Thursday, October 09, 2008

Osama Bin Laden, Alive and In Miami, Florida, disguised as retired Israeli Colonel

From a passport photo, not used, for documents, taken June 4, 2008, Miami, FL. After a recovery from wounds received in Afghanistan and an extended illness in Pakistan, Osama Bin Laden was healthy enough to be smuggled into Israel by the Mossad, plastic surgery was performed by plastic surgeons in from California. To shorten Bin Laden, his arms had 1.4" taken from above and below his elbow, about a 1/3 the way down, and up, from elbow. 3.8 inches of bone was sawed out at about the same position, above, and below the knee which was performed in a Miami area hospital in sections of the hospital not normally used for surgery. Bin Laden at one point was pronounced dead by doctors, and may have lost some of his intelligence as he wasn't immediately revived. His total recovery from the plastic surgery and bone shortening in Miami was over 8 months.

Bin Laden was living in Miami area condos.

The condo, was listed for somewhere between a million and a half and just under two million dollars in a better market.

Osama Bin Laden was drawing a CIA AND a pension from the Israeli military. I have some pdf files sent to me of the envelopes and the banking information inside. The Israeli pension was paid out of a bank with a Wilmington, Delaware return address. The alleged CIA account has a Bahama's office, and looks to be a "Vatican Bank", but the codes are not Italian.

Bin Laden was living as a Jewish man, Israeli and retirees of Jewish descent were suspicious of Bin Laden not being who he said he was. Those interviewed refused to give reasons why they suspected he was not Jewish. Bin Laden gave accounts of being born in Georgia, not the American State, but a country within the former USSR.

He told residents of the Miami Condo complex that he had to live as a Jew secretly and traditions were forbidden to be observed by his parents and uncle living with him.

The rouse was foiled when Bin Laden's Colombian maid, here illegally from Columbia, opened his mail and gave it to a retired Swedish Cruise ship's captain.

If you believe the crap I wrote above, you'll believe anything the mainstream media feeds you. I believe the corporate media tells us the stories they want us to hear, with their spin, and doesn't tell the stories they don't want exposed. It is up to us individually to get the real truth out and expose fraudulent reporting when we see it.

-Steven G. Erickson

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