Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Emails coming in

Word searches done on someone's name often lands people here.

A percentage email me. Usually there are positive emails and compliments.

Others want posts removed because of the embarrassment a family member has caused them or they don't want the light shown in.

I have posted on cop murder/suicides, such as:

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Courts are a popularity contest

Whoever has the most political connections wins no matter the evidence or the type of case, over and over and over.

Donna Bochicchio in a 1980 picture, slain wife of Connecticut State Police Officer, Michael Bocchicchio shot by her husband 4 times on a Connecticut court's steps Posted by Hello

Waterbury Attorney Julie Porzio, a Connecticut woman with many political, powerful family, and corporate connections Posted by Hello

Michael Bochicchio, a retired Major in the Connecticut State Police Posted by Hello

And this:

Victor Diaz

Ciara McDermott

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An individual claiming to be the son of Connecticut State Police Major Bochicchio, who shot his wife dead, wounded her lawyer, and then committed suicide seems to be blaming lawyers for the tragedy. Do lawyers drag cases on to empty completely one's finances and then at that point the case is "resolved"? Lawyers oversee lawyers in Connecticut. Lawyers sit on the legislative judiciary committee in Connecticut legislating more cash and less accountability for lawyers. A lying lawyer on the ethics committee is paid 6 figures in tax dollars and still has her job after being caught manufacturing evidence, obstructing justice, and involving herself in completely unethical official behavior.

The son goes on to say that the "unexplained" $200,000 or so cash that his father had was legitimate. Police Officers and officials in hot water with hundreds of thousands of dollars of unexplained cash is suspicious to me. I do think the State Police Major looked out for his buddies on the force. If he was going down anyway, he wouldn't want their dirty financial dealings, and the gross Connecticut State Police misconduct and brutality exposed for all to see.

There is plenty of crack cocaine and heroin dealing in Connecticut, sports betting, murder-for-hire, prostitution, rackets, thefts, beatings for hire, bid rigging, court case fixing, eliminating competition for mob businesses, etc. probably involving the Connecticut State Police.

If a citizen lodges a police misconduct complaint against a State Police Officer, the officers probably still are not actually investigated and the complainer faces the Connecticut State Police policy of "Arrest and Discredit".

So, I believe Major Bochicchio took one for the crew.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

The Connecticut State Trooper Gene Pool?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it Barbara Satal, Sattal, Sattle, Saddle or Sattel, how is it really spelled?

Sunday, November 30, 2008 4:11:00 PM  

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