Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Prosecution Time?

The below is a past post. Hopefully Charlotte Dennett is elected to Vermont Attorney General to prosecute George W. Bush for murder. If she isn't, any state attorney general can prosecute George W. Bush for murder using Vincent Bugliosi's blueprint. Millions have been harmed, and the economy is in shambles. Should there be no punishments?

More Proof, Officials Lying us into War w/ Iraq

Even when George W. Bush insiders write books on how they are not accountable for war crimes, mistakes, fraud, and other crimes ... they just prove that they are ... whenever they type, open their mouths, or hang with other conspirators.

Excerpt: [from CBS 60 Minutes website]
Kroft begins by asking, “Why did the United States invade Iraq?” Feith responds, "The President decided that the threats from the Saddam Hussein regime were so great that if we had left him in power, we would be fighting him down the road, at a time and place of his choosing."

If Feith doesn’t look or sound much like a warrior that’s because he isn’t; he's an intellectual, a hawkish, neo-conservative defense policy wonk, who occupied one of the top rungs on the Pentagon ladder, playing a key role in shaping the military's response to 9/11 and the decision to go to war with Saddam Hussein.

Asked why was the decision made to go after Saddam Hussein after 9/11, when even then, the United States government realized Saddam didn't have anything to do with the attacks, Feith answers, "What we did after 9/11 was look broadly at the international terrorist network from which the next attack on the United States might come. And we did not focus narrowly only on the people who were specifically responsible for 9/11. Our main goal was preventing the next attack." [re-posted from here]

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Take Back America w/ Grand Juries

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