Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Diagnosis George W. Bush

My clinical sense of him is that he is a man who is compromised by a couple of things:

One is by learning disabilities, which makes it hard for him to read, and therefore hard for him to visualize and anticipate events.

He is also compromised by his long history of alcoholism. That has led him to see the world in black and white, and for him to have to use black-and-white thinking, in order to manage his anxiety—and everything makes him anxious. So, he has to surround himself with people who agree with him, who see things the way he does, and who never question him.

Both of these problems—his difficulty processing information and his need to manage his anxiety by seeing the world in black and white—make him impervious to criticism, and he blocks out anything that he doesn't like. So he actually attacks reality; he attacks material reality in ways that I have not seen, except occasionally with President Reagan.

I've never seen anybody so distort external reality the way Bush does. What he does not like, he just closes his eyes to. He's sort of like an ostrich, who puts his head in the sand, only he puts his head in the Crawford desert sand.

The other thing he does when he's anxious, is that he dissociates, which means that he switches off part of his mind, and disconnects in order to manage anxiety. Disturbing news is like water going off a duck's back; if you saw the pictures of him in the "[Fahrenheit] 9/11" movie by Michael Moore, reading the book when he was told about the attack on the Twin Towers, you see a kind of vague, glazed look in his eyes. And you see the same thing when he's being briefed about the Katrina flood, the day before it happened: He has a way of disconnecting inside, whenever he's flooded with anxiety he cannot manage. [source]

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