Monday, December 08, 2008

D.A.R.E. is a scam


As a Connecticut Landlord I attended property owner association meetings in Hartford and Enfield. DARE came to the Enfield Town Hall. The officer was throwing Teddy Bears around and it was like a Pep Rally, but their true agenda came out.

The officer was telling landlords to turn in other landlords in if there was drug dealing going on, on their properties. Under the nuisance statute properties and businesses can be seized if there are 3 arrests!

I raised my hand and told the DARE police officer that I had drug dealers operating off and near my property, and police were unwilling to take complaints, take names, and I asked should my property still be seized if I was trying to do something about hard drugs being sold. I asked the officer if he wanted the names of the drug dealers. The officer replied, “No, sir I want to know your name, right now.”

DARE is a front for stealing cash, assets, businesses, and properties to enrich the elite and keep the poorer White and minorities, down, out, and broken. Eminent Domain [video] is another.

About twenty years ago or so, I worked, painting and wallpapering, for a city narcotics officer. He’d cross state lines following drug dealers. He told me that he wanted to drive a red sports car that a man who smoked a little grass owned. He busted the guy, who was just a marijuana smoker, not a dealer, so his car would be seized and the officer could then drive around in his car! If your wife or girlfriend is wanted by an officer, you might just get drugs planted on you, so you are out of the picture.

A 6’3, 280 lb. drug dealer in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, knew I had issues with his powdered cocaine dealing business. He picked me up by my neck, beat me with his log sized fists, and then bit into my ear. I was bleeding down to my underwear when I dialed 911. The drug dealer fled the scene. His drug customers said they didn’t know my attacker. I found out who the attacker was for police, they “re-investigated” the case, and got the witnesses to change their statement to say that they knew “their friend” and said I attacked him. Only I was arrested and faced a year and half in prison for having attacked the drug dealers fists with my face and his teeth with my ear. [story]

Connecticut State Police officers told me that I wasn’t allowed to interfere with crime and drug dealing or I would be arrested and go to prison for “interfering with police”.

Court cases in Connecticut can be rigged and the outcomes decided before they are held. I didn’t get a lawyer in the above case and refused to plead guilty to get heavy fines and possibly prison for having been beaten up. That case was nolled, and I was told I wasn’t allowed to report crimes for a year in a deal. Nolle is just an agreement not to prosecute charges, if no new charges come about for a period of time. That “offense” was not part of my record, and was not disposed of, under the first time offender program, AR, accelerated rehabilitation.

A police informant later attacked me on my property telling me he’d cut my penis off and kill me if I didn’t hand over my wallet. My tenants were witnesses to the death threats and there was a witness to my being attacked on my dark property. Police were there to arrest only me. I got Attorney Michael H. Agranoff. His fee ended up being in excess of $17,000 and with no previous record, I wasn’t on probation, I got sentenced to a year in prison for Assault 3rd and Breach of Peace. I was supposed to be offered AR, but was not.

I found out that Agranoff owed the judge a favor and acted like a second prosecutor. A worker for the police was on the jury, and a VHS tape was shown to the jury on how to find me guilty, nothing about reasonable doubt and finding me innocent was shown to the jury. [links to that story, scroll down here]

Stafford Springs/Ellington Connecticut area Attorney Michael H. Agranoff

An effective Grand Jury System would help end the drug conspiracies, police brutality, police misconduct, and the current kangaroo court system now in place. [that system explained, video]

Since, my prison sentence I am no longer a homeowner, taxpayer, and father.

DARE is a scam. The “Pretend Drug War” is also a scam.

-Steven G. Erickson

[click here] for:

Liars needed for top positions in Connecticut

"F" the taxpayers, lie, cheat, steal, commit forgery and perjury, get others fired, and even railroad anyone on a whim to prison.

Anything goes if you're an official, police officer, judge, prosecutor, organized crime figure with friends in the right places, AND especially if you are a lawyer in Connecticut who doesn't break ranks with the "Legal Mafia" made up of lawyers, prosecutors, judges, and legislating lawyers who we the people are fool enough to elect into positions overseeing other lawyers and Connecticut's Kangaroo Courts. [more]

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