Thursday, December 18, 2008

The "Jim Crow" Museum

The above images [found here]

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The Jim Crow laws meant to keep minorities "in their place" are being used to wreck families and put as many citizens in prison as is possible for the Elite, elected officials, and their Mafia friends all to profit. [Those laws exposed]

[The trail]

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Taxpayer CEO bailout for wives, ex-wives, mistresses, and girlfriends?

The woman pictured above is the 30-something ex-wife of the 60-something CEO. She spends $53,000 dollars, or so, a week, has no job and assets. So is the taxpayer bailout to supply the "comfort women" of CEOs a continuation of their lavish lifestyle. My buddy, Chris Kennedy, used to work for UTC, and helped designed US fighter jets. I wonder if his job was axed to divert funds to CEO "comfort women".

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If you google "is geico a legitimate insurance company", [this post comes up #1]


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