Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Problems with Hillary Clinton

Doesn't anyone not remember that Hillary Clinton at one point, had no chance to become the Democratic nominee for President, never mind the next President. She almost completely sank the chances of any Democrat President nominee being elected. She is not a team player, she is an absolute pirate with no concern at all for others or any financial and moral responsibility.

If as a US Senator she'd put a New York constituent in prison for trying to expose public corruption and judicial misconduct to her office, is Hillary Clinton too sleazy to hold any position in government? Should Hillary be arrested and face prison?

[more], posted on OpEd News.

Hopefully those close to Barach Obama can warn him of Hillary's true evil before it is too late.

* * * *

I shot Hillary Clinton footage, Hartford, Connecticut [video, click here]

Can a car get 1500 miles on 10 gallons of gas? Ask Hillary Clinton [video]

I shot Barack Obama footage, Hartford, Connecticut [video, click here]

The Barack Obama "Water Bottle Incident" in Hartford, CT [video]

* * * *

US Senator Hillary Clinton allegedly helped railroad her own New York constituent, Elena Sassower, to prison for trying to warn her office about a corrupt federal judge nominee, Wesley:

Does Hillary Clinton have more in common with George W. Bush than she does with Barack Obama?


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