecticut State Police Officer, Michael Bocchicchio shot by her husband 4 times on a Connecticut court's steps Posted by Hello

Waterbury Attorney Julie Porzio, a Connecticut woman with many political, powerful family, and corporate connections Posted by Hello

Michael Bochicchio, a retired Major in the Connecticut State Police Posted by Hello

* * * *

Child Molester Cop still free?


The investigation began after a 15-year-old Weston boy told one of his high school teachers about his sexual relationship with Cummings, a source close to the investigation said.

That teacher contacted a Westport detective, who reported the allegation to Norwalk police. The probe was turned over to investigators in state Superior Court in Stamford.

Three months after the investigation began, Cummings was charged with having sex with two other 15-year-old boys and trying to lure another to his Dreamy Hollow condominium in Norwalk (Connecticut).

Cummings, a 24-year department veteran ... [click here for more]

Was Norwalk Officer Mathew Morrelli murdered by police and made to look like a suicide to cover-up across the board police misconduct in Norwalk? Former Norwalk Mayor Bill Collins talks about police wearing ski masks, were abducting citizens to beat them at abandoned waterfront warehouses, were putting police union stickers on his house and throwing their beer bottles up on his porch. [video]

Officer is laid to rest
NORWALK - In a solemn ceremony bound by tradition and honor, hundreds of police from as far as Canada lined up behind the flag-draped casket of patrolman and combat veteran Matthew Morelli, who died while on duty last week in an apparent suicide. Full Story

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This video best describes why I posted all of the above:

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[click here] for:

Target on Enemies List

This blogger's email:

To share this post click on white envelope below Connecticut State Police Misconduct Brutality Complaint civil rights racist judicial attorney jail sentenced


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything except the kitchen sink is in this post, why isn't Attorney Michael H. Agranoff mentioned at all in this post?

Monday, October 13, 2008 11:22:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bethlehem CT state trooper reassigned after arrest
Associated Press - October 15, 2008 6:44 AM ET

NAUGATUCK, Conn. (AP) - Authorities say Bethlehem's resident state trooper has been reassigned while facing charges after a domestic dispute.

Court records show Trooper Mark Piccirillo and his wife, Mary Piccirillo, were charged with misdemeanor assault and breach of peace after the Oct. 9 incident in their Naugatuck home.

Naugatuck police would not release a report of the incident Tuesday, despite a request by the Republican-American newspaper of Waterbury under the state's Freedom of Information Act.

Attempts to reach Piccirillo were unsuccessful. He has been a state trooper in Bethlehem for at least 13 years.

State police spokesman Lt. J. Paul Vance says Piccirillo's police powers have been suspended and he has been reassigned to undisclosed administrative duty.

Vance says state police also will conduct an internal affairs investigation.

Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs will do what it always does, cover up Trooper misconduct.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 11:26:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey stevie boy its LT Samuel Izzarelli who sold your soul and sent you down the river how come we don't see his name here on your blogs

Sammie boy brags about you boy fucking you good fucking you over

Monday, October 19, 2009 11:52:00 AM  
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Wonder if this opened door to sandyhookevent

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