Monday, November 10, 2008

When is when?

I used to get 100 to 200 emails a day where someone in Africa claimed to have a check with 6 to 9 digits in it, claiming that they somehow needed me to cash the check for them. I get a lesser amount of emails saying I have to "verify" my account to keep it for my email and banks accounts at every bank imaginable where I don't have accounts. When will the US government stop just ripping off taxpayers, spying on citizens with information on the government ripoffs, retaliating against those on their secret "Enemies List", and start at looking like they are protecting and serving us by actually doing something about this?:

From email: "MATHIAS ANDREW"

Hi,am mr paul taylor,a drug dealler. am from ghana in africa .i deal mainly
on the sales of drugs.i sell as much as any quantity my client can afford.
i operate arround africa and europe.i sell only good products.currently
a high chief in port-harcourt need some goods if u have any contact
me and lets negotiate.pls.........only good product i address is:
eroticpaul @
thanks paul.

* * * *


You have a package containing a draft of $800,000.00
United State Dollars to be delivered to your residential address.
Contact fedEx courier for delivery.
Contact Person: Mr. steve Anderson

Your's Truely
Mr. Tom Smith

* * * *

Is law enforcement, in most states and our US federal law enforcement and assorted agencies too busy drinking, stealing, raping, beating, bopping prostitutes, setting murder-for-hire plots, charging drug dealers for "protection", dealing drugs, racketeering, obstructing justice, manufacturing, destroying, and altering evidence, going after those on their secret police "Enemies List", engaging in misconduct, crimes, and brutality like the Connecticut State Police are?:

[link for video], the title of post is:

Police Recruits: young, armed, dangerous, horny


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