Monday, December 01, 2008

The GEICO Holiday inspired OpEd entry:

Thankful for having warm Italian wedding soup alone on Thanksgiving after having my brains bashed in
by Steven G. Erickson

[click here] for that OpEd piece

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[click here] for a post on complaints against how GEICO pays out claims for personal injury, medical expenses, lost wages, and for pain and suffering. Their numerous television, national advertising campaigns don't paint a true picture of who they really are. They seem to be more of what their long name is, "The Government Employees Insurance Company".

Thank you for those sending their GEICO consumer complaints and evidence to me. I can keep you anonymous. I plan on going to Washington DC to personally lobby US Senators and Congressperson to do something about what is a national scam called "Automobile Insurance".

If I finish the signs, with "F'd Over by GEICO" on them, I'll be posting the videos of my locations and of those passersby who wish to comment, or be on camera, to this blog:


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