Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Queen of Sleaze", Hillary Clinton?

Is Hillary Clinton the "Queen of Sleaze"?

I posted the below comment in this [Rob Kall OpEd poll]:

Puppetmaster Hillary

I can’t picture Hillary in any position of power, not assuming she is Queen, and then able to tell Obama and everyone else what to do and how to think.

Hillary is satanically bitter about not being President. Can Hillary Clinton be trusted?

If I had young children, I would not leave them alone with Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush have at least one thing in common, the support for Judge Wesley becoming a Federal Judge in a key judicial district in New York. Wesley is allegedly a team player who could be “judge-shopped” in any public corruption trial, where those that abuse, officially, in backroom dirty deals want expected court outcomes BEFORE any proceedings.

Elena Sassower, as a constituent, tried to warn Hillary Clinton about the alleged sleaze, and case fixing potential, of Judge Wesley. Hillary Clinton then allegedly made sure her constituent then spent 6 months in prison to shut her up. [video]

I wish Obama’s administration the best, and success. Hopefully, Hillary will not be able to torpedo any perception of ethics before the Obama horses have even left the gate.

* * * *

The above video link was turned into the FBI in January of this year. It was requested that Eliot Spitzer's and Hillary Clinton's finances be looked into for election rigging. Did Spitzer's finances then get investigated so he was exposed as both a whore master and hypocrite? Spitzer saw to it that anyone in his prosecution cross hairs, involved in prostitution racketeering, was prosecuted to the maximum extent. Why shouldn't Spitzer face "Spitzer style" prosecution for breaking the same laws he so adamantly prosecuted?

Why should Hillary Clinton be allowed anywhere near the White House? Bill Clinton's questionable activities, fund raising, and influence peddling should disqualify Hillary, alone.


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