Friday, October 10, 2008

Percentage of Government Workers

I put this photo up as a joke of how our government works, I stole it [from here]

I recently was reading a story on which states are the best to find a job based on those with the smallest unemployment rates. I think it was on msn. What alarmed me was the high percentage of Government employees, the range seemed to be 18 to 23%, roughly a fifth. Does that make sense that a country can operate with so many government employees?

So, it might actually take more than four workers just to pay each government employee and all the other government spending.

Government employees often have the best benefits, high pay, and often have to put in half as much time as a non-government employees to retire. We are not even talking about contractors working for the government.

If you do the math, you can see why the economy is tanking. The house of cards had to fall at some point. The government can't keep growing, spending more, and hiring more and more.

The Connecticut Judicial Branch will pay connected individuals more that $100,000 a year and most of these workers are under-worked and some don't even bother to show up to get paid. When you add in the standard government corruption, we the people simply can't afford hauling around this dead weight anymore. [nothing has been done since these whistleblowers blew the whistle][same video on YouTube]

The above video shows how our government works in a nutshell.

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Should a Senator, who is also a lawyer, cover-up for attorney and judicial misconduct and screw over constituents, be in elected office? Should lawyers be elected to represent us in the legislative branch when they butter their bread in the judicial branch? Should CT State Senator John A. Kissel be re-elected? [more]

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Martin Dyckman on "A Most Disorderly Court"

Here's [ video ] of Martin A. Dyckman, former editor of the St. Petersburg Times, speaking to the Friends of the Tampa and Hillsborough Library about his new book "A Most Disorderly Court." The book is about his reporting on a scandal involving case fixing in the Florida Supreme Court and the shake up in the court which followed.

He also talks about the problems caused by keeping complaints about judicial misconduct secret, about the need for reforms in our courts, and about the failure of the mainstream press to report on judicial misconduct.[more from webpage]


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