Friday, November 28, 2008

Wired Science 9: Bio Threat

[click here] for a past post on Plum Island, the bio-weapons, biological agents, chemical warfare "research" island. Lyme Disease and West Nile virus might have been "accidentally" released from the facility.

[click here] for video on the Lyme Disease treatment and testing fraud using the patent numbers involving Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

Obstruction of Justice, racketeering, inoculation scam, scientific fraud, Big Pharma misconduct [video 1] [video 2]

click title below for OpEd News article:
Will the World Bank's Profiteering by spreading HIV in the 3rd World continue under Obama?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

From the BBC

The below [found here]

We were lied into a bullshit war ...

Iraqi parliament backs US pullout

Two men in Baghdad watch the vote on television
The parliamentary vote was broadcast on Iraqi television

The Iraqi parliament has voted to accept a deal on the future presence of US troops in the country.

The decision, praised by US President George Bush, means US troops will leave Iraqi streets by mid-2009 and will quit Iraq entirely by the end of 2011.

The agreement is the result of a year of negotiations with the US, with the Iraqis requesting several changes.

Some groups fiercely opposed the pact in parliament and at mass rallies, demanding that US troops leave earlier.

Iraq's Presidential Council must still ratify the deal but its approval is expected.

Iraq's government has hailed the parliamentary session as the prelude to the return of full sovereignty to the country.

'No, no, no'

Of the 275 members of parliament, 198 were present, with 149 voting in favour. An initial Iraqi count had put the figure at 144.

US soldiers in Baghdad, 26 November
US troops continue to patrol the streets of Baghdad and other cities

The chamber saw rowdy scenes of stamping, shouting and the waving of placards during the debate, the BBC's Humphrey Hawksley reports from Baghdad.

After last-minute negotiations that had delayed the vote for a day, MPs passed it on one significant condition: that a referendum is held on the pact in the middle of next year.

If that fails to endorse the withdrawal plan, US troops may have to leave earlier, possibly by the middle of 2010, our correspondent says.

Before the vote, mainstream Shia and Kurdish parties had been able to muster 138 votes between them but had needed support from the minority Sunni MPs in order to create a sense of national consensus.

The Sunnis failed to win concessions on the disbanding of a special tribunal dealing with crimes committed when Saddam Hussein was in power and laws over former members of Saddam's Baath party, who were almost all Sunnis.

While the Sunni parties now support the withdrawal plan, MPs from a hard-line Shia block, the Sadrists, voted against, and while the show of hands was being counted they were on their feet, waving banners and shouting "No, No, No" to the US.

'Equal partners'

In a statement from Washington, the US president congratulated the Iraqi parliament, saying its vote had affirmed "the growth of Iraq's democracy and increasing ability to secure itself".

"We look forward to a swift approval by Iraq's [Presidential] Council," he added.

Earlier, a joint statement from US Ambassador to Baghdad Ryan Crocker and Gen Ray Odierno, the top commander of US troops in Iraq, said the vote would "formalise a strong and equal partnership".

Speaking before the vote, Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said its success would constitute a "victory for democracy because the opposition have done their part and the supporters have done their part".

"Everyone should understand that if there are gains, they are for all Iraqis, and if there are losses, they will also be for all Iraqis," he added.

Under the deal, all 150,000 US troops will have left Iraq by the end of 2011.

It was necessary to determine the role of US military forces in Iraq as their UN mandate expires on 31 December of this year.

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Emails coming in

Word searches done on someone's name often lands people here.

A percentage email me. Usually there are positive emails and compliments.

Others want posts removed because of the embarrassment a family member has caused them or they don't want the light shown in.

I have posted on cop murder/suicides, such as:

[click here] for:

Courts are a popularity contest

Whoever has the most political connections wins no matter the evidence or the type of case, over and over and over.

Donna Bochicchio in a 1980 picture, slain wife of Connecticut State Police Officer, Michael Bocchicchio shot by her husband 4 times on a Connecticut court's steps Posted by Hello

Waterbury Attorney Julie Porzio, a Connecticut woman with many political, powerful family, and corporate connections Posted by Hello

Michael Bochicchio, a retired Major in the Connecticut State Police Posted by Hello

And this:

Victor Diaz

Ciara McDermott

[click here for more on the above]

* * * *

An individual claiming to be the son of Connecticut State Police Major Bochicchio, who shot his wife dead, wounded her lawyer, and then committed suicide seems to be blaming lawyers for the tragedy. Do lawyers drag cases on to empty completely one's finances and then at that point the case is "resolved"? Lawyers oversee lawyers in Connecticut. Lawyers sit on the legislative judiciary committee in Connecticut legislating more cash and less accountability for lawyers. A lying lawyer on the ethics committee is paid 6 figures in tax dollars and still has her job after being caught manufacturing evidence, obstructing justice, and involving herself in completely unethical official behavior.

The son goes on to say that the "unexplained" $200,000 or so cash that his father had was legitimate. Police Officers and officials in hot water with hundreds of thousands of dollars of unexplained cash is suspicious to me. I do think the State Police Major looked out for his buddies on the force. If he was going down anyway, he wouldn't want their dirty financial dealings, and the gross Connecticut State Police misconduct and brutality exposed for all to see.

There is plenty of crack cocaine and heroin dealing in Connecticut, sports betting, murder-for-hire, prostitution, rackets, thefts, beatings for hire, bid rigging, court case fixing, eliminating competition for mob businesses, etc. probably involving the Connecticut State Police.

If a citizen lodges a police misconduct complaint against a State Police Officer, the officers probably still are not actually investigated and the complainer faces the Connecticut State Police policy of "Arrest and Discredit".

So, I believe Major Bochicchio took one for the crew.

[click here] for:

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Connecticut State Trooper Gene Pool?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Corporate Greed and Insurance Co. misconduct?

It bothered me seeing corporate executives appearing in Washington, DC, live on CNN, after having flown in on private jets, begging for money.

Many are paid millions of dollars, don't do much work, and can work a number of weeks and get millions of dollars.

Why are taxpayers paying for this fraud and waste? Why should we work so hard, paying taxes, when these White Collar criminals are selling America's soul and future?

Insurance companies can hold back paying what they legitimately owe further harming the economy, children and families, and America itself.

[click here] for a post on GEICO customer and non-customer complaints.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Killer Cop wants donations

Murdering Cop, "The Teflon Badge" wants your donation

Robert Lawlor, claims to be a "True American Patriot"

Robert Lawlor has shot 3 Blacks in the Back in 2 incidents [story]. There is a national mail campaign to fund Robert Lawlor's defense. [The Flyer]

The fund raisers might be dipping into a sizable chunk of "the fund" and only a remaining percentage will be used for Lawlor's defense. Amazingly, Lawlor was charged with manslaughter, not murder, for executing a Black suspect shooting him in the back.

Lawlor calls himself a "True American Patriot" [website]

[This] passes for "policing" in Connecticut.

Former New Milford Connecticut Police Officer Scott Smith

New Milford Connecticut Police Officer Scott Smith allegedly chased down a Black suspect, stood on the suspect's back and executed him firing next to his boot. [story]

The prosecutor in Smith's case allegedly purposely botched the proceedings so Smith could skate on appeal. Smith got a year SUSPENDED sentence for murder.

Will those that run Connecticut's Kangaroo Court system see to it the same prosecutor can botch Lawlor's case so he can also skate on appeal?

-Steven G. Erickson

Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Queen of Sleaze", Hillary Clinton?

Is Hillary Clinton the "Queen of Sleaze"?

I posted the below comment in this [Rob Kall OpEd poll]:

Puppetmaster Hillary

I can’t picture Hillary in any position of power, not assuming she is Queen, and then able to tell Obama and everyone else what to do and how to think.

Hillary is satanically bitter about not being President. Can Hillary Clinton be trusted?

If I had young children, I would not leave them alone with Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush have at least one thing in common, the support for Judge Wesley becoming a Federal Judge in a key judicial district in New York. Wesley is allegedly a team player who could be “judge-shopped” in any public corruption trial, where those that abuse, officially, in backroom dirty deals want expected court outcomes BEFORE any proceedings.

Elena Sassower, as a constituent, tried to warn Hillary Clinton about the alleged sleaze, and case fixing potential, of Judge Wesley. Hillary Clinton then allegedly made sure her constituent then spent 6 months in prison to shut her up. [video]

I wish Obama’s administration the best, and success. Hopefully, Hillary will not be able to torpedo any perception of ethics before the Obama horses have even left the gate.

* * * *

The above video link was turned into the FBI in January of this year. It was requested that Eliot Spitzer's and Hillary Clinton's finances be looked into for election rigging. Did Spitzer's finances then get investigated so he was exposed as both a whore master and hypocrite? Spitzer saw to it that anyone in his prosecution cross hairs, involved in prostitution racketeering, was prosecuted to the maximum extent. Why shouldn't Spitzer face "Spitzer style" prosecution for breaking the same laws he so adamantly prosecuted?

Why should Hillary Clinton be allowed anywhere near the White House? Bill Clinton's questionable activities, fund raising, and influence peddling should disqualify Hillary, alone.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How about Bush?

Dick Cheney, Alberto Gonzales indicted in S. Texas
Charges related to alleged abuse of prisoners in federal detention centers
Associated Press
Nov. 18, 2008, 7:37PM

McALLEN — A South Texas grand jury has indicted Vice President Dick Cheney and former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on state charges related to the alleged abuse of prisoners in Willacy County's federal detention centers.

The indictment, which had not yet been signed by the presiding judge, was one of seven released Tuesday in a county that has been a source of bizarre legal and political battles in recent years. Another of the indictments named a state senator on charges of profiting from his position.

Willacy County District Attorney Juan Angel Guerra himself had been under indictment for more than a year and half before a judge dismissed the indictments last month. This flurry of charges came in the twilight of Guerra's tenure, which ends this year after nearly two decades in office. He lost convincingly in a Democratic primary in March.

Cheney's indictment on a charge of engaging in an organized criminal activity criticizes the vice president's investment in the Vanguard Group, which holds interests in the private prison companies running the federal detention centers. It accuses Cheney of a conflict of interest and "at least misdemeanor assaults" on detainees because of his link to the prison companies.

Megan Mitchell, a spokeswoman for Cheney, declined to comment on Tuesday, saying that the vice president had not yet received a copy of the indictment.

The indictment accuses Gonzales of using his position while in office to stop an investigation in 2006 into abuses at one of the privately-run prisons.

Gonzalez's attorney, George Terwilliger III, said in a written statement, "This is obviously a bogus charge on its face, as any good prosecutor can recognize. Hopefully, competent Texas authorities will take steps to reign in this abuse of the criminal justice system."

Willacy County has become a prison hub with county, state and federal lockups. Guerra has gone after the prison-politician nexus before, extracting guilty pleas from three former Willacy and Webb county commissioners after investigating bribery related to federal prison contacts.

Another indictment released Tuesday accuses state Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr. of profiting from his public office by accepting honoraria from prison management companies. Guerra announced his intention to investigate Lucio's prison consulting early last year.

Lucio's attorney, Michael Cowen, released a scathing statement accusing Guerra of settling political scores in his final weeks in office.

"Senator Lucio is completely innocent and has done nothing wrong," Cowen said, adding that he would file a motion to quash the indictment this week.

Last month, a Willacy County grand jury indicted The GEO Group, a Florida private prison company, on a murder charge in the death of a prisoner days before his release. The three-count indictment alleged The GEO Group allowed other inmates to beat Gregorio de la Rosa Jr. to death with padlocks stuffed into socks. The death happened in 2001 at the Raymondville facility, just four days before de la Rosa's scheduled release.

In 2006, a jury ordered the company to pay de la Rosa's family $47.5 million in a civil judgment. The Cheney-Gonzalez indictment makes reference to the de la Rosa case.

None of the indictments released Tuesday had been signed by Presiding Judge Manuel Banales of the Fifth Administrative Judicial Region.

A second batch of indictments targeted public officials connected to Guerra's own legal battles.

Willacy County Clerk Gilbert Lozano, District judges Janet Leal and Migdalia Lopez, and special prosecutors Mervyn Mosbacker Jr. — a former U.S. attorney — and Gustavo Garza — a long-time political opponent of Guerra — were all indicted on charges of official abuse of official capacity and official oppression.

Garza, the only one who could be immediately reached Tuesday, called it a sad state of affairs.

"I feel sorry for all of the good people this unprofessional prosecutor has maligned," Garza said. "I'm not at all concerned about the accusations he has trumped up."

Banales dismissed indictments against Guerra last month that charged him with extorting money from a bail bond company and using his office for personal business. An appeals court had earlier ruled that Garza was improperly appointed as special prosecutor to investigate Guerra.

After Guerra's office was raided as part of the investigation early last year, he camped outside the courthouse in a borrowed camper with a horse, three goats and a rooster. He threatened to dismiss hundreds of cases because he believed local law enforcement had aided the investigation against him.

On Tuesday, Guerra said the indictments speak for themselves. He said the prison-related charges are a national issue and experts from across the country testified to the grand jury. Asked about the indictments against local players in the justice system who had pursued him, Guerra said, "the grand jury is the one that made those decisions, not me."

The indictments were first reported by KRGV-TV.

Associated Press writer Deb Riechmann in Washington contributed to this report.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Should US Students have to observe court cases to graduate?

cartoon found here:

[click here] for post

* * * *
* * * *

How does car insurance really work? [post]

file photo not to be known to be associated with GEICO

Does the GEICO insurance company get more complaints lodged against them as compared to other automobile insurance companies? [post]

Monday, November 17, 2008

Obama has to be swore in and take office first ...

and maybe the below could be an actual headline.

Court Indicts Bush on High Treason Charge

WASHINGTON (AP) — George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States, was indicted Monday on charges of high treason. The charges, filed by Attorney General Russ Feingold late in the evening, allege that Mr. Bush, knowing full well that Iraq possessed no weapons of mass destruction, falsified information in order to pursue the disastrous Iraq War. (See “U.S. Knew No W.M.D.s in Iraq,” on Page A1, and the petition at

The former President appeared perturbed by his own charges against him.   (GAVIN BELLOWS/BOSTON GLOBE)

The former President appeared perturbed by his own charges against him. (GAVIN BELLOWS/BOSTON GLOBE)

Source: New York Times/CBS News poll

Source: New York Times/CBS News poll

Federal District Judge Michael Ratner denied Mr. Bush’s request to represent himself. Ratner is the former president of the Center for Constitutional Rights.

High treason is usually defined as participation in a war against one’s own country; attempting to overthrow its government; spying on its military, its diplomats, or its secret services for a hostile and foreign power; or attempting to kill its head of state.

“In this case, high treason has been interpreted to include pursuing an illegal and devastating war that has cost hundreds of billions of dollars and the lives of over 4,000 Americans and perhaps a million Iraqis, for essentially insane ends,” said Vincent Bugliosi, a former federal prosecutor whom Feingold named lead special prosecutor in the case. “In effect, the Iraq War amounted to a war against America,” added Bugliosi, who is also the author of the book, The Prosecution of George Bush for Murder.

Although the treason indictment came as no surprise to most observers, what was completely unexpected was the party who brought it.

“The case is highly unusual in a number of ways,” said Bugliosi, “not the least of which is that the defendant is actually accusing himself.”

In a press conference held close to midnight yesterday at his Crawford, Texas ranch, former President Bush cited his renewed Christian faith as the catalyst for this unprecedented action. “Last month, I had a conversation with Jesus Christ. A new conversation. And I’ve been very blessed to have been born again, again. This time, for real,” Mr. Bush read in a prepared statement to half a dozen stunned reporters.


* * * *

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The Vincent Bugliosi blueprint for prosecuting George W. Bush for murder in any US state. [click here]

Just Googled

"Connecticut White Boy Club", not in quotes, and the below came up as the number one on the list:

The Connecticut State Police, "White and Male Only" club?

The first Hispanic woman to become a state trooper says she faced discrimination and disrespect as
A New Voice Speaks Out

[Connecticut] STATE TROOPER DEBBIE GUTIERREZ, shown in her attorney's office in New Haven, says she faced discrimination as an instructor at the state police academy. (ROSS TAYLOR / January 30, 2008)

By TRACY GORDON FOX | Courant Staff Writer
February 1, 2008

Trooper Debbie Gutierrez had never publicly complained about racism she says she has encountered within the Connecticut state police.

And she was hesitant to speak out even at a hearing to discuss claims of racism within her department convened Tuesday by the legislature's black and Latino caucus. But Rep. Minnie Gonzalez, D-Hartford, one of the lawmakers who called the meeting, urged her to tell her story after hearing it herself.

So toward the end of the 10-hour hearing, Gutierrez, the first Hispanic woman to join the state police and one of only two in the entire sworn department, sat down at the microphone and spoke of how she was railroaded out of her job as an instructor at the state police academy, the very place where recruits are supposed to be taught about diversity and respect.

Her statements added a different perspective to the racism issue, which had been told primarily through testimony by Sgt. Andrew Crumbie, who had been chief of staff to a former commissioner and commander of the state police laboratory, and other black troopers.

Gutierrez, a 41-year-old mother of two, gave a glimpse ofthe racism that minorities claim is entrenched deeply in the agency from top to bottom.

"We have to stop this," Gonzalez said after hearing the testimony. "It's terrible. It's not fair. It's unbelievable we have to deal with an issue like this in 2008." [more Connecticut State Police misconduct within their own ranks]

[Connecticut State Police "Gay Bashing" and brutality within their own ranks]

* * * *

This might end up on the list soon if you google: "Connecticut White Boy Club":

"Pussy" Police Officer responsible for child's death?

Captain William J. "Taco" Sullivan of the Connecticut State Police * Supreme Court Justice in Connecticut * White Boy Club

[Click here] for post that includes the above picture and caption

* * * *

[click here] for:

The Connecticut State Trooper Gene Pool?

keywords: Connecticut State Police misconduct brutality Judicial Peter Coukos Barbara Sattel Colonel Thomas "The Duck Davoren Attorney Michael H. Agranoff weasel Stafford Springs Enfield Somers Somersville Hartford Stamford Norwalk Wethersfield West East Judge Jonathan Kaplan Rockville Superior Court [more]

* * * *

[click here] for post called, "Taxpayer Paid Liars, Cheats, and Thugs"

[click here] for post called, "End of America"

[click here] on the Connecticut State Police recruits called, "Young, Armed, Dangerous, Horny"

* * * *

[click here] for post going with:

The Steven G. Erickson Mugshot

The above is the Steven G. Erickson Mugshot (taken Oct. 2001), former Political Prisoner, People's Republik of Corruptikut Inmate # 305662

This blogger's email:
To share this post, click on white envelope below

Legislating Insurance Changes

The above picture, stolen [from here]

GEICO is allegedly not licensed to sell insurance in Massachusetts.

If GEICO is considered not really having auto insurance coverage by Massachusetts, those driving into Massachusetts could have their vehicles towed and impounded with impound fees compounding daily, be arrested, fined, and face days in court. Why do this? Well, it would wake up the nation to what is going on with insurance companies, and maybe possible changes could be legislated benefiting We the People.

If GEICO has been more stingy, unreasonable, and employing tactics to get citizens to cave into unresonable settlements, or just signing off, GEICO's business practices and complaints lodged against GEICO should be reviewed by Massachusetts legislators, as well as nationally, by US Senators and Congresspersons.

If GEICO insured drivers drive in from out of state and cause deaths, personal injury, lost wages, and mounting medical bills, and if GEICO delays paying what is owed, or only partially pays, or doesn't pay what is owed, they are further harming the economy nationally, medical providers, the homes industry, adding to the mortgage crisis, and can be contributing to the break up and the harming of families. Maybe GEICO corporate executives could even be prosecuted in Massachusetts by the Attorney General for risk of injury to minors, a felony, and to the contributing to the delenquency of minors, given their payment policies doing harm to children and familes, as well as the economy.

Someone who isn't compensated timely, or not compensated fully, or at all, can have ruined credit, face liens, and court. Those teatering, just barely making it, can fall into the prison trap and/or even be contemplating suicide.

By clicking on the white envelope below this post, you can send this post by email. Please make your US Sentors, Congresspersons, and your local elected officials aware of this post and this very important national issue.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson

[click here] for previous post on GEICO's business practices

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Large Corporation suing its victims for damages?

The below [found here]

Multi-Billion $$ Monsanto Sues
More Small Family Farmers

Percy Schmeiser is a farmer from Saskatchewan Canada, whose Canola fields were contaminated with Monsanto's genetically engineered Round-Up Ready Canola by pollen from a nearby farm. Monsanto says it doesn't matter how the contamination took place, and is therefore demanding Schmeiser pay their Technology Fee (the fee farmers must pay to grow Monsanto's genetically engineered products). According to Schmeiser, "I never had anything to do with Monsanto, outside of buying chemicals. I never signed a contract.

canola field and tractorIf I would go to St. Louis (Monsanto Headquarters) and contaminate their plots - destroy what they have worked on for 40 years - I think I would be put in jail and the key thrown away."

Rodney Nelson's family farm is being forced into a similar lawsuit by Monsanto.

Support Schmeiser, Nelson and hundreds of other farmers who are being forced to pay Monsanto to have their fields contaminated by genetically modified organisms.

Sign OCA's "Millions Against Monsanto" petition. These petitions will be physically delivered to Monsanto and related court hearings.

* * * *

The idea to post the above came [from this OpEd piece]

The Problems with Hillary Clinton

Doesn't anyone not remember that Hillary Clinton at one point, had no chance to become the Democratic nominee for President, never mind the next President. She almost completely sank the chances of any Democrat President nominee being elected. She is not a team player, she is an absolute pirate with no concern at all for others or any financial and moral responsibility.

If as a US Senator she'd put a New York constituent in prison for trying to expose public corruption and judicial misconduct to her office, is Hillary Clinton too sleazy to hold any position in government? Should Hillary be arrested and face prison?

[more], posted on OpEd News.

Hopefully those close to Barach Obama can warn him of Hillary's true evil before it is too late.

* * * *

I shot Hillary Clinton footage, Hartford, Connecticut [video, click here]

Can a car get 1500 miles on 10 gallons of gas? Ask Hillary Clinton [video]

I shot Barack Obama footage, Hartford, Connecticut [video, click here]

The Barack Obama "Water Bottle Incident" in Hartford, CT [video]

* * * *

US Senator Hillary Clinton allegedly helped railroad her own New York constituent, Elena Sassower, to prison for trying to warn her office about a corrupt federal judge nominee, Wesley:

Does Hillary Clinton have more in common with George W. Bush than she does with Barack Obama?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Keeping America Free?

A US President should not be able to pardon himself for murders, conspiracy to commit murder, fraud, obstruction of justice, lying, perjury, war crimes, crimes against humanity, rape, bid rigging, unfair business practices, and/or other crimes.

If Barack Obama and the powers that be, don't act, a future US President might be able to torture, rape, and murder right in the Oval Office at the White House with impunity. Barack Obama's most import job ever, might just be to see that George W. Bush is prosecuted. The world would be a safer place with George W. Bush behind bars. Future presidents would know that they, on down, are accountable to laws.

George W. Bush has been called a sociopath, psychopath, war criminal etc. There is probably more than enough proof that these labels are accurate.

Either the US Constitution and our laws apply, or they don't.

-Steven G. Erickson

[click here] for blueprint any State Attorney General can use to prosecute George W. Bush for murder.

[click here] for video clip where Steven G. Erickson questions Phil Donahue about arresting George W. Bush.

Steven G. Erickson, Vincent Bugliosi (Charles Manson prosecutor), Charlotte Dennett, and others show up to serve the Vermont Attorney General papers establishing jurisdiction so any state's Attorney General can prosecute George W. Bush for murder and/or conspiracy to commit murder. [video]

[video] Francis C. P. Knize and Steven G. Erickson meet up with Bob Edgar, President Common Cause, and Amy Goodman, Democracy Now

Medea Benjamin of CodePink had interesting things to say regarding testing Free Speech in America. I met up with her at the Free Press, NCMR event June 6 - 8, at the Minneapolis Convention Center, Minnesota [video]

My agenda is to fix [this], scroll down for links, stories, and my mugshot.

* * * *
* * * *

Having any justice in America, means judges shouldn't be judging judges:

"In the Interest of Justice", A Documentary Primer

police should not be policing police [post].

And, lawyers like Michael H. Agranoff, Stafford Springs/Ellington area Connecticut lawyers should not be overseeing other lawyers. [post]

And ... George W. Bush should not be pardoning himself ...

* * * *

The Private Attorney General bill passed into law will bring justice back to, We the People by bolstering our access and use of Grand Juries, where private, unbiased investigations could ensure honesty, integrity, and public and private corruption can be immediately curbed. [Private Attorney General bill information]


The above 20 second video was meant to direct youtube viewers here, and to [this OpEd News post].

I intend on researching the possibility of producing a documentary on GEICO. I wish to see if their actual business practices resemble what is spouted out in their numerous, simultaneously, nationally run, commercials. There are allegations they are even unwilling to pay, partially pay, and/or fully pay medical bills of those injured, and not at fault, for their injuries, where GEICO is the party allegedly responsible for paying. Please contact me if you would like to provide evidence on GEICO, good or bad.

My email is:

I'm also willing to talk to those willing finance, help produce, and distribute a production. The production and/or private investigation might involve other insurance companies. Does GEICO's actual service match what they claim in commercials? We'd like to know.

Is this typical of how GEICO operates?:

"I was rear ended last Dec. the woman who hit me and her insurance comp. (gieco) acknowledged full fault. My car was totaled, I have what they call soft tissue damage and saw docs for 8 months, and will probably forever require a chiropractor (no pre-existing injuries). I hired an attorney because I didn't know what else to do. Today he spoke with me and said I should expect between 1-9000 dollars! This seems pitiful considering all the months of docs and back spasms. however he says going to court is risky and could end up costing me $. My medical bills alone are in the 10,000 range, not to mention future expected costs. Should I seek a second opinion? Do I risk court with ''soft'' tissue damage? I'm so confused and I feel this is so wildly unfair but that I have almost no recourse. I wasn't expecting a huge settlement, but I was expecting my medical bills to be paid and compensation for my ongoing pain. Is this the norm?
Category: Personal Injury Law and Tort Law
State(s), Country: FL (FL), US
Posted: 10/13/2008"

The above [found here]

Wikipedia Geico definition [found here]

G.E.I.C.O., "The Government Employees Insurance Company", do they act like the current US Government? They have the word "Government" in their name. Are they predatory?

We'd like to have answers and then present the findings in a film. We'd also like to be in contract with insurance commissioners and/or State Attorney Generals in possibly all US States and in any areas covered by GEICO. We would also like to present finding to Congress and the US Senate at hearings in Washington, DC. We believe that the system could be made fairer, less expensive, and better serving.

There definitely is a problem with the length of time and the hassles involved just getting compensation for injuries. Lost wages occur in real time. How much is this harming families, children, and the economy nationally right now? Maybe proposed legislation needs to be put in front of Congress and the US Senate. Maybe there needs to be a special hearing. If there is evidence of wrongdoing maybe the evidence needs to be collected and presented as a single package for presentation to a US Attorney, the FBI, and/or the US Department of Justice.

-Steven G. Erickson
mailing address given upon request

* * * *
* * * *

From the Consumer Reviews by Company blog:

"Additional information about Geico. Geico is an acronym that stands for Government Employees Insurance Company. It was founded in 1963 originally as a company that provided auto insurance directly to federal government employees. The company provides different kinds of auto insurance policies and work under its main slogan that looks like: "Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance." The company issues millions of policies every year and provides coverage for different vehicles like motor cars, trucks, motorcycles and other motor vehicles. Geico offers its services in all states of the United States of America but Massachusetts. The company usually deals directly with people over the phone and the Internet saving money on not employing insurance agents. But this marketing model of Geico irritates a lot of consumers and they complain about the poor, unprofessional and incompetent service."


* * * *

Refused to pay my claim!

GEICO has refused to pay on a claim that they first promised to pay. I have been going back and forth with GEICO for over two months now. GEICO has no record of a phone call that I made to them on October 16... I proved them wrong by pulling the phone records from my place of employment. They did not care that their records were incomplete and erroneous. I have sent two complaints to the insurance commissioner's office, the second is still pending... following is the text from the second complaint:

This is a follow-up to my first complaint that I submitted in December of 2006. Since that submission, GEICO has embarked down a path of the most unprofessional and incompetent behavior that I have ever experienced with any company. [source]

There are a whole slew of complaints in the comments section of the above thread

* * * *

Scam and cheating

I was a loyal Geico customer for over 10 years. I never had a claim. I never even had a speeding ticket or parking violation. Nothing. In a one year period, mine and my wife's cars were both hit, each time while our cars were not moving. First I was hit at a stoplight when a driver passed out and plowed through an intersection and hit a turning car in front of me. Again, my car was at a complete dead stop.

Later that same year, my wife's car was hit in her parking lot at work, when she wasn't even in the car. The car was unoccupied. Neither time did Geico pay a claim on my behalf when I was at fault. Would you like to know what GEICO did? They told me I was an unacceptable rick and promptly canceled all my coverages. When I called up and talked to them, their reason was that there were two claims against my policy. What?

Basically, after even after asking for and talking to a supervisor, I was informed that because both accidents were caused by other GEICO insured drivers, my policy was being canceled. I have never been as upset with a company I had done business with before.

No matter how old I become or how many people I have to tell this story to, I will never ever do business with this company again. They took over $15, 000 of premiums from me and then canceled me because I had the misfortune to get hit twice (in stationary vehicles) in 12 months by other Geico customers. I guess next time I'm at a red light, I should make sure I get hit by a State Farm or Allstate insured driver.

I am insured by geico since 2006 and I believe that they where the lowest rate i could find on auto insurance but that does not compare to all the hidden fees that they require you to pay without any notice. Geico should change its name to fraudco anything they can do to put money in there pockets. Geico charges hidden fees like under 3 years new driver insurance and if you had an international license for 6 years before that and get a US license they charge you as a new driver what crock of s***. Stay away from Geico if your a new driver and if your thinking of getting geico they will tell you a quote that is resonable and then when you take it they will add all kinds of fees when you least expect it to come. Geico sucks!!!


* * * *

Website dedicated to pissed off GEICO customers:

* * * *

It's Been 4 Months, GEICO, Where's My Money?

The following day was the first instance of night driving that occurred after I picked up the car. What happened you ask? No odometer and speedometer lights. Now, I'm starting to panic. I'm asking myself what else could be wrong? So, the following Monday, as soon as they open, I bring the car to the shop I wanted to from the very beginning. Mike, ever the great shop owner puts my car on priority, and proceeds to check it as I head back to work. Not an hour later, he finds GLARING repair issues ranging from aftermarket parts that were not installed properly, to shoddy painting, parts that were billed but never replaced, and the best part, a bent frame. Not being one to stand around and watch a friend and customer be taken advantage of, Mike begins the process of getting a claims adjuster back down to his shop to look things over. Upon doing so the next day (now the 11th) Bryan, the new adjuster totals the car. Upon explanation of my bill, he tells me that although the initial amount was $6200, Durable charged an extra $3000!!! for supplement work they did not even do properly.

So, at this point, although I am livid, I feel a bit of justification seeing as the right thing was being done. The next day, I get a call telling me they cannot total the car. My heart sinks. How could Geico total the car one day, and UNTOTAL it the next? This sort of thing would have been inconceivable to me before this moment. Fortunately, the following day they re-totaled the car, and I was told I should get a check within five business days. Sounds all well and good right?

Well, after three separate phone calls to the total loss representative assigned to my case, I have not yet received word back, and I am still left carless, and with no idea when I am to receive my check. Not only was my car not repaired properly, but because Geico steered me to one of their shops illegally, I've been without a car for close to four months, and thus far have no recourse. I just felt that although their commercials appear to allow them to perform small to large miracles, this time around, they failed me as a customer, and as such, the loyal readers of The Consumerist should know to beware.

Jonathan Goffan


* * * *

Should Massachusetts legislators be contacted to request legislation be passed to consider having GEICO auto insurance, not having valid insurance when driving into Massachusetts from other states? If GEICO does not pay, or does not pay timely, claims, they legitimately owe for lost wages and for medical, they can be contributing to further hurting a national economy and adding to the mortgage crisis by causing more families to default on their mortgages and be out on the street.

If out of state motorists have to worry about being arrested, their cars being towed away to an impound lot, fines, and court for not really having valid insurance, driving through Massachusetts, maybe the government minded paper pushers running GEICO out of Washington, DC, will wake up and start better serving the public and maintaining better business and claim payout policies.

Contacting US Senators and Congresspersons about what is passing as insurance for our homes, cars, businesses, and to protect us in eventualities is lacking, and in too many instances, bad business practices are being employed, maybe We the People, can help fix a system that has been broken too long.

* * * *
* * * *

Legislating Insurance Changes

The above picture, stolen [from here]

GEICO is allegedly not licensed to sell insurance in Massachusetts.

If GEICO is considered not really having auto insurance coverage by Massachusetts, those driving into Massachusetts could have their vehicles towed and impounded with impound fees compounding daily, be arrested, fined, and face days in court. Why do this? Well, it would wake up the nation to what is going on with insurance companies, and maybe possible changes could be legislated benefiting We the People.

If GEICO has been more stingy, unreasonable, and employing tactics to get citizens to cave into unresonable settlements, or just signing off, GEICO's business practices and complaints lodged against GEICO should be reviewed by Massachusetts legislators, as well as nationally, by US Senators and Congresspersons.

If GEICO insured drivers drive in from out of state and cause deaths, personal injury, lost wages, and mounting medical bills, and if GEICO delays paying what is owed, or only partially pays, or doesn't pay what is owed, they are further harming the economy nationally, medical providers, the homes industry, adding to the mortgage crisis, and can be contributing to the break up and the harming of families. Maybe GEICO corporate executives could even be prosecuted in Massachusetts by the Attorney General for risk of injury to minors, a felony, and to the contributing to the delenquency of minors, given their payment policies doing harm to children and familes, as well as the economy.

Someone who isn't compensated timely, or not compensated fully, or at all, can have ruined credit, face liens, and court. Those teatering, just barely making it, can fall into the prison trap and/or even be contemplating suicide.

By clicking on the white envelope below this post, you can send this post by email. Please make your US Sentors, Congresspersons, and your local elected officials aware of this post and this very important national issue.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Connecticut Fatherlessness Task Force

Past post on this subject [here].

[click here] for "Connecticut legislators at work?"

[click here] for photos and video from Bill Cosby's 12-08-08 appearance in front of the Fatherhood Task Force Legislative Committee

I want to ask what the commission will do about my case. Should a citizen who complains about prostitution and drug dealing going on, or near, his property, be a target of police, not the criminals? Should children become fatherless because their father lodges a legitimate complaint, contacting elected officials and writing letters to the editor in newspapers?

I was so fed up with the situation I wrote George W. Bush, [this letter, scroll down] 9-15-01. I was then arrested 10-11-01 and was railroaded to prison for having complained, sentenced to a year in prison for having pepper sprayed a felon, attempting to rob me after jumping me in my dark driveway. I hope to point out the post with the letter to Bush to show how ridiculous things have gotten. If they are willing to address the causes of fatherlessness from victims, maybe the problem can start to be solved.

The courts are rigged and police go out and falsely arrest citizens for retaliation for having lodged judicial, attorney, prosecutorial, and police misconduct complaints. Exposing public corruption can land one in prison. Children should not be fatherless because their father tested the 1st Amendment.

-Steven G. Erickson

[click here] for post with my case docket number

The Steven G. Erickson Mugshot

The above is the Steven G. Erickson Mugshot (taken Oct. 2001), former Political Prisoner, People's Republik of Corruptikut Inmate # 305662

* * * *

Text of email sent to Connecticut Legislators:

To whom it may concern:

If a parent is taken out of a child's life in retaliation for making a judicial or police misconduct complaint, or for proposing legislation to elected officials and is retaliated against, should the legislature offer remedy on a case by case basis?

I complained about prostitution and hard drugs being sold on, and near my property. The Connecticut State Police told me to shut my mouth and leave the state or be arrested as they didn't want me interfering with prostitution and other crimes.

The Police terrorized me out of the Connecticut home that I owned and purposely ruined my small business built over 2 decades. They ruined the relationship I had with my daughter as I was railroaded to prison for resisting being mugged by a police informant who threatened my life for weeks before attacking me on my property. Should Connecticut have terrorists wearing police badges? Should there be kangaroo courts in Connecticut? Should Connecticut collect federal tax dollars to break up families and take taxpayers and homeowners offline?

My criminal record makes me look like I have been habitually violent and a complete undesirable. Almost no one is willing to hire me because of my criminal record. I was told by a hotel that rented by the week that they didn't take violent criminals like me. Wal-mart says I am too violent to collect shopping carts in the parking lot. All I did was end the beating I was taking using pepper spray. I was sentenced to a year in prison for that with no previous record.

Those in the judicial branch who turn in judges and judicial managers in for committing felonies are fired and/or suspended and private investigators are hired to terrorize the whistle blowers, their families, and their friends into silence. So, court cases are rigged. If you make a police misconduct complaint in Connecticut, the complaint isn't investigated, the complainer is arrested and barbecued in court.

Should Connecticut be a "state of fear" too risky for families to raise their kids, work, and own a home in?

Please email me back.

-Steven G. Erickson

* * * *

This post and above text was sent to:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Fatherlessness Task Force:,,,,,,,,,,,

Connecticut Legislative Children Committee:;;;;;;;;;

* * * *

Added Nov. 14, 2008, 11:55 AM EST:

I received the below by email from Bill Mulready.

He had emailed the below to:
Melissa Farley (

Bill Mulready October 29, 2008
C/O John Dibiase
17 Newton Street
Meriden CT. 06450-4414

Mrs. Chase Rogers [Connecticut Supreme Court Justice]
“Supervisory Authority Prospectively”
State of Connecticut Judicial Branch
Supreme Court Building
231 Capital Ave.
Hartford CT. 06106

Ms Barbara Quinn, Chief Court Administrator
Civil Commission Members
Judge DiPentima and the Public Service and Trust Commission

And other interested individuals;

RE: In reply to Ms Quinn and Ms Sellers:

a. The legal responsibilities of both the Office of Chief Justice and Office of Chief Court Administrator as well as every employee of the Branch are to prohibit Disability Discrimination at all times. Including but not at all limiting (substitute Branch for national):

(1) to provide a clear and comprehensive national mandate for the elimination of discrimination against individuals with disabilities; ADA Sec 12101 (b) (1);

(2) to provide clear, strong, consistent, enforceable standards addressing discrimination against individuals with disabilities; ADA Sec 12101 (b) (2);

b. Because of State of Connecticut Judicial Branch (Branch) failures to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA, or Title II) and system wide Disability Discrimination within the Branch;
i. Branch rules do not apply, especially when used as a barrier;
ii. My case Carol Mulready v. William Mulready is Unconstitutional and requires that it be overturned;

c. Knock! Knock! Mrs. Rogers; the disabled are here, we’re looking for our Fundamental Constitutional Rights to Branch Fairness, Branch Equality, Affirmative Action prohibiting Disability Discrimination and Access to our Courts Equal and the Same as Non-Disabled.

Ms Sellers: For the second time you are in the way; a barrier that the PSTC Strategic Plan and Implementation Plan both require to be eliminated, as does the ADA and it’s Implementation Regulations; you are interfering with my Fundamental Constitutional Rights to complaints to the top person in charge of the Public Entity known as the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch in violation of the Bill of Rights; the ADA Sec 12203 (a)(b)(c) as well as; Federal Regulations 28 CFR PART 35.134.

Open the door to Mrs. Rogers and get out of the way please.

Mrs. Rogers/Ms Quinn:

I have proven and presented 3 separate facts, that each as a stand-alone warrants my case Carol Mulready v. William Mulready is overturned immediately.

1. The Plaintiff has admitted in open Court to fabricating her complaints, most likely based on disability. Protection of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Constitution;
2. Judge Walter M. Pickett JR. clear abuse of discretion. 31 lies! Unconstitutional Color of Law violations;
3. PSTC verify, confirm, and address non-compliance and discrimination violations of the ADA coupled with ten barriers system wide in the Branch. Protection of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Constitution.

Because of Branch non-compliance with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act and a failure to make available the protection of the ADA as well as the Branch failure to offer me (as well as the Plaintiff) modification of its policies, programs, activities including exams, has and had no Jurisdiction over the matter Mulready v. Mulready and illegally interfered into and interrupted my families and my lives.

Questions Raised

Do you have, please provide for me and date of implementation?

{35.106 Notice.
A public entity shall make available to applicants, participants, beneficiaries, and other interested persons information regarding the provisions of this part and its applicability to the services, programs, or activities of the public entity, and make such information available to them in such manner as the head of the entity finds necessary to apprise such persons of the protections against discrimination assured them by the Act and this part.
{35.107 Designation of responsible employee and adoption of grievance procedures.
(a) Designation of responsible employee. A public entity that employs 50 or more persons shall designate at least one employee to coordinate its efforts to comply with and carry out its responsibilities under this part, including any investigation of any complaint communicated to it alleging its noncompliance with this part or alleging any actions that would be prohibited by this part. The public entity shall make available to all interested individuals the name, office address, and telephone number of the employee or employees designated pursuant to this paragraph.
(b) Complaint procedure. A public entity that employs 50 or more persons shall adopt and publish grievance procedures providing for prompt and equitable resolution of complaints alleging any action that would be prohibited by this part.

Below we find the Branch Equal Employment Opportunity Plan. OK I’ll play; I hereby apply for the job of Chief Justice; now give me back my babies and my life, thank you.

You did not offer or provide me with this on April 19, 1995, equals no Due Process, no Equal Protection of Law equal no Branch Jurisdiction nor compelling reason to destroy my family equals my families individual as well as my own right to remedy past discrimination; eliminate currant discrimination; and prohibit future discrimination. My letter stands, give me back my family and my life.

Next comes John DiBiase (who I think wants to bring William food protest Colman), Chris Kennedy, Ken Krajewski, Steven G. Erickson, Kevin Logan; all have not been provided their rights, all have been discriminated against and excluded by reason of disability and gender, by the Branch.

Yours for barrier free courts with honest and sober Judges:

Bill Mulready

Click document to enlarge

It is hereby reaffirmed that it is the policy of the Judicial Branch of the State of Connecticut to provide equal employment opportunity to all employees and job applicants, regardless of race, color, religious creed, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, ancestry, learning disability, present or past history of mental disorder, mental retardation or physical disability, including, but not limited to, blindness. This policy applies to all aspects of the employer/employee relationship, including recruitment, selection, appointment, upgrading and promotion, evaluation, conditions and privileges of employment, training, educational assistance, compensation, benefits, transfer, discipline, layoff, recall and termination of employment.

The Judicial Branch complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act and with all federal and state law pertaining to individuals with disabilities. The terms "disability" or "disabled" as used in this policy statement and elsewhere in the Equal Employment Opportunity Plan shall be construed in a manner consistent with the ADA and other pertinent federal and state laws. To this end the Judicial Branch has appointed division representatives to the ADA Committee to ensure continued compliance with the ADA and an ongoing forum to see that needs are identified and addressed throughout the Branch. "Equal Employment Opportunity", as defined by law and governmental regulations, requires affirmative action to overcome the effects of past and present discriminatory practices, policies or other barriers to equal employment opportunity and to ensure the full and fair utilization of women and minorities in all levels of the work force. The goal of the Judicial Branch is to achieve a work force population that is properly balanced and fully represented by women and minorities throughout the organization and to ensure true equality of employment and a work environment that is free of discrimination. Further, the Judicial Branch will make every reasonable accommodation to satisfy the needs of its applicants and employees with disabilities. If employees feel they have been discriminated against, they should contact the Program Manager for EEO within the Administrative Services Division Human Resource Management Unit, Office of the Chief Court Administrator. The Program Manager for EEO is authorized to review and investigate such complaints and identify and mitigate discriminatory practices.
The accompanying Equal Employment Opportunity Plan for 2007-2008 sets forth the continuing course of action the Judicial Branch will take during this period in order to put forth a good-faith effort to attain the goals indicated within the fiscal constraints faced by the State. All managers and supervisors are responsible for implementing the provisions herein.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Plan will be updated and revised periodically to reflect changes in federal and/or state anti-discrimination laws. All employees of the Judicial Branch have the right to review and comment on the Equal Employment Opportunity Plan, a copy of

* * * *
* * * *

If you want to see how much rampant public corruption and judicial misconduct goes on in the Connecticut Judicial Branch [click here]

* * * *

This public comment [video] was sealed from the public by the brass of the Connecticut Judicial Branch. Andrea Wilson and another judicial branch employee blow the whistle to judges, managers, and VIPs at an official hearing. This testimony and that of the public was hidden so the judicial branch could give itself straight A's in a rigged survey [video] paid for by tax dollars.

What are other insiders in the judicial branch saying when they feel free to let loose? [more]

* * * *

Former Governor John G. Rowland, as I recall had on his official webpage a boast that child abuse had gone down 45%, but Connecticut in this same time took 445% more children away from their parents. My OpEd News take on that [found here].

[click here] for the letter meant to arrive for Governor Rowland first day of Federal Prison for his bribery and public corruption charges.

There is a way to end this type of judicial and prosecutorial abuse, nationally, [click here]

The Connecticut State Police misconduct and brutality exposed [click here], part of that post:

The Connecticut State Trooper Gene Pool?

[click here] for the New York State Police Internal Affairs 168 page official report on Connecticut State Police misconduct

[Connecticut State Police official webpage]

Their email:

Connecticut State Police, Troop C, Ellington, Stafford, Somers, Tolland phone number:
(860) 896-3222

* * * *

Is there still "Gay Bashing" going on within the ranks of the Connecticut State Police?
[post on that subject]

Will Connecticut Representative Michael P. Lawlor and State Senator Michael J. McDonald get together on the subject of "Gay Bashing"? [more]

[full post of the above]

* * * *

[click here] for video that might just best describe my saga.

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The Alarming Numbers?

The below is a comment in a Paul Craig Roberts' post [found here]

Virgil BierschwaleEditor of Keep America at Work

Finally, somebody that gets it

Very good article..

Here is one I wrote yesterday at titled "Polls"


You love them or you hate them or in my case, you distrust them because they don't provide the detail so that you can verify the accuracy of the data.

But on the other hand, I'm noticing some interesting things in the "Employed" poll that I am running this month.

As of right this minute we have:

  • 19 employed for 57.6 %
  • 7 unemployed for 21.2 %
  • 5 looking for 15.2%
  • 2 gave up for 6.1 %

Now according to the cia's web site we have about 300 million people in america, so lets divide that into 3 age groups.

Lets make the assumption that 100 million are under the age of 18 which leaves 200 million.

So we have an age group from 18 - 98 and 200 million people

A lot of people either retired at 65 or possibly were forced to retire at 65 which leaves from a total of 70 working years:

  • 33 years of retired people and
  • 37 years of working people

That is awful close to 50 % this early in the morning.

So these rough numbers tell me we should have 100 million working and 100 million retired as approximate numbers.

Now I read in one of the government reports a while back that our government uses 150 million workers which makes me wonder how they arrived at that number, but thats another topic at a later date.

So we have 100 million workers, now lets deal with the numbers above and we'll add the 19 employed and the 5 looking for a total of 24 working and we'll add the numbers of 7 unemployed and 2 gave up for a total of 9

So now we have the numbers of 24 and 9 which gives us 33

So now we will divide 100 million by 33 and we get 3,030,303 per number

So now we're going to multiply 3,030,303 times 24 and we get a working population of 72,727,273

And now we're going to multiply 3,030,303 times 9 and we get a unemployed populaton of 27,272,727

Damn, does that give us an unemployed percentage of 28 % instead of the 6 % our experts are telling us.

Now do you see why our economy and the economy of all the democratic countries is suffering right now ?

As for you other democratic countries, run the numbers on your own country and if your leaders have followed America's lead and sent your jobs offshore, then that will explain why you're going through the same problems we are.

by Virgil Bierschwale (0 articles, 0 quicklinks, 0 diaries, 1 comments) on Thursday, November 13, 2008 at 5:38:48 AM

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans of the Iraq War speak out

[click here] for the story on OpEd

The below [found here]

"IVAW 10" w/ "Hempstead 15" @ Court for Hofstra POLICE RIOT ( on Nov 10 ) **

Mah Fellow Veterans,
Happy, er, ah, NAH, make it POIGNANT VETERANS DAY !
Bill w/ sign
BP & Co-Defendants arrived shortly after Dawn, to set the stage for the Tale of Veterans
Nick Morgan & Mathis Chiroux... Well below, please find Chiroux's account of Today's,
November 10, 2008 Court Date for the IVAW's 10 Veterans' who were denied the opportunity
to ask 1 question each, to John McCain, and Barack Obama, @ the Oct 15th Hofstra "Debate"
MFSO (Military Families Speak Out) Goddess and WCW (World Can't Wait) Maven,
Ms Elaine Brower, took 2 of BP's October 15th Hofstra Police RIOT photos, and blew
them up to 24" X 36" to help folks visualize the cruelty of Nassau County Mounted Police
Mathis 'splains today's Court proceedings, which were basically the Judge was pissed that
all 15 Defendant's pleaded "NOT GUILTY", and demanded Trial by Jury, AND the Judge was
pissed that IVAW had 150 supporters in front of the Court.
Mathis Chiroux will be on AMY GOODMAN's Democracy Now! on Tuesday, Veterans Day
Nick Morgan, who is recovering nicely from when the Police Riot broke his eye socket's
Zygoma, and orbit, & cheekbone ( Donate @ )
King of Ink, and co-defendant Geoff Millard
Co-Defendant Mike Spinaton
Co-Defendants Jose Vasquez & Kris Goldsmith
You may have seen CNN's coverage of Goldsmith's PTSD on last weeks' CNN Special. at:
Revolutionary Patriot Adam Kokesh ( see for the DEFINITIVE YOU TUBE of today, posted moments ago )
ALL Photos, CREDIT Bill Perry
Bill Perry
215-945-3350, 215-945-1269
Delaware Valley Veterans For America

Disabled American Veteran, VVAW, VFP, VFW, VVA
Bill Perry, Service Officer
Disabled American Veteran CSO
Make ANY ERROR in the VA Claims maze,
& you'll be forced into a 2 year Appeal process
Get Expert Advice, Evaluations, & Treatment
215-945-1269 215-945-3350 215-589-9413
Hempstead 15 plead not guilty while cops defend brutalizing veterans

It was a sad day for Nassau County, but a proud one for veterans and activists nation-wide when the Hempstead 15 plead not guilty Nov. 10 in the Nassau County District Courthouse to charges of disorderly conduct while a crowd of 100 supporters cheered them from in and outside the building.

The charges stemmed from an action planned by IVAW around the final presidential debate at Hofstra University Oct. 15. During the debate, members of Iraq Veterans Against the War and supporters peacefully marched into police lines blocking Hofstra's entrance after having their voices and issues ignored throughout the election cycle by the candidates.

During the demonstration, Nassau County Police used horses to push demonstrators onto a sidewalk before brutalizing them and arresting several, including Nick Morgan, a veteran of Iraq whose face was crushed by a police horse. In total, ten veterans and five of our supporters were arrested, hence the Hempstead 15.

Following an evening of relentless harassment by Nassau County Police, including threats of rape and further brutality, the Hempstead 15 were released to appear in court today where all plead not guilty as the police defended their actions to the press.

"The protesters were trying to gain entry into the debate, and police were not going to let that happen," said Det. Sgt. Anthony Repalone of the NCPD to Newsday. "We used necessary force in order to carry out that goal," he said, before asserting that police have yet to determine whether Nick was actually trampled.

This claim comes in direct contradiction not only to video evidence clearly showing Nick and others being trampled and brutalized on the sidewalk opposite the main gate of Hofstra, but also a statement made by Lt. Kevin Smith of the NCPD's Public Information Office almost a month ago where he acknowledged, "One of the defendants collided with a police horse," before adding, "Who do you think is gonna win?"

After refusing to drop charges against the Hempstead fifteen, Nassau County once again snubbed the first amendment and our supporters by setting different court dates for our members, scattering our next appearances from this Wednesday to late January, I suspect in an attempt to complicate further demonstrations.

What these legal gerrymanderers don't realize is they've just given a motivated movement a good reason to celebrate liberty and support our troops 15 more times on their front porch!

So where do we go from here?

We must keep up the pressure on Nassau County to drop all charges against the Hempstead 15. You can do this by calling District Attorney Kathleen Rice at 516-571-2994 or contacting her here:

As well, you can sign the petition demanding that charges be dropped against Nick Morgan and that those officers responsible for the brutality of Oct. 15th be held accountable. Additionally, please donate money to help cover Nick's medical bills at

Please reach out to president-elect Obama however you can and demand that he condemn the trampling and arrests of Nick and others as well the eroding of our civil liberties as Americans.

Please help us spread word of the tragic events of Oct. 15th by continuing to forward information about the demonstration, Nick Morgan and the Hempstead 15 to your friends, relatives and co-workers. This REALLY makes a difference.

Adam Kokesh will be going to trial this Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. Please come out to the courthouse at 8 a.m. to show your support! 99 Main St., Hempstead, NY. The next court appearance will not take place until December which gives us some time to plan.

I'll be appearing on Democracy Now tomorrow morning for Veterans Day and to speak about what happened in court this morning. Please tune in or check out the broadcast on the web at

We're a long way from finished fighting. And this is a fight we will ultimately win. Simply having people in this country willing to put their bodies on the line in defense of our veterans and the constitution is proof that victory is within our grasps.

I was so moved this morning to see so many supporters gathered so early in the morning in solidarity with us. Thank you to all who turned out to make good on America's promise to support her troops. And thank you to all who signed the petition, donated to Nick and who've helped us get the word out!

Much more is to come from IVAW and the Hempstead 15. Stay in touch to see how we're going to end the war and ensure our troops get the care and respect they deserve!

Peace and Solidarity,

Matthis Chiroux



The Hempstead 15:
Matthis Chiroux (Army Sergeant)
Kristofer Goldsmith (Army Sergeant)
Adam Kokesh (Marine Sergeant)
Mike Spinato (Marine Corporal)
Geoff Millard (Army Sergeant)
Marlisa Grogan (Marine Captain)
Nathan Peld (Navy, 1998-2004)
Nick Morgan (Army Sergeant)
James Gilligan (Marine Corps, 6 years)
Jose Vasquez (Army & Army Reserves, 1992-2007)
Ryan Olander
Paul Blasenheim
David M. Disimino
Lianne Gillouly
Megan Day

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