Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ear biting drug dealers

Should the victim of a drug dealer's biting be arrested and face prison for being bitten, to lose his marriage, home, credit, family, and the sum total of his life's work where the drug dealer isn't even arrested? I ask Connecticut legislators on the Public Safety Committee that question [here].

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Repost of Drug Dealer Shoots Pig in Head, Stafford Springs, Connecticut

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Click photos for larger view. Stephen Weatherwax shoots a pig in the head with his 25 caliber pistol in busy downtown Stafford Springs, Connecticut. He would have his two sons out selling marijuana, crack cocaine, prescription drugs, and items they stole breaking into houses and businesses.

Tipping off the Connecticut State Police meant police targeting the individual that tipped police off for false arrest and even imprisonment for reporting crimes.

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What happens when you try to report police misconduct and public corruption to authorities? [answer] Scroll down in link for video of tape recorder. Peter Coukos can be heard threatening my then 14 year old daughter's life. Trooper Mulcahey and Stafford Officer Frank Prochaska allegedly offered Coukos help in obtaining a pistol permit for making about 40 or so of these calls and for assaulting me as I left my home.

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Is Stafford Springs, Connecticut, Attorney Michael H. Agranoff the worst lawyer in Connecticut? [more]

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Were Madison Connecticut 3rd shift police officers too busy sleeping with prostitutes and networking with drug dealers to answer citizen calls? Ask Officer Bernard Bergin if millions of tax dollars spent on his department were well spent. [more]

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