Monday, October 06, 2008

Statue of Tyranny

On the wall of the old American embassy, now the 'U.S. Den of Espionage'

There is growing sentiment to either have the Statue of Liberty face out from America to Freedom, or to alter it to represent the current, true face of what visitors to the US are entering into.

If a US citizen can be bitten by a drug dealer on the ear, bleeding down to his underwear, and he faces prison, not the the drug dealer, things have been out of control too long in the US.

If a felon can threaten a homeowner for 2 weeks, disturb sleeping neighbors while making death threats, stalking, and be a public menace, and police refuse to do anything, but arrest the homeowner for pepper spraying the felon after being attacked, where the homeowner gets a year in prison, 3 years probation, shouldn't citizens consider living, working, raising families, and retiring somewhere else? [more]

Would [this] help slow and reverse America's downward spiral?

* * * *

Enfield, Connecticut, landlord Donald Christmas didn't want a 14 year old prostitute, her older prostitute sister, and prostitute mother living next to him, so he bought the property to evict the prostitutes. The 14 year old was the girlfriend of an Enfield Police Officer who left the scene of an accident while drunk and is still a police officer! When the 14 year old prostitute attacked Donny in front of his family, he was told he would get a year in prison, no deals:

By exposing Donny's story to concerned citizens across the country, hundreds of people wrote letters to the Enfield Court and called the Enfield PD. Donny was told he would not get prison, if he signed an agreement not to sue police for violating his rights and kept quiet, not talking to me and reporters. He did talk to me after he no longer feared immediately being railroaded to prison just for exposing gross judicial and police misconduct in Connecticut.

Police and the courts were out to illegally break up his marriage and deny Donny his children in retaliation for being outspoken. That is how retaliation works in Connecticut.

* * * *

A US Marine, Stephen Murzin, could have gotten prison for being stabbed 13 times! The felon, David J. Taylor wasn't even violated on probation for almost killing 3 people! Tell me that [this] isn't proof the police and courts in Connecticut aren't an organized crime organization.

* * * *

Can citizens officially abused in Connecticut and other states use the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871 as a tool to get justice? [more]


Blogger The Paleo Conservatist said...

That's one of the craziest stories I ever read. Thanks for stopping by Stephen.

Monday, October 06, 2008 1:25:00 PM  

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