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CT Legislators at Work?

On Sept. 17, 2008, a Fatherlessness Task Force meeting was held at the Hartford Capitol LOB Legislative Office Building in Connecticut.

In order of appearance: CT Senator Edwin A. Gomes (accused of sleeping), seated off to left under screen, Rep. Charles "Don" Clemens Jr. (right) Rep. Bruce Morris (middle) Senator Gary D. Lebeau, Don Clemens Jr. (left) hugging Miss Connecticut 2006 Heidi Voight, Sen. Lebeau talking to William "Bill" Mulready and John Dibiase Jr. of the Meriden Divorced Men's Center. Chris Kennedy and Steven G. Erickson were outside of camera range.

Senator Gary D. LeBeau is "thinking" of having public hearings on fatherlessness as part of a taskforce on the subject, and said so in the above 30 second video clip shot September 17, 2008, at the Hartford, Connecticut, LOB, Legislative Office Building.

More Fatherless Task Force videos from Sept. 17 [here].

Email addresses and information on the official members found [here].

I saw the Enfield, Connecticut State Senator, John A. Kissel, milling around aimlessly and he didn't bother to show up at a meeting he was supposed to be part of. [My thoughts] on that lawyer seeming to cover up Judicial and Attorney Misconduct in Connecticut by being an elected lawyer on the Legislative Connecticut Judiciary Committee.

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Is Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal a key ingredient in rampant Connecticut Fatherless Children? Does Blumenthal ignore citizen complaints of public corruption and Connecticut State Police misconduct? [click here for more information]

One of the alleged Connecticut Kingpins of the Judencia, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal

[Click here] for a post on the "Judencia", the attorney and judge Mafia.

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The "Fraud Broad", Kristine Regaglia

Kristine Ragaglia, former Gov. John G. Rowland's commissioner of children and families, was a peripheral player in the contracting scandals that toppled Rowland and key gubernatorial aides over the past three years. When federal prosecutors decided not to prosecute Ragaglia and after she provided them with key grand jury testimony, Ragaglia quietly moved through a series of state jobs before winding up as a fraud and recoveries manager at the state Department of Social Services. [found here] scroll down

Regaglia was reportedly working under Blumenthal in the past. So, would he see to it she wasn't prosecuted using his influence?

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[click here] for a post on Stafford Springs/Ellington Connecticut Attorney Michael H. Agranoff, "The DCF Specialist":


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Admit you're a liar, keep your cushy state job.

That's the message the Rell administration is sending state employees following an investigation of Maureen Duggan, a state staff attorney who admitted forging a letter that was used in the firing of the state's top ethics official. A state human resources investigator decided last week that Duggan should not be punished for authoring the fraudulent letter, in part, because the State Ethics Commission that employed her had no specific rules prohibiting that type of behavior.

State investigator Stephen Caliendo found no "just cause" to discipline Duggan, a 23-year state employee who now earns $105,000 as a lawyer for the state Department of Children and Families. In 2004, she was a staff attorney at the State Ethics Commission, whose executive director, Alan Plofsky, was targeted by the administration of Gov. John Rowland for publicly stating that Rowland's acceptance of gifts broke state ethics law. [more found here]

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Scroll down for links in [this post], which is basically what Steven G. Erickson has to say on the subject of official policies, police, official, and attorney misconduct, and public corruption directly causing fatherlessness in Connecticut.

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Are you 97% satisfied with the Court System? Well, if a Judicial Branch can seal public comments from the public, and if they hide the evidence and accusations of felonies being committed by Judges and Judicial Managers, they can claim anything they want with a taxpayer paid for, catered event, giving themselves straight A's.

I shot the above video at the Rocky Hill Marriot 12-11-07.

More information [click here]

Andrea Wilson and another Judicial Branch employee blow the whistle on the Connecticut Judicial Branch:

Judicial Branch anonymously name names of the perpetrators of crimes committed within the Connecticut Judicial Branch [click here].

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Scroll down in [this post] for links showing that the Connecticut State Police should be abolished for being no more than an armed street gang. The misconduct and brutality is that bad.

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Richard "Ritt" Goldstein helped organize and hold a Special Judiciary Committee Hearing at the Hartford Capitol LOB, Legislative Office Building, in Connecticut, Dec. 1996. Ritt assembled international experts on civilian oversight of police and victims of Connecticut Police Misconduct. Ritt, soon fled Connecticut to seek political asylum in Sweden, so terrorized by police after making this video:

Police have only gained more power, more members, and have even less oversight and accountability in the present time. I proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to Stafford Springs, CT, State Senator Tony Guglielmo. The police liaison to legislators allegedly said I was going to be arrested and sent to prison for my "Big Mouth" for my having written letters to the editor critical of police, and for proposing legislation to elected officials that police didn't like. Police were actively spying on me, listening to my phone calls, hacking into my computer, and soliciting operatives to physically harm me and help set me up for a false arrest and imprisonment according to police informant Barbara Sattel.

There you go, currently the 1st Amendment doesn't apply in Connecticut if you can go to prison losing your house, job, and family, being railroaded to prison for writing and saying things police don't like, and for proposing legislation to clean up the courts and make the police more public and business friendly.

If legislators were truly representing the people, there would be some sort of protection from this. There should be some sort of procedure in the legislature to remedy wrongs and reimburse victims.

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Real Reasons to Amend the Connecticut Constitution [found here]

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The United States AND Connecticut need to pass a Federal, and State version of the Private Attorney General bill into law, giving us back our rights and our people power by bolstering the Grand Jury System. [more information].


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Auditors Say Ethics Panel Misled Them Letter Alleges Irregularities, Improprieties, `Pattern Of Disregard'

October 28, 2004 By JON LENDER, Hartford Courant Staff Writer

The State Ethics Commission has misled state auditors for years by withholding employee time sheets and other records, in a "pattern of disregard" for regulations that included unauthorized holidays and compensatory time, the auditors said Wednesday in a letter to Gov. M. Jodi Rell.

State Auditors Kevin P. Johnston and Robert G. Jaekle also cited irregularities and improprieties in the agency's use of its budgeted funds, saying it illegally paid in advance, with last year's funds, for six employees' intended attendance at a California conference six weeks from now.

Rell called the auditors' three-page letter "disconcerting, to say the least." She added, "This continues the parade of missteps and embarrassments in an office that is charged with promoting and protecting ... integrity of state government."

She vowed to take "administrative action this week to address what the auditors rightly termed a pattern of disregard" for state policies.

Wednesday's developments added to the turmoil that has afflicted the agency since late summer, when its longtime executive director, Alan S. Plofsky, was fired by the appointed commission that oversees the paid staff.

One of the commission's justifications for Plofsky's firing was its claim he improperly built up comp time - based on a personnel administrators' investigation of whistleblower complaints filed against him by subordinates and an anonymous letter-writer.

But the auditors also raised questions Wednesday about the comp time of Plofsky's non-management subordinates.

"The timesheets and compensatory time records, pertaining to non-management personnel of the commission and given to our office to audit over the years, did not always reflect the actual time worked on any given day," Jaekle and Johnston wrote.

The auditors did say that, over the years, it was the responsibility of the executive director - Plofsky - and a lower-ranking fiscal administrative supervisor at the commission to sign off on letters attesting that the auditors were given all the agency's records and that they were accurate.

"Despite these sign-offs, it came to our attention during our review of the aforementioned whistleblower matters that all of the ... timesheets and compensatory time records ... had not been provided to our office during ... several audits," they wrote.

Plofsky's lawyer, Gregg Adler, said the auditors' findings are not focused on his client, who denies wrongdoing. "As far as he knew, the records for his comp time and others were accurate," he said.

Plofsky is appealing his Sept. 10 firing, saying it is payback from a commission that was dominated by appointees of John G. Rowland, the ex-governor whom he publicly called a liar and whose ethics violations he pursued while state ethics director.

Members of the commission have denied that claim. The panel's new chairman, Hugh Macgill, said Wednesday he had "just distributed this letter to the commission. We will take it up very swiftly."

He said it is "a matter of concern and dismay and simply underscores that ... I think this commission, and I think other commissions" are not keeping close enough tabs on their administrative staffs.

Rell said: "The auditors question the very ethics of the Ethics Commission itself. They allege purposeful withholding of time and attendance records and a willful violation of state policies on purchasing and payments."

"Once again it is clear that the commission needs serious reform," said Rell, who has designated ethics reform as her top priority.

"The bipartisan working group I formed with representatives from the legislative and executive branches has met and is beginning its work to reconfigure the [ethics] agency."

The auditors, in their letter, said the pattern of disregard for state rules included:

"Allowing the telecommuting of two commission employees" without proper state approval.

Allowing employees time off before holidays without proper authorization from the governor's office.

Lack of annual written evaluations of commission workers.

Not recording all employees' comp time or requiring written approval before it is earned.

Allowing work schedules inconsistent with union contracts.

Allowing state payment for "possible unwarranted overnight stays at hotels while commission staff members attended professional conferences."

The auditors told Rell on Wednesday that in investigating the whistleblower complaints against Plofsky - an investigation for which they have submitted a still-secret, separate report to state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal - they determined that there were additional time sheets and compensatory time records that they had not seen.

They asked for the other records, but did not receive them. The agency handed over the additional records "only when we specifically informed the commission that we were aware of the existence" of the additional records, the auditors wrote.

Jaekle, in a phone interview Wednesday, likened the additional records to a second set of books kept unofficially.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Task Force for Violence against Women:

Public Officials

Speaker of the House
James Amann

Rep. Gerald Fox (Co-Chair)
Rep. Tom Reynolds (Co-Chair)
Sen. Andrew McDonald
Rep. Arthur O’Neill
Sen. John Kissel
Rep. Peggy Sayers
Rep. Kelvin Roldan

Members/Appointed Designee

Michael Culhane
Executive Director
CT Catholic Conference

Andrew Schneider
Executive Director
CT Civil Liberties Union

Agnes Maldonado
Executive Director
CT Coalition Against
Domestic Violence

Robert Fishman
CT Immigration
and Refugee Coalition

Enelsa Diaz, Esq.
Greater Hartford Legal Aid

Sandra Trevino
Executive Director
Junta, Inc.

Fernando Betancourt
Executive Director
Latino & PR Affairs Commission

Linda Cimino
Executive Director
Office of Victim Services

Teresa Younger
Executive Director
Permanent Commission
on the Status of Women


Heidi A. Voight

Tracy La Fontaine
Assistant PR Director to the Speaker
(860) 240-8525 tracy.lafontaine@cga.ct.go

Friday, October 17, 2008 1:57:00 PM  

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