Wednesday, October 29, 2008

From "Attack the System" blog:

REUTERS / Eric Miller, Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, shown at a 2004 Timberwolves playoff game, has a new book set for spring publication: "Don't Start the Revolution Without Me!" (Picture, above, not posted as part of the below blog post)

on the subject of Jesse Ventura

Title: Mock the Vote!

Jesse’s right. Our political system is a farce. This year, we have running for president a warmonger who’s a reluctant socialist versus a socialist who’s a reluctant warmonger. We have two parties that claim they’re different, but when the Establishment, the Complex, our shadowy overlords, whatever you want to call them, really want something, they get it. When the Establishment wanted the Bailout in the face of almost universal grassroots opposition, they got it. When the Complex wanted immunity to the telecoms who knowingly spied on Americans, they got it. When our shadowy overlords wanted stormtroopers to brutally stifle protestors during the party conventions, they got it.

But even if voters had a real choice, and even if the politicians followed the majority will on issues that matter, the system would still, most likely, be a farce. As Augustine observed, without justice, a government is nothing but a band of thieves. Augustine was writing about kingdoms, but his insight applies to democracy as well. Without justice, the ability of the subjects of a government to vote on the laws and rulers that govern them doesn’t make a government any more legitimate than an unjust monarchy. And the founders of this country did not believe democracies were likely to be just.

As Walter Williams points out, “We often hear the claim that our nation is a democracy. That wasn’t the vision of the founders. They saw democracy as another form of tyranny.” In Democracy: The God That Failed, Hans-Hermann Hoppe notes “it is difficult to find many proponents of democracy in the history of political theory. Almost all major thinkers had nothing but contempt for democracy. Even the Founding Fathers of the U.S., nowadays considered the model of democracy, were strictly opposed to it. Without a single exception, they thought of democracy as nothing but mob-rule.” [link to original]

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