Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Bill Cosby Fatherhood Task Force 12-8-08, Hartford, Connecticut

[click here] for OpEd News article on this subject

Bill Cosby 12-08-08 arriving at Room 2C, the Legislative Office Building, the LOB, Hartford Connecticut for the Fatherhood Task Force Hearing, one of many, also known as the Fatherlessness Taskforce. [Previous Post on Subject] [The Post Before the Previous Post]

Bill Cosby and Heidi Alice Voight, Miss Connecticut 2006

[click here] for a post on how the "gate keeper" process in government works. Legislators often don't read their own mail, emails, or have any telephone conversations with constituents, aids and gate keepers do. Post includes a picture of Ms. Voight from her competition in the Miss America Pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada

[click here] for a post on Heidi A. Voight and Connecticut legislators at "work".

Hartford High School teacher Greg Bartlett testifying at the Hartford Capitol Legislative Office Building, the LOB, 12-8-08

CT Senator Lebeau and Rep. Bruce Morris attempt to hold back their emotions as Hartford High School teacher, Greg Bartlett speaks on his relationship, or the lack thereof, with his father

Father's Rights Advocate, Christopher Kennedy, being interviewed by Channel 3

Greg Bartlett's emotional testimony, some legislators couldn't keep their eyes dry:

Bill Cosby Final Clip Fatherhood Task Force

Photos, writing, and videos all are Steven G. Erickson content.

Cosby videos

Camera 2 footage, closeups etc [click here]

Run time about 45 minutes

* * * *

Fixed camera video, camera 1. The entire event captured below.

First two videos run about an hour, final runs about 15 minutes

[Video 1]

[Video 2]



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