Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Michelle, the Special ED Bus Driver

I don't know Michelle's last name.

She allegedly married one of her past students, now in his very early 20's or even late teens. She is plus, or minus, 40. Being married hasn't seemed to slow her down.

School officials contacted the staff at the bus company about issues that maybe should have been referred to police.

Michelle allegedly provided underage teen cigarettes, marijuana, and alcohol and allegedly lets the students smoke on the mini-van school bus. Michelle also allegedly has students sleep over where there are allegations of sex, drug use, and underage drinking.

What is really wrong with this story? Well, what if Michelle were a male bus driver and the underage students were girls? Why aren't women who behave like this, also considered child predators and sex offenders? It sounds like multiple felonies were committed and mandatory reporters of child abuse didn't even contact police ...


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