Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Posterchild for the causes of the Financial Crisis

Tom Petters of Petters Group Worldwide

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"Dirty Money", what politician palms got "greased"? [more from The Minnesota Independent]

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Tom Petters: I'd "just rather gamble, drink and die"

According to a Star Tribune story today, Tom Petters preference for his life is he would "just rather gamble, drink and die." Apparently he owes casinos over $10 Million, according to sources at the Nevada Gaming Commission.

Some might just think Petters deserves his testicles crushed in a vice, videos to be distributed to the millions having to pay taxes to bail out a financial system, clowns like Petters caused to fail. $700,000,000,000 has a lot of zeros in it, doesn't it?

[The Steven G. Erickson Grievance]

Perpetrators like Petters have unlimited cash to throw around when they are on top of their game, or even on their way down. Those of us they have ruined, caused to be railroaded to prison, and our families and lives ripped apart, have to fear further retaliation and even death just for speaking out about the abuses. Police Officers, judges, attorneys, DCF, and other officials are for sale and can be used as tools to further abuse.

[The Private Attorney General bill] passed into law might remedy a lot of America's ills and prevent such a future financial crisis and Culture of Corruption causing such widespread misery and citizen abuse.

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[click here] for the Connecticut State Police on probation

Should an elected official who seems to cover up for the illegal behavior of judges, refusing to help constituents be voted out? [Enfield, CT, Sen. John A. Kissel]


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