Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Criminalization of American Fathers & Mothers

Part 1

Part 2

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[click here] for this subject discussed in an OpEd News piece

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Why should you ALWAYS plead the 5th when talking to the police? [answer w/ video]

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Attorney Michael H. Agranoff

Is the Enfield, Stafford Springs, Vernon, Rockville, Ellington, Tolland, Connecticut area Attorney Michael H. Agranoff the most dishonest, corrupt, and inept lawyer in Connecticut? Should he be trusted in DCF cases where a lawyer who just racks up hours, charges outrageous fees, does little to nothing, and pisses everyone off in the process should be relied upon when we are talking about children's lives? Should he call himself the "DCF Specialist"? [more]

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Parental Alienation

April 25th Parental Alienation Day, and the subject of "Parental Alienation" is core to Alec Baldwin.

[Click Here] for:

"Conflict Law"

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[OpEd News piece] on Bill Cosby and the subject of Fatherhood and Fatherlessness. Video links to Bill Cosby's appearance at the Fatherhood Task Force legislative hearing at the Hartford Connecticut Capitol LOB, the Legislative Office Building.

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Does GEICO screw over its own customers and the general public? [post]


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