Wednesday, October 01, 2008

CT Fatherlessness Taskforce

In Connecticut there is a taskforce to study fatherlessness. Will they do anything to solve the problem government, the lawyer mafia, and judges caused?

The ethics and tactics of lawyers, lawyer legislators, judges, DCF, police, and others paid with tax dollars needs to be initiated.

If you are a father that accidentally checks the wrong box on a court financial form you can face 30 years in prison and a bond of $500,000, if a 14 year old prostitute girl friend of a police officer attacks a father, he'll face a year in prison, and if a drug dealer bites you, you dial 911, the drug dealer flees only you'll be arrested and face prison and loss of everything, including your kids.

Cleaning up law enforcement, family court, criminal court, and the mafia of lawyers will improve the economy and keep more families intact.

We need to get by the Legislative Gatekeepers.

Boxer Joe Louis had great love for his country. He donated the proceeds of at least two fights to the US Government and to the Army, when he was in the Army. The I.R.S. then said he didn't pay taxes on the donated money and then hounded him for the rest of his life, for millions he owed in back taxes and penalties. Fathers and all Americans are subjects, slaves, to entities such as the Banking Cartel. This mentality of citizen abuse goes from the very top, owners of the Federal Reserve, to their lowest minions in US and State Governments. [more]

I ask Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal to take the lies of his official webpage [here].


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