Friday, November 07, 2008

Jackbooted Thugs on Parade [video]

Police Recruits: young, armed, dangerous, horny

More on the Connecticut State Police, their misconduct, and their brutality [here]

Are Connecticut State Police raping, murdering, assaulting, and robbing citizen police misconduct complaints not investigated?

Bush, Prostitutes, & Cocaine

[click here] for a short history of the US Presidential Drug Lord, Drug Smuggling Kingpin daily life.

I wrote former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland [this letter] meant to arrive on his bunk for his first day of Federal Prison. I would like to write George W. Bush a similar letter for his first day of Federal Prison. Rowland was known as "Johnny" to both Presidents Bush.

I wrote George W. Bush a letter 9-15-01, so fed up with the heroin and crack cocaine dealing on and near my rental properties in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. I couldn't stand being overrun by prostitutes. I didn't expect him to actually read the letter four days after 9-11. That letter, and the letter I received back [found here, scroll down in post]. The two minute video just above seems to indicate Bush was using hard drugs and cavorting with prostitutes. I was attacked on my property 10-11-01 and was sentence to a year in prison, suffering a rigged trial, for resisting getting beaten up on my own property!

Depending on how it gets printed out, my criminal rap sheet is 1 to 3 pages. The same charges for pepper spraying the felon who threatened my life and then attacked me in my dark driveway, have various dates, making me look like a career, violent criminal. Any background check done on me can yield 11 or more pages of bad credit, prison, and a rap sheet. I had excellent credit, owned a home, and had a small business built up over 2 decades BEFORE writing George W. Bush the 9-15-01 letter and being attacked on my property 10-11-01.

Imagine trying to get a job or an apartment if someone does a background check and you look like you are a violent career criminal dodging bills. Anyone who has a prison record isn't desirable for anything. Many former inmates never have a relationship with their families or children ever again.

Almost freezing to death outside in the woods in the middle of the winter in Vermont [reenactment video], made me absolutely not want to give up, or die, to see George W. Bush actually arrested, hauled off in handcuffs, have his mugshot taken, and be wrapped in chains and leg irons as I was just for complaining to elected officials in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and to George W. Bush, about prostitutes and the scourge of heroin and crack cocaine.

[click here] for a US Marine veteran and Vincent Bugliosi, video. They talk on the subject of prosecuting George W. Bush for murder based on being lied into a ground war with Iraq.

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