Tuesday, December 30, 2008

On Spiro T. Agnew

Richard M. Nixon and Spiro T. Agnew were the first US President and Vice-President team to resign from office. Agnew was known to have a coat with large pockets hanging in his office at all times. First as Maryland Governor, and then as Vice-President, Agnew expected visitors to his office to just load the large pockets of his hanging coat with bundles of cash. Agnew and Nixon spent no time in jail. The time of the "free-for-all" should end. See to it that Bush DOES jail time.

The above stolen from [this blog]

The vice president even feared for his life, reading into Haig's message: "go quietly—or else." General Haig similarly found Agnew menacing enough to alert Mrs. Haig that should he disappear she "might want to look inside any recently poured concrete bridge pilings in Maryland." [source]

Had fate been different, Agnew could have been a judge sitting in courtrooms making judgments on court cases. What does that say about America's courts?

Agnew was found to have committed felonies as Maryland Governor and Vice President. He was allowed to pay $10,000 in fines, and go on his merry way. Frank Sinatra even helped Agnew skate.

There shouldn't be two classes of people in the US, those above the law, and those living in fear in a Police State.

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NIXON TAPES: Outraged at Ivy League (Pat Buchanan)

Text with video:
April 19, 1972
White House Telephone

President Richard Nixon and his National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger talk to speechwriter Pat Buchanan about a speech he is writing for Vice President Spiro Agnew. They encourage Buchanan to attack the "spineless, soft, wooly headed" university presidents and faculty, who were attacking the United States' involvement in the Vietnam War while a North Vietnamese offensive was going on. Nixon says that student protestors can't be blamed when such people lead them. (This phone call occurred one day after Nixon's daughter Tricia had been booed and harassed at a sports event on a college campus.)

(Photo: Richard Nixon shaking hands during the 1972 election, while his wife First Lady Pat Nixon watches.)


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