Friday, October 31, 2008

Stolen Internet Images

The below stolen [from here]

A Place for War Criminals
art: Robert Morris

Or how to put an end to the criminals that kill for profit.

A deterrent to make the next rulers think twice.

- -

Nightmare on Main Street

Art by David Dees -,,,,,,Dees Archive

- -

AmeriKan Kids Zonked Out on Zoloft

- -

Critique of the Obama infomercial

Crimes Of The State art by Grant

Obama opens with a gas pump filling up an oversized SUV. This is the image he chooses to start the discussion. No hint that gas-guzzling behemoths (and those who buy them) are part of the problem, just that the "middle class" is struggling.

Obama's obsession with the "middle class" is pure Clintonian "triangulation."

In his pandering to the "middle class" voters he is nearly shameless. No mention of the poor. And he goes one further, he literally says that:

"Ten years ago, she bought a house outside the city so that she could send her children to good schools."

What about inside the city, Barack? The bad schools? Not even an acknowledgement. * Shameless pandering it is.

I thought the above interesting, so I re-posted it. All of what is above was found [here]

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[click here] for Steven G. Erickson's videos

Text with video:
"The Daily Show", starring Jon Stewart, has handlers. Comedy Central is known to look through videos at youtube to see if they are in violation.

Vincent Bugliosi and VT AG candidate Charlotte Dennett promise to prosecute George W. Bush if Charlotte is elected.

What better guest could Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert of "The Colbert Report" have on as a guest?

Here is Dennett's contact information:

Also check her handlers' information and contact information.

Can't get hold of them?

email me:

Stolen Comedy Central Content?

Let's make history.
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