Thursday, October 02, 2008

Got Justice?

To Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal,

Subject: Reporting Public Corruption to you

I hear you are going public, asking citizens to report public corruption to you. I didn’t see it, a friend quoted you from a Connecticut newspaper. Well, let's see.

That is probably smart to go public with what you are supposed to be doing anyway. What the Feds might be working on right now, would make you look foolish, if they are breaking cases for prosecutions, and you just shine the seat of your chair. This email to you [posted here].

What are you doing about investigating my complaints [more], and Chris Kennedy’s complaints [more] against Rockville Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan?

What are you doing about the seeming Whorehouse that is the Connecticut Judicial Branch run by “Uncle Joe D”? Just the tip of the iceberg of the nepotism, bid rigging, case fixing, no-bid contracts, manufacture and destruction of evidence on court hard drives, taxpayer fraud, obstruction of justice, racketeering, etc is exposed in [this video].

Are you running interference for Judges allegedly taking in Casinos' "protection fund" through the backdoor? Are Connecticut judges buying their judgeships by making campaign contributions? Why don’t you ask Jim Parks about [this] [and this] [and this]?

Was there election fraud perpetrated after the public voted to abolish the Connecticut Sheriff system because it was a “patronage system” whereas the Connecticut Judicial Branch seems to be an even worse and more outrageous “patronage system”? If the Connecticut Constitution is already illegally altered, shouldn’t you be asking citizens to vote “yes” on the upcoming Constitutional Question [post] so we have a legal Connecticut Constitution, not one illegally altered without the will of the people, or not being currently followed by what is existing as Connecticut Government, all 3 branches? Should official Connecticut be shut down until it is running according to its own Constitution?

If someone googles “Judencia” the first thing they see is your picture and information about you, Mr. Blumenthal. I’ve made mention of that in Federal circles. Was this [video] from Jan. ’08 passed to the Feds, and did it help bring down Elliot Spitzer because his finances were under investigation?

We the People are pissed and want corrupt officials from George W. Bush on down, arrested, prosecuted, and jailed if found guilty. Judges have been allowed to be miscreants too long, and should also be included in the upcoming sweep.

If you are interested in going after public corruption, please contact me, and I’ll come down to your office.

-Steven G. Erickson

* * * *

"In the Interest of Justice", A Documentary Primer

Francis C. P. Knize and I showed up at the Brooklyn NY Federal Court for a national hearing in Sept. 2007. They let us in with duffel bags full of cables, cellphones, high definition cameras, and a chest full of goodies, not checking us, or are items, letting us pass the metal detectors not even asking us for IDs.

This is the only video copy of the hearing readily available to the public of that hearing, as far as I know.

One solution [here] is a start to address the major problem of judges judging judges and the rampant public corruption from George W. Bush on down.

* * * *

The need for Grand Juries and what they are explained:

Steven G. Erickson shot the above video during a break of the June 6 - 8, 2008, NCMR Free Press, National Convention for Media Reform, Minneapolis, Minnesota


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A lot of insiders are worried that Jim Parks and others aren't afraid anymore. Even sheep can get pissed off enough if they are pushed far and hard enough.

Thursday, October 09, 2008 11:14:00 AM  

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