Wednesday, November 05, 2008

"Suicide Solution" because of the Mortgage Crisis

... or what about for "Taxes Owed"?

Ozzy Osbourne & Randy Rhoads - Suicide Solution

MASH Theme Song - Suicide is Painless - with lyrics

Imagine being an average woman just trying to bring up two kids. Imagine your husband dying about a decade, or so, ago. Imagine just making it, week to week, for about two decades. Also, imagine your special needs child has trouble relating to people, and you get the child a 12 lb., well behaved dog, as the trailer park manager and other residents of the backwoods, American trailer park also have small dogs. Why not, they seem to be allowed, and there are few pleasures greater than the companionship of a good dog?

Imagine a tree falls on your home. Your insurance just lapsed, so as a single mother you have to replace the walls, roof, and interior of the center of your mobile home AND clean up, saw up, and remove the park owner's tree that fell from another lot. The park owner then enters the woman's home, tells her how to raise her kids as her husband is dead, and buried, so he feels as a male chauvinist, he can dictate to her what to do. The park owner is told to remove himself from HER home, and the retaliation begins over his inflated ego.

At about the same time, the park's sewer, or leach field system, had backed up or was not big enough, making life unbearable in the woman's lot. There was an open cesspit in her driveway where raw sewage and other unmentionables would trail by in a hole, a health, falling, and life quality lowering hazard. The park owner refused to fix it for the better part of a year. Then she had no other choice, but to complain to the town health inspector. Parking and walking in the front door resembled a scene out of a third world country.

About a month ago, the park owner, further, vowed revenge and she is to be evicted Dec. 26 of this year after having a home for over 2 decades and having always paid the mortgage and park rent. She is being throw out in the snow with no money, out in the snow. She probably will lose her job, and somehow you will be further burdened by taxes to take care of this woman, her kids, and families like them. This is how the meat grinder that is our court system, "works".

The 12 lb. dog and the, excuse, she had parked near the edge of the driveway, supposedly having tires just on, or near, the grass on at least one occasion, she is ordered out of her home by a judge that didn't allow her side of the conversation, or any defense, just the Park Owner's accusations through his "personal" lawyer, after the lawyer calls all in the court by their first names, even filing court paperwork using first names of officials, like he (or she) was leaving a personal note. This same lawyer offers "free lawyer" service if sexual services are performed on, or with, the lawyer.

Then about two weeks ago the town sent out paperwork that her home was to be sold in the local newspaper. The town says it is allowed to notify you 90 days AFTER they start the process of selling your house. So, never mind the mortgage companies, what about the "Mafia" that is in Town Halls, in the courts, and are the "Armed Revenue Collectors" that pretend they are "Law Enforcement" and only pretend to "Protect and Serve"?

The town has refused to take her deceased husband's name off of the mailing list, so about a decade later she is forced to open mail addressed to her deceased husband!

Does anyone really "own" their home, and can "your" kids be removed based on the nearest liar to make a false accusation to "help out" authorities as part of their "retaliation system"?

These documents below should be alarming. (Click documents to make larger)

The woman who got them wonders if suicide is the only solution.

I am sure this is not an isolated case. Not even Obama can save you now.

[click here] for a story where a national radio host was put in prison by a Keene, New Hampshire, Superior Court Judge for not sitting, or standing up fast en0ugh. 93 days in prison for that "offense" is excessive and shows how arbitrary, petty, and out of touch judges can be.

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